Household Essentials 175 Flexible Iron Cord Minder
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Household Essentials 175 Flexible Iron Cord Minder Review

If you iron frequently you’ll start to get more and more aggravated with the cord on your iron, because it seems to always get in the way, but wait there is a solution. It’s an Iron Cord Minder.

Obviously, it would not be a great idea to iron over the cord, but trying to focus on your ironing while also keeping track of the cord can get fairly tedious.

The Household Essentials 175 Flexible Iron Cord Minder was manufactured to hold up the cord to keep it up and out of the way. It is basically like having a third arm that just keeps the cord away from your work at all times.

Best Iron Cord Minder
Best Iron Cord Minder

Household Essentials Iron Cord Minder Overview


  • Adjustable cord
  • Heavy-duty chrome metal 2″ clamp
  • Rotating base
  • 20″ Long, spring base


Adjustable cord

You never have to iron or trip over another cord again as the Household Essentials 20″ tall spring-based cord minder attaches to any ironing board and effortlessly lifts your cord out of the way as you move across your clothes with your hot iron.

You can also purchase the Dritz Clothing Care 82446 Ironing Board Cover Fasteners with the Household Essentials flexible Cord Minder.


Heavy-duty chrome metal 2″ clamp

The cord minder’s coiled design enables the minder to bend and flex with the sweeping motion of your iron so you are never hindered or jerked to an uncomfortable stop.

Best Flexible Iron Cord Minder

A heavy-duty chrome metal 2″ clamp tightens and secures to the board by twisting the threaded nylon bushing until it is secure.


Rotating base

With the minder highly secured to the board, you are free to mind your pressing and not handling the cord. The wand rotates 360 degrees on the clamp base, so it works perfectly for right and left-handed users alike.

This holder clamps onto your ironing board, and will accommodate your ironing techniques, whether you are right or left handed, plus, the arm folds down when not in utilization, so it is simpler to store.

Simply rotate the cord minder clockwise to fold flat against the board when not in utilization and it’s a winner all around.

Household Essentials is committed to offering you ironing accessories that keep your clothes – and your career – in creaseless perfection.


20″ Long, spring base

Let’s face it – a garment ironed with two hands looks much more pristine than a shirt pressed with one hand for the iron and the other fumbling the cord.

With the cord minder tending to the movement of the cord, you have the extra hand you’ve always required to pull taut collars, pleats and sleeves for the ultimate in crisp couture.

Your garments will look dry-cleaner perfect (or maybe even better!) with this Household Essentials 175 Flexible Iron Cord Minder by your side.

This cord minder will never leave you wondering if you ironed your business garments in the first place. Two hands are grand for your pressing needs – and you’ll get them with the cord minder, and there is no requirement to remove the minder to store the board.



  • Rotates 360 degrees on the clamp base
  • Works for right and left-handed users alike
  • Folds flat against the board when not in use
  • Effortlessly lifts your cord out of the way


  • Screws are made of soft plastic



This Household Essentials 175 Flexible Iron Cord Minder guides the corded steam iron to make your ironing easier and more comfortable. This steam cord holder is effortless to attach to ironing systems.

Insert it into the special opening on your board, then slide the steam cord into the upper loop and this can remain attached to your board at all times thanks to its practical system, which makes tidying away effortless.

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