Best Iron Board Cover and Pad 2020

An Iron Board Cover and Pad that has scorched or worn threadbare is doing absolutely nothing to embellish the crispness of your clothes as you do your weekly ironing. Substitute the padding and cover every once in a while to help work through this chore at a quicker clip, and to safeguard your duds from getting marked up by the metal frame underneath. We found ten padded picks to keep it covered.

This choice is based on various criteria: brand, size, color, fit, fabric, padding, edge, fastener, cleaning, heat reflective, durability, non-slip, adjustable fit, faster ironing, and warranty, among other things.

Did you know that the best ironing board cover could actually make ironing much more effortless for you? It’s undoubtedly true!

Without an ironing board cover and pad, your clothing can scorch easily, your board won’t last as long, and the task of ironing just becomes prolonged and more difficult to do.


Best Iron Board Covers and Pads Reviews

  1. Gorilla Grip Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover

Gorilla Grip Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover

Gorilla Grip Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover


Get ready to meet the toughest cover on the market. Other covers tend to move around or scorch easily. But the Gorilla Grip is a heavy-duty and thickly padded premium board cover. This Gorilla Grip Ironing Pad Cover will last a lifetime and you’ll be amazed at how effortlessly you can now obtain perfect and wrinkle-free clothes.

This cover’s material reflects heat and distributes it evenly, helping you to iron swiftly and efficiently, time after time. Some boards utilize thin lower quality padding or no padding at all. Their premium padding is thick and of the highest quality.

Your iron will move smoothly across the cover for a great ironing experience. Plus, the entire edge of these board features a strong bungee like elastic that will keep your cover in place. So you can focus on your clothes and not your cover moving. This cover also contains two underside Velcro straps for even more secure protection.


  • The cover fits standard sized ironing boards.
  • The elasticized edges help create the look of a custom cover for a perfect fit.
  • Heavy duty and thickly padded.
  • Extremely easy to install.
  • It doesn’t shift or slide.


  • The product is not washable.


  1. Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover

Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover Review
There are several chores more hated than ironing. It can get boring, time-consuming, and hard to get right. The Epica Ironing Board Cover’s clever, elasticized edging enables it to snugly fit most standard-sized boards. The adjustable velcro straps to hold and tighten, simultaneously prohibiting additional wrinkles and creases, while keeping the pad firmly in place.

The Epica Ironing Board Cover has been specially designed to speed up and improve your performance while staying perfectly in place. Effortlessly handles constant ironing sessions and outlasts similar board covers that lack the scorch-resistant Epica silicone coating.

epica silicone coated board cover
The 15-inch x 54-inch cover fits all standard sized ironing boards and the elasticized edges and hook-and-loop tape straps allow for a custom fit. The ingenious silver silicone surface reflects the heat of the iron so you achieve flawless, wrinkle-free clothes in half the time.

The Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover is designed to last, but if you don’t absolutely love it, you are covered for 2 full years. Note: This product includes a cover only.


  • Reflects heat so you iron faster and with less steam.
  • Extra padding waterproof cover.
  • Expands or contracts to snugly fit standard boards.
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps – keep cover firmly in place.


  • The material has a very strong chemical smell.


  1. Whitmor Deluxe Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Whitmor Deluxe Ironing Board Cover and Pad
Whitmor Deluxe Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Whitmor’s Deluxe Ironing Board Covers & Pad are 100% cotton and offers the perfect texture to support your ironing needs. The covers are removable and adjustable, making use of a stretch fit system, ranging from 13 to 15 inch wide & 52 to 54 inch long (for standard ironing boards).

The “Scorch Coat” is withstanding stains and scorching. This Whitmor board cover is a heavy-duty cover that guarantees satisfaction. It features a thick sewn-in a fiber pad that ensures smooth ironing. You don’t need to be concerned about the water or attain damage.

The cover also has a scorch coat that is tough on water and prohibits heat penetration thus increasing the efficiency of your iron box. Its nose is tailored to allow faster installation together with a stretch cord that keeps it in position. The scorch coat is very active in prohibiting heat from damaging the board.

Also, it is stain proof thus will remain clean for an extended period of time. The cover has a universal design that allows it to fit all standard iron boards. The drawstring cords with barrel lock offer a snug fit while dual nose pockets s allows easy installation. It also comes with a 3-years warranty.


  • The material is of the cover is extremely thick.
  • Fits perfectly on a regular-sized ironing board.
  • 3-Year Warranty.
  • Cover has a thick protective, sewn-in fiber pad.


  • Padding may be too thin for some.


  1. Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover
If you’re a mom, dad, single Person, quilter, craftsperson or professional ironer who finds ironing, boring, frustrating, time-consuming and terrible, because you end up scorching something valuable which makes you feel lousy and want to throw the iron and ironing board cover away.

Then you’re probably someone who looks at a mountain of ironing with great sighs of exasperation wishing it would all go away…but before you get too discouraged about it…there is GOOD NEWS… Introducing the Ezy Iron Ironing Board Cover.

Ezy Iron reversible ironing board covers are nothing like any other Best Iron Padded Ironing Board Coverironing board cover you will ever come across. They are unique and come in various colors and designs. A top quality ironing cover that comes with toughness and is designed to minimize ironing time even if you’re terrible at ironing.

The oldest cover we know of is still in utilization after 10 years of daily use. It comes completely padded with an elasticized drawstring to fit any board. It also has quality thick felt padding already sewn in that holds and reflects heat. You’ll notice how EZY IRON ironing board covers eliminate unwanted creases, annoying folds and protect all your valuable items and clothing.


  • Molds to the shape of your board and are will not slip.
  • Reduces ironing time and free up time for the fun things in life.
  • Fit both standard and large boards up to 15″ x 54″.


  • Padding may not be thick enough for some users.


  1. Petask Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Petask Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Petask Ironing Board Cover and Pad
The stretch cord binding securely keeps the cover in place. You never have to worry about the ironing board pad slipping and leaving edges exposed. It contains heat reflection for fast ironing. The ingenious silver silicone surface reflects the heat of the iron so you achieve flawless, wrinkle-free clothes in a small amount of time.

You’ll notice how Petask iron ironing board covers get rid of unwanted creases, annoying folds and safeguard all your valuable items and clothing. You can give your ironing board a new look; scorch resistant cover and sewn-in protective pad.

With Petask ironing board cover, you could soon be ironing quicker and easier than ever before. You can break through the boredom of housekeeping drudger, save time ironing, and achieve professional-looking results for your efforts and spend more time doing things in life you enjoy.

It contains three layers, including silicone coating cotton surface, thick felt padding and 100% breathable cotton lining for high durability. Effortlessly handles frequent ironing sessions and outlasts similar board covers that lack the scorch-resistant silicone coating. The 15-inch x 54-inch cover also fits all standard sized ironing boards. Tailored nose pocket design, elasticized edges and heavy-duty stretch cord give you a custom fit.


  • Extremely thick padding.
  • Installation is extremely easy.
  • Velcro straps are easy to adjust.


  • No cons.


  1. SUNKLOOF Scorch Resistance Ironing Board Cover and Pad

SUNKLOOF Scorch Resistance Ironing Board Cover and Pad

SUNKLOOF Scorch Resistance Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Sunkloof ironing board covers are specifically designed for your artistic life and quality life. It has an innovative design, unique interpretation of your home luxury style.  It also contains active printing and dyeing, breathable and fast-drying, high-temperature resistance, and not easy to fade.

It has exquisite cloth art, multi-color optional. This product is twill weaving, compact and thick, and not easy to deform. It also has a professional streamlined cover.  Sunkloof ironing board covers have the city spirit, ingeniously blending relaxed elements and elegant style, and their ironing board covers can also become home art!

It contains a three-layer structure and heavy-duty padding which makes the ironing covers more durable. The excellent elasticized edge keeps the ironing board covers securely in place. It has high-quality stitching technology, so no need to worry about the quality of the opening.

The ironing cover is specially designed with a nose pocket which makes it easier to install. It contains 4 fasteners (optional) to keep ironing board covers securely in place and help the surface of ironing cover smoother. The protective mesh also eliminates shinning marks and scorching on clothes.


  • This cover is made of 3 layers- scorch and stain assistance cotton.
  • Thicker foam padding and 100% natural breathable cotton.
  • All materials are eco-friendly.
  • More durable, and makes the boring ironing work easy and enjoyable.


  • May not fit all ironing boards.


  1. Whitmor Reversible Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Whitmor Reversible Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Whitmor Reversible Ironing Board Cover and Pad
Whitmor’s 6880-5544-Stripes, Supreme Reversible Cover and Pad, is made of 100% cotton and has a stain and scorch resistant coating. Totally reversible with completely sewn in pad offers you twice the life out of this high-quality cover and pad. It also features a unique stretch cord fit with adjustable Velcro straps.

The Whitmor Reversible Cover and Pad fits standard size ironing boards and is 13-15 inch wide and 52-54 Inch long.

The cover has elastic all the way around it and it also has velcro to strap it down in the middle offering a glove-like fit in a matter of seconds.

You will have no complaints when using this ironing board cover since it’s a good thickness, with a scorch resistant coat, a patented universal fit system design and it is effortless to use.

This ironing board cover is also reversible and includes a 5-year guarantee.

This Whitmore cover is so gorgeous that you won’t even need to rush to put your ironing board away if you get surprise visitors.


  • Scorch –coat to protect against scorching.
  • Patented universal fit system.
  • 5-year guarantee.


  • The dye may come through the cover if not careful.


  1. HOMZ 1915077 Premium Replacement Iron Board Cover and Pad

HOMZ 1915077 Premium Replacement Cover and Pad for Standard Width Ironing Board

HOMZ 1915077 Premium Replacement Cover and Pad for Standard Width Ironing Board
This Homz Premium Padding Replacement Cover & Pad fits all standard size ironing boards (up to 54″ long x 15″ wide) and is made with those in mind who iron up to 2-3 times per week. This is their 2nd best Ironing Board Replacement cover, always designed with quality materials – also constructed of 100% cotton cover and ¼” polyester fiber padding.

This is a one-piece construction and the padding is secured to the fabric of this replacement cover. This cover has a fitted nose pocket with elastic Stretch & Fit binding and Supergrip fastening straps for effortless replacement of your existing cover and pad and a secure fit.

The cotton material provides scorchshield protection and features a stain-resistant coating. It also comes with a 7-year ‘fit’ guarantee. All Homz ironing board covers feature a fitted nose, allowing for effortless installation on your ironing board and a tight fit.

The Stretch & Fit Elastic Binding is sewn into the seam of the ironing board cover, enabling a tight fit to the ironing board. Suregrip fastening straps secure the cover to your board even further- making sure that the cover is well contoured and fitted to the top of the board.


  • Fits all standard size ironing boards.
  • Constructed of 100% cotton cover and ¼” polyester fiber padding.
  • Offers Scorch shield protection.
  • Features a stain-resistant coating.
  • Super grip fastening straps for easy replacement of your existing cover and pad.


  • Padding is not as heavy.


  1. ENCASA Homes Metallised Ironing Board Cover

ENCASA Homes Metallised Ironing Board Cover
ENCASA Homes Metallised Ironing Board Cover


Encasa Homes Replacement ‘Super Luxury’ Ironing Board Covers are designed using Rich cotton Fabric, coated with a Siliconised Aluminum Metalized Silver covered Heat reflective layer. It is laminated with foam & also layered with a thick Fiber Pad.

It contains 3 hook-and-loop strips are also attached for further tightening to completely become immobile on the board. The resultant cover is a durable, quick ironing, low power consuming, smooth surface for your board. Ironing is swift because it reflects heat back into the garment, so both sides are ironed at the same time.

The Silicone mixture enables smooth movement of the Iron on the surface. The Foam padding laminated to the fabric gives a non-creased cover and the extra Fiber padding enables good bounce without sponginess. It also absorbs the steam from your iron so the surface of your iron board does not become wet.

The strong bungee elastic cord, which further tightens and can be locked in place, and the 3 pairs of tightening straps, your cover will become fixed to the board & not move at all. This results in swift & comfortable ironing.


  • Contains 4 Layers of protective materials.
  • A special siliconized silver coating.
  • The Heat Proof Metalized coating can withstand high ironing temperatures of above 250° C.
  • 3 hook-and-loop strips are provided at the back.


  • May shed silver particles on dark fabrics.


  1. Household Essentials 2019 STOWAWAY Ironing Board Replacement Pad and Cover

Household Essentials 2019 STOWAWAY Ironing Board Replacement Pad and CoverHousehold Essentials 2019 STOWAWAY Ironing Board Replacement Pad and Cover
You can replace your warn out ironing board covers simply and easily with this Stowaway replacement cover and pad, designed specifically for in-wall ironing boards (18100-1 & 18200-1). This replacement cover features Household Essentials’ nanomax stain and scorch coating that has been certified by cradle to cradle, so you can iron with the peace of mind that you are looking great and taking care of mother earth.

The cover and pad boasts one-piece construction with a thick fiber pad for a smooth and effortless ironing experience. A tailored nose pocket and bungee cord binding ensure quick and easy installation and a secure fit to your board, minimizing the frustration of a poorly fit cover and pad.

Might fit other in-wall ironing boards with measurements of 40-41″ x 11.5 – 12″w. You have to measure your board prior to purchasing.


  • Thick fiber pad and cotton cover for an excellent ironing surface.
  • Pocket and bungee cord binding for secure fit.
  • Stain and scorch-resistant silicone coating.


  • May not fit all ironing boards.


Final Recommendation

I would have to recommend the Petask Iron Board Cover and Pad because it has a non-slip and secure fit, the Petask board cover & pad features a durable stretch cloth and elasticized edges. The stretch cord, on the other hand, that binds securely will hold the cover in place. It means you don’t need to be concerned about slipping ironing board pad as well as exposed edges.

With Petask board cover and pad, you will be able to provide yourPetask Ironing board caver and pad board with a whole new different look.

Moreover, its clever sliver silicone surface will reflect the iron’s heat providing you with wrinkle-free clothes. Nevertheless, this 15-inch by 54-inch board covers is custom-made to fit a wide variation of ironing boards.


Iron Board Cover and Pad Buyers Guide

Material matters!

The very first thing that you need to explore when searching for the best ironing board cover is the type of ironing board cover fabric that it is made from. The type of material can make a massive difference in regards to how well it will work.

Some material will make accidents less likely, others will allow the iron to slide more easily, while others are more durable. You just need to know what you’re searching for so you can get what suits your needs and requirements best.

Cotton ironing board covers

While cotton does have its issues, like scorching easily if your iron gets too hot or if you lay it directly onto the cover, it can be a good option for everyday ironing. You may want to look for a cotton canvas cover to get the best results.

Cotton keeps your clothing in place more easily and, because it’s made out of thicker fabric, it will help your ironing board to last much longer than it may have otherwise. Many quilters and sewing enthusiasts utilize cotton covers.

Metallic fabric

It might feel strange to look at options like silver ironing board fabric, but they actually make a huge difference in regards to how well the heat of the iron reflects off of it. There are covers that incorporate copper, silver or aluminum either as a coating or woven in with other fabrics.

Heat reflective metallic covers make the ironing process much swifter, and can save energy because your iron doesn’t work as hard. Metallic fabrics are, often, more pricey, but that extra cost could result in big savings in the long term.


If the label or product description doesn’t say 100% cotton, then it might be some type of polyester or polyester blend. They are generally one of the more affordable options and come in a huge variation of bright colors and fun patterns.

It doesn’t release the steam quite as well, which may result in a wet surface and it is also susceptible to scorching if your iron gets too hot.

Teflon coating

One of the more current options for ironing board covers is Teflon – yes, the same material used on nonstick frying pans and cookie sheets.

While Teflon undoubtedly gives you a smooth experience, you do want to be careful. The vapors released from hot Teflon go straight into your face as you iron, and it’s still debatable as to whether or not this can be harmful to your respiratory system. Covers treated with silicone are a sustainable option if you’re worried about Teflon.

Size of the ironing board

Always ensure to measure the exact dimensions of your ironing board before you start your search. If the cover is too large or too small, it could shift and move around when you’re ironing, which could be dangerous and result in injury, scorch marks, holes, and other hazards.

Luckily, there are options for an extra wide ironing board cover for those big boards that are utilized in sewing and quilting. You can also find a miniscule ironing board cover for portable or apartment-sized boards.

Snug fit is essential

You don’t want your cover to start shifting around when you’re trying to utilize it, so you want to take a close look at the ironing board cover tighteners that comes with the cover that you’re considering.

There’s no “best” option for fasteners, but many ironers prefer the Velcro options that enable you to pull them as tight as you wish. Some covers utilize elastic so that they form to your board while others have drawstrings. Drawstrings offer more flexibility, but they can get in the way if the excess is too long.

Scorch resistance

Whether you’re looking at the ironing board, the cover itself, or your clothing you want to be certain that the iron isn’t going to burn holes in fabric or cause any sort of scorching. The cover is a crucial part of ensuring that this doesn’t become a problem.

As previously mentioned, there are many different options for heat resistant material for ironing board covers. Most covers are designed to be quite resistant, so all you need to do is compare levels of heat resistance in the fabric, in regards to how hot you normally set your iron.

Is storage a concern?

While most people will just leave their cover on the ironing board, there are some scenarios when you might not be able to do so. If you have a board that fold into a cabinet or the wall, there might not be enough space for the cover in there.

You might also want to have storage if you utilize different covers for different purposes. Many newer covers come with a caddy bag or some other form of storage that will keep it clean and ready to go when you’re not use it.

Grid patterns and measurements

Do you utilize your ironing board for sewing clothing or crafting? Then you should consider searching for covers that have grid patterns and measurements.

These lines and measurements are going to enable you to cut, sew, and adjust with much more accuracy and without requiring you to pull out the measuring tape yet again. It’s a hands-free option that lets you focus on the essential parts of sewing without requiring another pair of hands.

Ironing mats for traveling

Are you someone that has to iron on the go? Or, perhaps, you require a much larger space than any ironing board can offer when you’re quilting? Consider utilizing an ironing mat as an alternative.

Ironing mats are usually made of thick wool, and they enable you to make any sort of safe surface into an ironing board. They’re also very portable due to their size, so they can be utilized in a hotel room, RV, or even a dorm room.

Available warranties

Warranties are always a great idea, especially if you’re someone that is going to make use of you iron on a daily or weekly basis. Luckily, many ironing board covers come with a one year warranty. Occasionally, you can find limited lifetime warranties, as well.

Most warranties only cover general wear and tear, but in some cases you might find some that include any accidents that may occur as well. Consider searching for options where you can extend the warranty, especially if you’re concerned it may wear out quickly.

The right padding

When you’re considering your ironing board cover, you also want to look closely at the ironing board pad material as well. Some covers include it, but others don’t. But it’s easy to get padding if you may require it.

You want to look for padding that allows the steam and heat to go through it. You also want padding because it helps to prevent impressions from the board underneath. Cotton canvas, foam, and wool or polyester felt are the most common options, and all work well for the aforementioned purposes.

Colors and patterns

You want to ensure that you take a good look at what colors and patterns that you’re considering for your ironing board. Yes, they may look nice, but you also need to bear in mind the purpose of covers when shopping.

Covers go through a lot of damage – dark stains, bleaching, and scorching. These can make colors bleed or destroy the pattern completely, which can defeat the purpose of purchasing a nicely-patterned cover in the first place. Not only that, but most of the covers with designs are designed from less-than-ideal materials.

Additional accessories

You can find a variation of great accessories with your ironing board cover. Pockets for spray or starch bottles, heavy duty fasteners, and even the aforementioned measuring grids and carrying bags might all be included with the cover that you are considering.

With any purchase, you want to know that you’re getting the most for your money and usually it’s the little extras that can make the best ironing board cover even better.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I require a special ironing board cover for sewing or quilting projects?

A. Sewers and quilters often require large or specialty ironing boards as well as a good sewing machine. There are tons of options out there that can assist in making your projects simpler. Mentioned above are measuring grids and having pockets to store your scissors, measuring tape, and other supplies can come in handy as well.

An Iron board cover and pad for quilting are available in extra-long and wide sizes to fit larger boards. Something adjustable like an ironing mat can also work very well for your requirements.

Q. How can I clean an ironing board cover?

A. Cleaning is essential – it helps to prohibit scorching and from getting debris on your clothing. Cleaning depends on what fabric that it is made from. Always make sure to read the care label first.

Cotton canvas options can generally be thrown in a gentle cycle in the washer, but you can also utilize all-purpose cleaner, which you spray on and wipe off. Teflon and metallic covers has to be brushed off with a dry-bristle brush, and then wiped down with a wet, soft cotton cloth. No matter what material the cover is designed of, you want it to air dry.

Q. What is the best cover for steam generator irons?

A. A steam generator iron manufactures steam in a separate boiler which then gets pumped into the iron. The steam is then pressurized and penetrates whatever sort of material you’re ironing. It’s excellent for speed and efficiency, but it’s not so great for your ironing board and cover.

Most professionals suggest a cotton option for steam generator irons because they allow the most steam to go through and are less vulnerable to scorching or holding in moisture.

Is the cover that is included with my ironing board good enough, or should I upgrade?

Some ironing boards come with great covers that are designed from high-grade materials specifically designed for the ironing board that you’ve decided to go ahead and buy.

But, in some cases, they are an afterthought. They may be designed from sub-par materials or they won’t be right for the type of ironing that you are utilizing that board for.

Q. Should I consider getting multiple covers?

A. If you’re just going to be utilizing your ironing board cover for ironing every once in awhile or even if you’re the type of person who irons sheets and pillowcases, then you won’t require more than one cover.

Crafters, sewing aficionados, and quilters are all going to want multiple iron board covers and pads for the many different tasks that they need to take care of with their ironing boards. You might want to have one for laundry ironing, and at least one for your crafts.


All of the above steps will ensure that you purchase the ironing board cover and pad of your dreams and it can clearly be seen, that’s a prospect that isn’t too complicated to do.  As long as a person does their research, pays attention to product listings and considers their own personal requirements, then there’s no reason that they can’t find a board that fits their needs quite easily.

After all, there’s a massive amount of exciting laundry boards out there, and more of them are being released daily. And that means that the world is bound to become a much less wrinkled place in no time with your newly purchased iron board cover and pad.