vremi 1800 watt steam iron
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Vremi 1800 Watt Steam Iron for Clothes Review

A steam iron is a must have appliance for every home. It works flawless if the one you work with produce enough steam, is versatile, can keep high temperature levels, doesn’t drip, made from premium materials and of course it should be affordable. One steam iron that fits the bill is the Vremi 1800 Watt Steam Iron.

Whether for work, school, for a night out in town, or simply to fast track the dryness of any type of garment, no doubt, ironed clothes look better, more professional and will be bacteria free with an good quality iron. Steam irons will also save you trips to the laundry cleaners and saving on extra expenses.

These advanced products help to keep your clothes looking crispy clean for long periods of time. A good iron should be able to withstand high temperatures to the tune of 2500-3000 degrees Celsius.

If you are in the market for one of the Best Steam Iron then we want you to spend time reading this updated review on the Vremi 1800 Watt Steam Iron with Premium Ceramic Soleplate.

Vremi 1800 Watt Steam Iron Review

Vremi 1800 Watt Steam Iron Review

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  • 1800 Watt Power Output
  • Premium soleplate for a smooth glide
  • Advanced steam technology
  • Optimum safety features
  • Extra long cord and extra large water tank
  • Lightweight and easy to use

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1400 Watts of power
Large stainless steel nonstick soleplate
Large water tank
3-Way Motion Smart auto-off
Self-clean system

1700-Watts of Power
3-Way shut off system
Axail steam holes
Thick chromium finish soleplate
Perfect for sewers, quilters and crafters.

Ceramic soleplate
1725 W. of power
3-Way auto-off
Hassle free cord
Dual self-cleaning technology
Powerful burst of steam

Stainless steel soleplate with precision tip
400+ Steam holes
Easy control thermostst knob
Automatic 3-way shut off system
Made in Germany
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1800 Watt Power output

This Vremi professional fabric steaming iron offers impressive steam capabilities which are great for getting stubborn creases out of any garment. When steam ironing you need to fill the water tank to its maximum capacity before plugging the power cord into the power outlet.

This model is capable to release a maximum power of 1800 watt, which is more than enough to heat up water in the tank at a quick rate and reach maximum heat in just under 30 seconds.

When turning on the power you will notice a red light flashes which indicate that the temperature is steadily increasing. When the desired temperature is reached the light will come to a complete stop. This means that the iron is ready for use.


Premium soleplate

A quality soleplate is one of the major selling points of a steam iron. Some steam iron model’s soleplate is manufactured from stainless steel while other is made from ceramic and can even be coated to provide a smooth glide over any type of fabric.

The Vremi Steam Iron soleplate is manufactured from ceramic. This vremi ceramic soleplate with 53 steam holes is a premium grade material that can withstand temperatures of up to 2000 watt. This soleplate consists of 53 steam holes for burst of steam. The smooth ceramic soleplate is scratch-resistant, durable and provides an effortless glide over any type of fabric.

To make your ironing experience effortless the company made this soleplate with a tampered tip with button groove to access hard to reach places like collars and seams while maneuvering effortlessly between buttons.


Advance steam technology

Each manufacturer strives to improve their latest models with the latest technology. These innovative ideas let the user streamline their ironing tasks, more effectively and with ease. The Vremi Steam Iron with 1800 watt consists of the latest technology like an anti-drip system, anti-calc and self cleaning feature. It also features an auto-off function for safety.

  • Anti drip – Due to the 1800 watt power output this model heats up fast reducing the possibility of water drips from the base of the iron.
  • Anti-calc and self cleaning – To help with the longevity of this model the engineers has manufactured the Vremi with an anti-calc and self cleaning system. This technology catch calcium particulars from hard water which can later been released with a push of a button.
  • Auto-off function – For safety this appliance has an auto shut off feature which triggers when the iron is inactive on it its soleplate or side within 30 seconds and 15 minutes on its heel.

vremi steam iron Review

Dual moisture control buttons give you the power to gently mist fabrics to dampen fabrics while ironing or blast tough wrinkles with the steam burst trigger located on the top of the iron.. Make sure Steam Burst is used at higher temperatures and a regular 5-second delay between each steam burst is maintained. When steam is completely obsolete, give it some proper time for steam to build-up


Extra long cord and large water tank

The Vremi Steam Iron 1800W 120V clothes steamer is designed with a convenient 8 foot 360 degree swiveling power cord to make ironing possible in any tight space. Its durable pivot cord moves freely to stay out of the way during ironing while withstanding extreme heat that’s been generated from the unit.

This 12 X 5 X 6 inch and 3.1 lbs fabric iron offers continuous steam time, and its 350 ml large tank capacity means you won’t need to refill frequently while dealing with over-sized piles of clothes. IMPORTANT: Don’t worry if your iron arrives with a few drops of water or condensation in the tank. This just means it was tested thoroughly before making its way to you!


Lightweight and easy to use

All in all this model of Vremi is affordable but also lightweight and easy to use. Een with the 350ml. water tank it’s not heavy to ironing on hard fabrics. To complete your ironing experience we suggestion investing in some quality ironing accessories which can make your ironing jobs a breeze.



  • Affordable and easy to use
  • 360 Degree swivel cord
  • 350 Ml. water tank
  • Premium grade ceramic soleplate with 53 steam holes
  • Precise temperature and steam controls
  • Auto shut off


  • N/A


Conclusion for Vremi 1800 Watt Steam Iron review

A hot, steamy iron is a crucial accessory in your laundry arsenal. A garment steamer like Rowenta Steam Station does a marvelous good job of smoothing some fabrics, but nothing creates sharp long-lasting pleats and flattens stubborn wrinkles like a steam iron.

We’ve already reviewed dozens of premium steam irons on the market but the Vremi 1800 watt steam iron with premium grade ceramic soleplate is just what you need to complete your ironing collection.

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