Top 10: Best Table Top Ironing Boards 2020-2021

If an ironing board for tabletop ironing is what you require, look no further. We have flat ones, foldable ones and feather-light ones for every budget. The Best Table Top Ironing Boards Review are all you’ll require if you have some creases to iron out but prefer not to work with an overbearing, full-sized folding board.

These legless cuties make ironing touchups so swift and effortless. They’re light, they’re inexpensive, they take up almost no space at all, and they make ironing feel like less of a task.

Depending on your budget and personal preference, we’ve reviewed the top performers available for sale on the market. These are no doubt the babies in the ironing board family, but if you’re searching for something larger or more specialized, check out our comprehensive ironing board review here.

Best Tabletop Ironing Boards for Quilting Review

  1. Best Small Steel Table Top Ironing Board

 Best Table Top Ironing Boards Review
 Best Table Top Ironing Boards Review

This steel mesh top is the best surface for steam ironing as the steel mesh lets the steam push through clothing and the board for powerful wrinkle-release.

The Sunbeam Classic 1200 Watt Iron and the Household Essentials 1 Piece Tabletop Ironing Board Cover goes perfectly with the board.

Presswood (or wood) surfaces are perfect for fast pressing. These surfaces hold up well, are lightweight and effortless to carry, and travel easily and they hold up to occasional steam.

The table top board can be set up on the table or the floor, or on top of the washing machine, etc and it comes with the cover and pad already installed and it is cotton with a fiber pad sewn in.

They store almost anywhere and also slide under beds and inside closets and models 122101 and 131210 even hang over doors.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact collapsible design
  • Over the door hook
  • Resilient, matte free ironing surface
  • 100 percent cotton cover
  • Cover may be too thin for some


  1. Best Foldable Tabletop Iron Board with Iron Rest

Best Foldable Tabletop Iron Board with Iron Rest
Best Foldable Tabletop Iron Board with Iron Rest

This amazing folding tabletop ironing board can fit into the smallest of spaces and it’s great for travel or cramped dorm rooms, apartments or condominiums. Just because you are short on space, doesn’t mean you have to wear wrinkled garments.

You can also purchase the Sunbeam Classic 1200 Watt Iron with the board.

There is no assembly required and it just folds out for use and when complete, just pull the lock and fold it back up for easy storage. It comes with a handy plastic storage back with handle for effortless transport or travel.

You can utilize this small size ironing board for all of your ironing requirements from pants and shirts to linens and tablecloths and the pad and cover are included with this handy unit.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and store
  • Fits conveniently for traveling
  • Metal iron rest to prevent scorching
  • Compact and portable
  • Center of board requires support


  1. Best Tabletop Ironing Board with Cotton Cover

Best Tabletop Ironing Board with Cotton Cover
Best Tabletop Ironing Board with Cotton Cover

The Folding Table top ironing board fits into small places has an amazing space-saving design and the 100% cotton cover and thick fiber pad offers a resilient and roomy ironing surface.

The Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron for Clothes is also frequently purchased with the board.

The steel folding legs assembly stores easily in most compact places and the non-skid feet protect counter tops. It is ideal for sewing/craft rooms or small, confined spaces, where storage space is limited and the folding tabletop ironing board fits into small places.

Pros & Cons

  • Space-saving design
  • Removable & washable cover
  • Steel folding legs assembly
  • Non-skid feet
  • No cons


  1. Best Tabletop Ironing Board with Folding Legs

Best Tabletop Ironin Board with Folding LegsBest Tabletop Ironin Board with Folding Legs

This laundry essential offers a smooth, heat-resistant surface for you to iron your clothes, work uniforms, linens, and more. Featuring a four-leg, fold-up structure, the tabletop ironing board provides both stability and convenience in design.

The BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron, IR40V is also perfect with the board.

Featuring a thickly padded ironing surface in your selection of print, the AmazonBasics ironing board provides a reticulated, porous construction that distributes and dissipates heat evenly while being vapor permeable.

The cover can be removed and washed as needed and the board is set on a hollow steel frame with non-slip feet that lock into position, and offers a stable surface for you to work on.

Featuring a compact design that enables you to fold the board flat, it can be effortlessly tucked into small spaces, behind a door, next to a washing machine, or in a closet. It is also ideal for using in rooms where space is limited, such as a sewing or craft room, or small apartment.

Pros & Cons

  • Machine-washable cover
  • Reticulated surface
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Non-slip feet
  • Some complaints of board collapsing when ironing


  1. Best Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board

Best Wooden Tabletop Table Top Ironing Boards
5. Best Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board

You remember the last time you purchased a Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board like this. It was decades ago and you were sitting on the floor of your college dorm room surrounded by vanilla bean candles and drinking instant coffee out of a giant blue mug.

The Utopia Home Steam Iron can also be used with the ironing board.

Now its years later and while the mugs are now smaller, this ironing board has stayed exactly the same size. It’s still as compact and effortless to store, but instead of ironing your flannels, you’re pressing your kid’s clothes on the kitchen countertop while they ask you what’s for lunch.

No, you’re not building a mystery—you’re finding a convenient way to iron clothes swiftly. This compact tabletop ironing board meets all of your requirements and at an incredible value.

The legs fold flat for simple storage under a bed, in a closet or any number of places. It’s easily transportable to take on the road when traveling and this unit comes complete with a pad and cover.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact, portable
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Cotton cloth cover
  • Easily transportable
  • Center may require more support


  1. Best Ironing Board with Removable and Washable Cover

Best Ironing Board with Removable and Washable Cover
Best Ironing Board with Removable and Washable Cover

This portable and compact design is conveniently sized to fit compact apartments, condos, or dorms. The non-skid feet safeguard counter tops and keep it still for safe and precise ironing.

The sunbeam ironing board has a high quality cover and is removable and washable.

The tabletop ironing board features a collapsible design for quick and easy storage and has non-slip rubber feet to keep the board in place while ironing to protect tabletops and counters and it measures at 23.5″ x 14.5″.

Pros & Cons

  • Portable and compact design
  • Foldable for easy, quick storage
  • Non-skid feet protects counter tops
  • Made of sturdy plastic and metal
  • Some complaints of board being too light


  1. Best Basic Sleeve Mini Ironing Board

Best Basic Sleeve Mini Table Top Ironing Boards
Best Basic Sleeve Mini Ironing Board

This sleeve ironing board is a wonderful, swift selection for the habitual or casual ironer. Designed with high-quality materials and a compact design, this ironing board can be set up on any tabletop or counter or utilized in addition to a standard ironing board.

The handy leg caps prohibit scuffing of tabletop or counter surfaces while also keeping the board steady. The plastic frame offers an ample amount of support as you iron.

The durable perforated plastic top not only contributes to the board’s stability but also encourages excellent ironing results by circulating heat and steam.

The board’s low profile and metal leg lock enables quick set-up and take-down. You can store this ironing board on a shelf, in a drawer or linen closet or other smaller storage spaces.

Paired with a full-sized ironing board, this sleeve ironing board will assist you in achieving flawless results. This accessory would be an ideal option for any ironer, seamstress or crafter.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality and compact
  • Scorch- and stain-resistant
  • No-scuff leg caps
  • Allows for even distribution
  • May not be extremely sturdy


  1. Best 32 x 12 Inch Tabletop Ironing Board

Table Top Ironing Boards
Best 32 x 12 Inch Tabletop Ironing Board

If you are searching for a compact and foldable ironing board that can fit in your wardrobe, clothes rack or even in your suitcase, this tabletop ironing board is the ideal solution for you.

Thanks to its non-slip caps, the ironing surface is fairly stable. The cover features a cord fastener and Stretch System that keep it always stretched for smoother ironing.

These tabletop ironing boards presents a compact design which is perfect for those homes where saving space is essential. Its legs fold completely flat for storage so you can keep it behind a cupboard, under your bed, behind a door etc and the dimensions when folded are H102 x W31 x D5 cm.

Its retractable hook can also be utilized to hang the board making it the perfect complement to the new Linn Collection.

Pros & Cons

  • Stable worktop and lightweight
  • Retractable legs
  • Hook for hanging off a clothes rail
  • Protective non-slip caps
  • N/A


Buyers Guide for Table Top Ironing Boards


Both Honey-Can-Do boards have the biggest surface areas. The size of the boards included above provides adequate space for the occasional ironing tasks.

They are not perfect for large ironing requirements because the smaller work surface would mean a lot of repositioning of garments and this would make the task painfully drawn out.

If you iron a small load of washing every week or two or maybe one or two items here and there, then yes, this size is all you require.



The benefit of these mini ironing boards is they are extremely effortless to move in and out of storage, but there is one minor disadvantage.

Table Top Ironing Boards with more weight is more stable and doesn’t shift and slide as easily. To prevent your miniature board getting away from you, first, place a towel down on the counter or tabletop you are utilizing. This will prohibit the board from slipping while you’re ironing.

Is it still too bulky for you? If you’re searching for something compact and lightweight that can fold up for traveling or sewing classes, then check out our review of the top ironing blankets. These may be a more suitable match for your requirements.



Forgive us for recapping the obvious, because storage is such a non-issue with these mini tabletop ironing boards. But we have to say we love the storage hook on the Whitmor, something we wish was included on the Honey-Can-Do designs.

However, hook or not, they are compact enough to stick in, on, under or against the side of almost anything.



The Whitmor and the folding Honey-Can-Do are the two most inexpensive tabletop boards followed by our winner, the blue stripped Honey-Can-Do.

The Brabantia Table Top Ironing Boards is the most expensive of the 8 boards, but if you’re searching for something that’s unbeatably lightweight, then the slightly higher price tag is worth every cent.



The Honey-Can-Do provide limited warranties on manufacturer’s defects.

Our take on the warranty on such inexpensive products is that if they break in a few years from now, it’s less effort and cheap enough to simply replace.


In Conclusion

Miniature tabletop or countertop ironing boards are perfect for those swift ironing jobs. They make switching on the steam iron and pressing a quick shirt troublesome. We also like that working on a table or countertop enable you to sit while ironing.

The Honey-Can-Do is our winner because it has additional weight and that makes it more stable and easier to utilize. It’s super affordable, (although not the cheapest) and one of the most popular selling tabletop ironing boards available on the market.

Because the Best Table Top Ironing Boards are so compact, they can be set up anywhere so you don’t require a dedicated space to do your ironing. You can easily carry it to where you want to be, like right in front of the TV.