Top 6: Best Wool Ironing Mat for Quilting 2020 – 2021


Searching for the Best Wool Ironing Mat for Quilting that fits your requirements? Look no further because in this review we are going to list down the best wool pressing mats for quilting that are available to purchase.

The key difference between an ironing board and a mat is the space. Ironing mats need way less space than ironing boards. Also the price varies a lot. Portability of an ironing mat is another reason people purchase these products.

10 Best Wool Pressing Mats for Quilting Review

  1. The Professional Quilter’s Choice 17″x17″ Wool Ironing Mat

The Professional Quilter's Choice 17"x17" Wool Ironing Mat
The Professional Quilter's Choice 17"x17" Wool Ironing Mat

This high grade wool is mechanically separated to select only the finest fibers and the wool is never bleached or dyed, and it has no synthetic fillers.

This quilters mat is designed from one ingredient only and they only use wool from farms that raise their sheep humanely and adhere to sustainable practices.

This wool ironing mat retains heat from your steam iron and radiates it back into your fabric, saving you from needing to flip and iron both sides. It’s so efficient that you won’t even have to utilize with your iron.

If you choose to utilize the steam function, make sure to put something absorbent under the pad to protect your table.

The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron can also be purchased with the ironing mat. This pressing mat is the ideal gift for the quilter in your life as it’s portable, light, and effortless to store.

Pros & Cons

  • No synthetic fillers
  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-allergenic
  • Steam may come through extremely fast


  1. Tidy Monster 17” x 13.5” Cheap Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting

Tidy Monster 17'' x 13.5'' Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting
Tidy Monster 17'' x 13.5'' Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting

Tidy Monster is designed with 100% Natural New Zealand Wool with no synthetic fillers no added chemicals. This 100% wool mat can retain heat, which enables you to iron both sides of the clothes at the same time. The 17” x 13.5” light-weight and portable mat fit effortlessly into your suitcase or handbag.

There is also no requirement for an ironing board while the 1/2″ density offers solid protection for any ironing surface and allows you iron clothes with just a table.

The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron also works perfectly with this Wool Ironing Mat for Quilting.

Designed with special felted texture increases friction and dense interlocking fibers prohibit stretching, making your quilting ironing an easy, swift and more efficient task.

There are no synthetic fillers and its all-natural and it can provide the best ironing surface for any textile.

Pros & Cons

  • 100% wool mat can retain heat
  • Light-weight and portable mat
  • 1/2″ density provides solid protection
  • No synthetic fillers
  • May experience foul smell at first


  1. YFEEX Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting

YFEEX Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting
YFEEX Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting

One thing that makes wool pressing mat different from others is that it retains heat from the ironing device and reflects it to the fabric. Now, this wool pressing mat is fairly thick and is double-sided.

It has got wool throughout, and this unique construction provides impressive functionality and the wool is very unique in the way that it absorbs and holds heat.

This is why it is utilized for sweaters and inside quilts, to keep you toasty warm and it is naturally fire resistant. This thick smooth pad makes your ironing wonderful; also things don’t slip when you are ironing on the wool which will keep your fabric stable while ironing.

The mat is 13.5” X 17”X 1/2″ in dimensions and it is excellent for traveling, business trips, a gift or for DIY crafts.

The Sewing Clips, Pack of 60 Multipurpose Fabric Clips is also a great addition to the pressing mat.

Pros & Cons

  • Fairly thick and is double-sided
  • Absorbs and holds heat
  • Naturally fire resistant
  • No slippage
  • Complaints of mat leaving black residue on iron


  1. Ecoigy Cheapest Wool Ironing Mat

Ecoigy Cheapest Wool Ironing Mat
Ecoigy Cheapest Wool Ironing Mat

Ecoigy wool ironing mats cuts your ironing time in half and creates flatter, more professional-looking blocks. The specially felted wool traps the heat of your iron and radiates it back through the material and this has the effect of pressing both sides of the fabric simultaneously.

It also prohibits stretching of quilt blocks by gripping fabric with its dense interlocking wool felt fibers. Accurate and precise pressing, without distortions or skewing is the hallmark of an experienced quilter or seamstress, resulting in swifter and easier assembly.

The 100% pure New Zealand wool is naturally fire-resistant and heat-absorbent and when utilized with dry heat, the Ecoigy Ironing Pad is suitable for use on any table, countertop or other surface without risk of scorching or burning.

The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron is also perfect for everyday use at home, yet lightweight and compact for taking along with you.

The mat is highly portable and multi-functional and it measures 14” x 14” x 1/2” so it folds to fit effortlessly in your craft bag or luggage. You can even take your quilters wool ironing pad to quilting bees or utilize it when travelling so business attires always looks top-notch.

Pros & Cons

  • Wool traps the heat of your iron
  • Prevents stretching
  • Naturally fire-resistant and heat-absorbent
  • Highly portable and multi-functional
  • Complaints of mat smelling a bit


  1. Best 17×13.5 Inches Wool Pressing Pad

Best 17x13.5 Inches Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting
Best 17x13.5 Inches Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting

This 1/2″ thick mat ironing pad offers protection and protects any hard surfaces. Whether it’s your dining table or anywhere on the go, you can easily iron on any surface.

The wool ironing iron mat absorbs heat and steam and it will pass through your fabrics so there is no need to turn the fabric around and iron on both sides without the requirement of steam.

The 17×13.5 inches (unfolded) quilting ironing pad creates a portable ironing pad whenever you travel. While the compact design makes for easy storage and travel you can simply fit it into your handbag or luggage.

The Steamfast handheld steamer is also frequently purchased with this pressing mat.

There is 1 piece of 17×13.5 inches quilting mat, 1 measuring tape, 1 scissor and 40 sewing pins and 1 soft felt notions storage pouch. This mat is designed for an embroidery enthusiast or DIY crafter and projects can be pinned into the wool mat in order to keep your fabric from moving.

Pros & Cons

  • Absorbs heat and steam
  • Effortless to carry
  • Compact design makes for easy storage
  • Perfect for sewing and quilting
  • May smell initially


  1. Best Large Wool Pressing Mat for Quilters

Best Large Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting
Best Large Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting

This wool ironing mat for quilting is heat resistant, so you can effectively and efficiently iron both sides at the same time and you get quality results for all your DIY craft projects and hobbies.

Crafted from premium quality 100% natural wool and densely packed without bleaching or dying, this wool pressing pad delivers the best ironing surface for any textile work.

It measures 17 x 24 inches and this extra large ironing mat can be utilized to press complete fulls and is especially useful for pressing borders and yardage. Compared with an ironing board this would make a better ironing station.

The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron is also the perfect iron to purchase with the pressing mat.

This magic pressing mat is 1/2 inch thick so you don’t have to worry about the heat getting through the other side and damaging surfaces. Pieces can also be pinned to the mat for additional security and stability. The ironing mat is perfect for quilting, embroidery, stitching, sewing, appliqué work, patchwork, garment work and more.

Pros & Cons

  • Ironing mat is heat resistant
  • Premium quality 100% natural wool
  • Versatile uses
  • Extra large size pad
  • May experience slippage


How to Choose  the Best Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting


The 100% New Zealand wool and the Savina wool mats are designed from superior quality wool, meaning that if you are also making use of steam, the wet wool won’t develop a foul smell. There may be a slight odor at first, but this will rapidly diminish.

It’s crucial to know that poorly processed or inferior wool is usually touted as 100% high-quality wool.

Despite the clever marketing tricks, it will most likely cause poor heat retention as well as an unbalanced and uneven surface. Your material will catch on the rough patches that form on the surface of inferior quality mats.

Care & Durability

It’s best to set your iron on a lower heat the first time you utilize the wool pressing pad. Once you can see that it handles the temperature well, you can certainly set your iron to “Wool” or “Medium” Heat.

Although wool is naturally heat resistant, don’t leave your iron on the pressing pad for a long period of time.

A Wool Ironing Mat for Quilting is permeable products.  They absorb the moisture from the air, as well as enable steam to effortlessly pass through them.

While this is ideal in pressing your fabric effectively from both sides, we would recommend utilizing one or more of the below precautions:

  • Utilizing your pressing mat on a water-resistant surface
  • Placing a small towel underneath
  • Making use of a dry iron

Because the pressing mats are designed from wool, they can easily be washed and this should be done gently by hand in the bath. Ensure your mat is completely dry before storing it.

Size and Weight

Lightweight yet firm, wool pressing mats come in different sizes to suit your space and transportation requirements and the most common sizes are:

  • 13 x 17 inches
  • 17 x 17 inches
  • 17 x 24 inches


The average thickness is around half-an-inch and should be perfect for most pressing requirements.

Weight varies from around 1.5 to 1.9 pounds.


100% Natural wool is more expensive than processed wool, so don’t be fooled by inexpensive deals.

Getting a wool pressing mat for quilting is certainly a good investment. Not only will it last for years, but you can be sure that you’re expensive or heirloom quilting materials will be safe with a thick wool pressing surface.

The amount of time it will save you must also be taken into account and the wool enables heat to infiltrate and pass through the pressing pad, cutting your pressing time in half. Seams and blocks are pressed flat so overall precision and accuracy is greatly improved.

The incorrect ironing surface can stretch your blocks, throwing the accuracy of your measurements out completely. When working with such a tiny margin for error, every millimeter counts in achieving your perfectly finished quilt.

With a wool pressing pad, you will save tons of time as well as money, plus you can count on professional results.


Conclusion for Best Wool Ironing Mat for Quilting

While most of the irons occupy larger space when folded, it needs less space on your travel backpack or storage area and the dimensions are 18” x 31”.

Another essential factor is heat management. It can handle up to 500 F. However it can be felt on the other side of a wool ironing mat.

The magnetic end makes sure that you are able to utilize it with complete stability without any sliding problem.

A better selection would be a tabletop ironing board which cost similar to ironing mat but does better job at ironing. Or utilize an hideaway ironing board for better storage purpose.