Best Steam Iron with Retractable Cord 2021


The Best Steam Iron with Retractable Cord and stainless steel soleplate can work wonders on creased garments. Many new irons are easier to utilize and release enough steam to smooth dry cotton and linen. Steam irons have become a household necessity and an absolute must-have for people of different ages. If you’re wondering what to look for in a steam iron, we would recommend a model with adequate steam holes, steam bursts, and high capacity water fillers.

That is why most people prefer a retractable cord iron. It is neat as the cord will retract nicely into a small compartment. You also don’t have to wait for the iron to cool down before storing. There are a few of such models on the market but which steam iron with retractable cord should you purchase?

10 Best Retractable Cord Steam Iron Reviews

  1. Sunbeam Steam Master Iron Retractable Cord

Best Steam Iron with Retractable Cord
Best Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

You can now experience the wrinkle-blasting power of the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron with the retractable cord. Utilizing 1400 watts of pressing power, plus variable steam control, wrinkles can disappear rapidly. Additional steam power can be released at any time utilizing the shot of steam button. For those extra-stubborn wrinkles, the iron features a dual spray mist to dampen fabric with double the output of water mist.

The vertical shot of steam feature provides flexibility in freshening up hanging garments, upholstery, and drapery so you can achieve perfectly-pressed results for a professional, polished look every time.

This is convenient to spruce things up around the house or in place of a garment steamer – no need to set up an ironing board when you just require a quick touch up.

The variable steam lever sets the desired amount of steam output to ensure just the right amount of steam is being utilized, as the amount of steam required to effectively iron garments differs by fabric.

In addition, the Dry/Steam selector enables ironing without any steam at all for certain types of materials, such as wool.



  • Anti-drip technology
  • Automatic shut off
  • Variable Steam
  • Fabric Dial setting and Spray Mist
  • Pointed tip helps with details
  • 8-foot retractable cord


  • May have remains of water inside the reservoir

  1. Rowenta Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

Best Retractable Cord Reel Steam Iron
Best Retractable Cord Reel Steam Iron


With maximum steam distribution and high-quality engineering that’s built to last, the Rowenta Accesteam cord reel steam iron was created for effortless garment care, with the cord reel system offering effortless storage options.

The stainless steel soleplate features advanced micro-steam technology, supplying ultimate steam coverage with over 350 micro-holes and 1725 Watts of power, for maximum efficiency and exceptional glide.

High-quality stainless steel soleplate and a sturdy design ensure long-lasting performance, with enough steam power to tackle even the most stubborn creases.

A variety of advanced features—including effortless refills;  vertical steaming of suits, delicates, or even curtains;  a precision tip for hard-to-reach areas, and more—come together for a dependable and long-lasting retractable steam iron package.



  • Easy gliding across different garments
  • 1725 Watts of steam power
  • 350+ steam holes
  • Excellent steam distribution
  • Translucent water tank window


  • Complaints of water build-up

  1. BLACK+DECKER Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

BLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron with Retractable CordBLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron with Retractable Cord
BLACK+DECKER is enhancing garment care with the Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron. The Even Steam soleplate design generates more consistent steam flow from heel to tip for fast, professional results. SmartSteam Technology integrates steam and temperature controls into one easy-to-use dial.

The convenient cord reel unwinds and retracts in no time for easy utilization and storage. Plus, this iron provides powerful bursts of steam to aggressively take out wrinkles, and can even be used vertically to quickly touch-up clothes on the hanger.

You can now take the guesswork out of ironing. SmartSteam technology was engineered to give you the optimal soleplate temperature and steam level for every garment in one simple dial.

Get peace of mind from motion-sensitive technology that automatically shuts off the iron if it’s not in use for eight minutes on the heel and 30 seconds on the soleplate and sides. The spring-loaded cord unwinds and retracts swiftly for easy use and storage.



  • Produce consistent steam flow
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Iron shuts off when left unattended for 30 seconds
  • The spring-loaded cord unwinds and retracts quickly


  • Inadequate steam feature


  1. Mueller Retractable Cord Steam Iron

Mueller Steam Iron with Retractable Cord
Mueller Steam Iron with Retractable Cord


An outstanding value, Mueller’s premium steam iron provides impressive steam capabilities along with enhanced features, including a sharper precision tip and ergonomic controls. In addition to a modernized overall design, the new Mueller premium steam iron has been improved in key areas requiring maximum control and ultimate precision and comes with a retractable cord for easy storage.

Mueller Retractable Steam Iron only takes 3 seconds for steam to reproduce and reach max temperature in less than a minute much faster than traditional irons. This model effortlessly glides over fabrics and allows for tight spots and corners.

The steam iron is suitable for all types of fabrics, even the most delicate ones. The 8 ft. retractable cord winds up rapidly with the touch of a button. It definitely makes your iron storage more convenient and tidy.

Mueller Steam Iron enables you to leave your iron in the face down position, but prohibits burning and scorching of your fabrics or ironing board cover. From now on you can steam out wrinkles on your hanging garments too, with the vertical steam feature.



  • 3 seconds for steam to regenerate
  • Effortlessly glides over fabrics
  • Allows for tight spots and corners
  • The 8 ft. retractable cord winds up quickly
  • Vertical steam function


  • May have water inside tank upon arrival

  1. CHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

CHI Steam Iron with Retractable CordCHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord
Whether your definition of a polished look is a well-pressed suit, a smooth silk dress or a wrinkle-free shirt for work, you can now achieve it with the CHI Retractable Cord Iron. Like their hair care tools, this iron is created to give you the high-performance power of the pros at home.

Engineered with a titanium-infused ceramic soleplate similar to their popular CHI flat irons, the Retractable Cord Iron is durable enough to withstand scratches, heats up swiftly and offers an extra-smooth glide.

Ironing is simpler than ever with a temperature dial that includes a fabric guide, adjustable steam control and an effortless to grasp, comfortable handle. With over 400 steam holes, you can smooth out the toughest of wrinkles with ease.

The retractable steam iron is designed utilizing the same titanium-infused ceramic soleplate technology that powers CHI’s hair styling tools, including the flagship CHI G2 Flat Iron. The titanium-infused ceramic soleplate is super-strong and scratch-resistant. Matte chrome accents and a sleek design give this iron a polished and elegant look.



  • Titanium-infused ceramic soleplate
  • With over 400 steam holes
  • A unique, adjustable steam lever
  • Sleek handle with textured grip


  • May be too heavy for some

  1. Hamilton Beach Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

Hamilton Beach Steam Iron with Retractable CordHamilton Beach Steam Iron with Retractable Cord
With incomparable steam output and a nonstick soleplate that is ten times more durable than traditional nonstick, you can’t go wrong with a Durathon steam iron at your side. It simply outperforms and outlasts most irons on the market by far.

Durathon irons provide you more continuous steam for superior wrinkle removal as well as superior glide performance. With exceptional iron features like these, you may imagine finishing all your ironing projects with superhuman speed.

You’ll definitely have the stamina to stick with them ten times longer. This steam iron for clothes supplies superior wrinkle removal from even the most stubborn of fabrics. The8 foot retractable cord retracts conveniently into the base for neat and easy storage.The steam iron feature even lets you steam wrinkles from clothes while they’re still on the hanger.

This clothing iron will automatically power off after 30 seconds when placed on its soleplate or side and after 15 minutes when propped upright on its heel.

It comes fully featured with anti-drip technology, spray, blast, adjustable steam, vertical steam, auto shut-off, self cleaning, retractable cord plus 1500 watts to handle every tough ironing job. Adjusting temperatures and maneuvering the iron is effortless thanks to a large dial, textured grip and stable heel rest.



  • Nonstick soleplate glides smoothly
  • 8 foot retractable cord
  • Automatically power off after 30 seconds
  • Anti-drip technology
  • Adjustable steam


  • Condensation may be visible in the steam chamber

  1. Sunbeam Classic 1200 Iron

Sunbeam Classic Steam Iron


This Classic iron is efficient and effortless to use. The shot of steam and vertical shot of steam features provide an extra burst of steam on flat surfaces for traditional ironing of shirts, slacks, table linen, and more, or vertically steaming out wrinkles from hanging garments, draperies, and upholstery.

The anti-drip system prohibits water leakage at any temperature setting to get rid of unwanted drips. The durable non-stick soleplate surface glides over fabrics and smoothes out wrinkles swiftly and efficiently.

In addition, timed auto-off automatically turns the iron off after 30 minutes of inactivity for safety and the self-cleaning system removes minerals inside the iron for longer lasting steam performance.



  • Offers an extra burst of steam
  • Anti-drip system prevents water leakage
  • 30 minute timed Auto-off
  • Self-clean system
  • 3-year limited warranties


  • Takes a while to properly heat up

  1. HAMILTON BEACH 14210R Non-Stick Clothes Iron

HAMILTON BEACH 14210R Non-Stick Clothes Iron with Retractable Cord

HAMILTON BEACH 14210R Non-Stick Clothes Iron with Retractable Cord

From everyday ironing to the unique requirements of quilters, sewers, and crafters, the Hamilton Beach Irons are essential. Whether you’re ironing a shirt for the office or putting the final touch on a creative project, you’ll find the ideal iron for every job right here. It consists of an easy press retractable cord and the nonstick surfaces glide across clothes.

For the easiest ironing imaginable, the Hamilton Beach nonstick iron integrates powerful wrinkle-removing steam performance with the convenience of a nonstick plate that resists starch buildup for effortless care.

Affordable and practical, each Hamilton retractable steam iron offers a powerful blast, fine-mist spray and adjustable steam to make ironing simpler. Some models even provide anti-drip technology, electronic lighted controls or a retractable cord for easy storage.



  • Adjustable steam
  • Auto shutoff with reset button
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Easy to store with retractable cord
  • Powerful steam performance


  • Complaints of brown liquid spitting on clothes


  1. AICOK Steam Iron 1700W

AICOK Steam Iron 1700W Professional Garment Steamer with Retractable Cord
AICOK Steam Iron 1700W Professional Garment Steamer with Retractable Cord


The larger water tank offers more steam and you will not be bothered to add water frequently. The variable steam enables you to adjust the humidity, direction and power of the steam flow. With a large capacity of 300ml, it can work for a long time and for everyday usage.

The 1700W power iron allows the electric iron to produce steam in less than 20 seconds. This product is more efficient but less cost effective than the average products on the Amazon market. The temperature dial with 5 ranges makes it effortless and precise when you iron of specialty fabrics such as wool, silk, linen, cotton, synthetics etc.; always keep your clothes in perfect status.

The continuous steam output can be adjusted via button, the powerful vertical steam makes it effortless to remove wrinkles from hanging garments and the cool spray mist can moisten fabrics for tackling stubborn wrinkles.

The retractable cord enables you to manage the cord easily for neat and hassle-free storage. With just a quick press, the cord conveniently retracts into integrated storage compartment.



  • Larger water tank
  • Self cleaning system
  • Generate steam in less than 20 seconds
  • Temperature dial with 5 ranges
  • Cord conveniently retracts


  • Temperature dial can be easily dumped/moved


  1. Decen 1600W Steam Iron

Decen 1600W Steam Iron
Decen 1600W Steam Iron


The 1600W iron produces powerful steam in less than 1minute and quickly smoothes stubborn wrinkles. The steam boost feature offers an extra blast of steam, allowing you to smoothly subdue wrinkled clothing quickly and easily and the 300ml water tank allow for more ironing between refills. The steam iron will automatically shut off when placed in 3 unsafe ways.

The stainless steel soleplate offers unobstructed sliding and uniform heat on all kinds of garments. Rust-like stains won’t appear and the device also has 5 temperature settings for different fabrics. The high thermal conductivity and good temperature control do not burn clothes due to high temperatures. The burst of steam function works great on flat surfaces or hanging clothes or draperies.

It also consists of a water-spray function for extremely stubborn wrinkles as well as an extra dry function for situations that does not require steam.

Calcium-resistance and self-cleaning systems prohibit calcium deposits, maintaining high iron performance and extending product life. The appliance features a built-in anti-drip system so you do not have to worry about water leaking. It also consists of a winding wire function to solve the distress caused by messy wires.



  • Generates powerful steam in less than 1 minute
  • Steam boost feature delivers an extra blast of steam
  • Will automatically shut off
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Calcium-resistance and self-clean systems


  • Takes a couple of minutes to warm


Final recommendation

The best retractable steam iron would have to be the Sunbeam Steam Iron with Retractable Cord since it is easy to maneuver, and removes wrinkles as well as models weighing over a pound more. It also has a handy indicator that changes from black to red when the iron heats up, and back to black when it cools off and is extremely safe to store.

Another storage bonus is the retractable cord, though it might be a bit finicky for some. Other great features include spray, burst of steam, adjustable steam, vertical steam, and auto shutoff.


Conclusion for best Steam Iron with Retractable Cord 2021

Retractable cords make the storage of steam iron, effortless and uncomplicated. You don’t always have to waste your time in winding and unwinding the power cord around the steam iron, which itself seems rough and unpleasant.

So we are coming to the end and we hope this article has really helped you with your research to purchase the best steam iron with retractable cord. All these models are rated highly across the internet as well so this truly is the best list of irons with retractable cords that you will read in 2020.