viasonic executive steam iron Review
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Viasonic Executive Steam Iron Review

Unless you live in the wilderness then you obvious don’t need a steam iron but if you are reading this than you must be living in a socialized world? And when you life in the modern world you will obviously need a steam iron. There are thousands of steam irons on the market and we’ve already reviewed some of the best ones to date. One of those steam irons that you can count on is the Viasonic Executive Steam Iron.

This model boasts will executive features at a cost of a fraction from most models on the market. It has been built better than the previous Viasonic models like the Viasonic Premium and the Viasonic Signature. The Viasonic Executive will easily blast away wrinkles, produce long lasting pleads while ironing for extended periods of time without getting hand fatigue.

Viasonic Excutive Steam Iron Review
Viasonic Excutive Steam Iron Review



  • Versatile
  • 1600-Watt built-in power
  • Auto-shut off
  • Anti-drip
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Xl-water tank
  • Rubberized controls
  • Stainless steel soleplate



The Viasonic Executive is manufactured with the end-user in mind. Its effectiveness, versatility and maneuverability have an edge over most steam irons on the market. This model (Viasonic Executive) can be used as a normal iron for clothes as well as a steamer to steam out stubborn wrinkles from clothes. It has the capability to steam, spray and iron.

The variable steam control has the option to select various steam output settings to combat stubborn wrinkles while the adjustable thermostat control provide you to easily choose the perfect setting according to the fabric type you are working with.


1600-Watt Built-in power

The more power a steam iron can produce the slimmer the chances of water drips either from the soleplate or self-cleaning system. More power also means quicker heat up time. This Executive from Viasonic comes with 1600-watt of power to quickly generate steam, reducing the chances of water drip and a heat up time of under 30 seconds.


Auto-shut off

Professional quilters and ironers mostly choose a steam station because this feature is not as important because they need an iron that is constantly hot when switching from one to another garment. For the average ironer this feature is a lifesaver. The auto-off function in the Viasonic works on the following basis.

When this model is inactive fro 30 seconds in a horizontal position the iron automatically shuts off. When left unattended for 8 minutes on its heel it will atomically shut down for safety precaution and saving on energy. These features might help reduce the chances of accidental fires but when left unattended on its soleplate it can still scorch your garments.



Most irons start to leak water because of not generating enough power at a reasonable speed. Water drips can be seen leaking from the soleplate or self-cleaning knobs. With the Viasonic the possibility for water leaks is slim. Because of the powerful 1600-watt power the Executive produce enough power at a fast rate to generate steam quickly.

It is not common for a steam iron not to drip but to reduce the chances even more you need to make sure that the maximum heat levels is use for different types of fabrics.


Self-cleaning function

To save time on manually cleaning the Viasonic Executive Steam Iron the manufacturer has installed this model with a self-cleaning system. This feature captures calcium deposits which can be found in hard water. Depending on how often you iron it will capture at least a teaspoon of calcium deposit in a 3 month cycle.

These calcium deposits can then be emptied with a shot of steam through the soleplate’s holes. The self-cleaning system prolongs the lifespan of the unit while optimizing the heat levels for an effective and excellent ironing experience.


Xl-water tank

With small water tank and continuous steaming you will see yourself running to the water tap every few minutes. A 30ml. water tank is installed in the Viasonic Executive Steam Iron.

rubberized controls and comfort handle


This extra large water tank will provide you with a maximum of 1 and a half hour of continuous ironing. It also depends on the frequent steam and burst of steam usage which will determine how long the water in the tank will last.


Rubberized controls and comfort handle

For long hours of ironing without getting hand fatigue the Viasonic is manufactured with rubberized controls. This helps with grip and reduce the possibility of accidental slips when using the control dial, steam function and self-cleaning system.

Apart from the rubberized controls the comfort handle reduce the possibility of hand fatigue over long periods of ironing.


Stainless steel soleplate

The stainless steel soleplate offers a smooth glide over any type of stainless steel soleplatefabric. Numerous steam holes can be found underneath the soleplate which provides a burst of steam that goes deep into any type of fabric. The soleplate heats up quickly and evenly distributes heat across the plate.

The precision tip on the front of the soleplate can access hard to reach places like between buttons, and over collars and cuffs. With this stainless steel soleplate with steam holes it is possible to steam hanging garments and linen while on the hanger or walls.



  • Built for performance
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • Anti-drip and anti-calc system
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Auto-shut off
  • Stainless steel soleplate



  • Hard to read instructions



Viasonic’s 1600W 350ml XL Executive Steam Iron is a fantastic iron that is built for performance. This model is designed with a stainless steel accents, an added 1600W of pure power, numerous premium features, & stamped it with the Unity seal of quality.

The Viasonic Executive comes fully loaded with premium features such as Stainless Steel Soleplate, Anti-Drip, Anti-Calcium, Vertical Steam, Self-Cleaning, 360 Degree Swivel Cord, Auto-Shutoff & more. This iron is fully guaranteed for 1 Year.

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