Rowenta DZ1700 1600 Watt Effective Iron
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Rowenta 1600 Watt Auto Steam Iron Review

If you’re searching for an all in one solution or a durable, professional steamer for your laundry business, or everyday user, then this Rowenta 1600 Watt Auto Steam Iron is a excellent iron at an affordable price. This very powerful iron box from Rowenta is perfect both for your comfort and efficiency. With a stainless steel coating, this device is made to last longer than many other steam irons.

Rowenta 1600 Watt Auto Steam Iron
Rowenta 1600 Watt Auto Steam Iron

Rowenta DZ1700 1600 Watt Effective Iron


  • 1600 watts of power
  • 5 ounce transparent water tank
  • Profiled tip with holes
  • 3 way “smart” auto-off


1600 Watts of power

Designed and developed in Germany, the new DZ1700 Effective Iron provides brand new features and improved performance, design and quality.

The Rowenta 1600 Watt Auto Steam Iron is an all-round ideal steam iron that outperforms most other models around its price range.

There aren’t too many negatives about this iron, so if you’re searching for an everyday steam iron that can handle rigorous tasks, this is a great candidate. The new feature also includes 1600 watts of power for a more powerful steam output and better temperature control.


8.5 Ounce transparent water tank

The appliance features a larger 8.5 ounce transparent water tank to enable fewer refills and a clear view of water level and a new AIRGLIDE stainless steel soleplate for better glide and smoother results.

The large water tank holds enough water to minimize the constant refills you experience with low-quality irons, while the steam burst function even enables impressive vertical steaming.

The Rowenta irons, unlike cheap irons, offer very high efficiency and can decrease your ironing time by a big margin by getting rid of the wrinkles swiftly and effortlessly.


Profiled tip with holes

The soleplate’s profiled tip with holes carries steam to the edge of the iron for greater results in difficult to reach areas. The device also comes with an anti-drip function to stop steam production when the iron is not at the proper steam producing temperature.

Rowenta DZ1700 1600 Watt Effective Iron

At the top of the soleplate is the precision tip which allows you to effortlessly iron tight gaps such as in between buttons. This works a charm since there are also many steam vents at the tip.

The stainless steel soleplate is round at the back to go back and forth without creases.


3 Way “smart” auto-off

The Rowenta DZ1700 1600 Watt Effective Iron also has anti calc which is  built in protection from lime and scale build up to help maintain long lasting steam performance.

It also has a 3 way “smart” auto-off switch to turn off the iron in 8 minutes if left vertically, 30 seconds if left horizontally, and 30 seconds if tipped over. It includes a comfort handle soft touch grip for non-slip grip and ironing.

All of the stubborn creases you have experienced in the past on your garments can be eased out by the powerful steam burst which is extra-long lasting, which is especially helpful with dry and thick fabrics.

When you utilize the Rowenta at a low temperature, the anti-drip feature ensures there will be no leaks and the anti-calc system prohibits the scale from affecting the iron’s execution and can even prolong the life of the iron.



  • Polished stainless-steel soleplate
  • Channeled steam holes
  • Cushioned handle
  • anti calc – built in protection


  • Steam may be intermittened



The Rowenta 1600 Watt Auto Steam Iron is a steam iron which is perfect for all your ironing requirements. With powerful power output and an excellent steam distribution mechanism, this is a steam iron to be content with.

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