Best Steam Iron Reviews

Even if you hate ironing, having the best steam iron with a water tank in your arsenal can definitely help alleviate the pain of ironing. The only solution is to pick the right iron from our list of Best Steam Iron Reviews from among the hundreds of irons available on the market. The best part, irons on the market now is manufactured with steam features that can help you fast track your ironing duties. These models are not only limited by their steam performance. Like the ever-evolving technology around us, irons are gaining more and more features as well, outperforming one another.

Thus, choosing the best steam iron is important. The best iron you pick will be powerful, easy-to-use, and excel in every feature you want from a top of the line steam iron. Whether you choose a steam generator iron or a common one you need to make sure that the various features of the steam iron – the ones we recommend in our reviews – are up to standard with your needs. You should consider each iron based on power – the more powerful, the quicker they heat up, water tank capacity – as you probably don’t want to refill every five minutes, and versatility in performing various tasks – from the burst of steam to eliminate any wrinkles on your clothes, to vertical steaming function for curtains.

Here are our Best Steam Iron for Clothes in 2020

  1. Rowenta DG8520 – Best All-Around Steam Iron

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Number one on our list of Best Steam Iron Reviews for Clothes is the Rowenta DG8520 which prides itself with five bars of pressure of 1800 watts when handling a variety of different wrinkly materials. You can easily use this steam iron to even out linen or hanging curtains.

The Rowenta DG8520 is an extremely powerful appliance but also saves a lot of energy – with an eco-friendly setting that saves up to 20 percent of energy, this vertical steam iron is extremely environmentally friendly. This home appliance delivers 1800 watts of extreme power and a total steam output of 80 grams per minute.

The DG8520 features a micro-steam 400-hole stainless steel soleplate, which glides over garments with and a 6-feet long power cord, which makes it pretty flexible in being moved along the ironing board, no matter where it’s positioned.

The Rowenta DG8520 launches continuous high-powered steam, which can be launched at the touch of a trigger. It makes ironing that much simpler and earns its title of the best all-around steamer. The iron also features an extra-large removable tank of 47 oz that can let you iron for more than an hour without having to refill.

The 120 g of pressurized, wrinkle-removing burst of steam assures the professional practices of the iron. On average it only takes 3 minutes to deliver the perfect ironing results. The soleplate also comes with a precision tip that helps to get into those hard-to-reach areas like collars and buttons.



  • Has a 47 oz removable water tank that allows for 1.5 hours of ironing
  • 1800 watts of pure power
  • 400 holes in the stainless steel soleplate
  • Energy-saving feature


  • No automatic shut-off
  • Bulky


2. Hamilton Beach 19900 – Best Value for Money

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The Hamilton Beach 19900 with 1700 watts of power this model is almost as powerful as the above-mentioned iron. That been said, power isn’t the Holy Grail when it comes to a steam iron. You will also need to look at the extra features the unit is equipped with. Like with the Hamilton Beach 19900, its main features include durability, superior performance, excellent wrinkle removal capabilities, and a good amount of steam power.

The Hamilton Beach 19900 vertical steam iron provides 40 percent more continuous steam power than most leading brands on the market. It also lasts about 10 times longer than the leading traditional brands that gloat to be non-stick. The Hamilton Beach 19900 also features a self-cleaning system, vertical steam power, plus an anti-drip addition.

Its excellent glide performance is really what sets it apart from its rivals. It makes it super easy and quick to finish your ironing job. This marvel is also manufactured with scratch-resistant durability, to last year after year. The soleplate is made from Durathon and comes with a 10-years limited warranty.

With a digital control panel a 3-way auto shutoff plus a large amount of power you can rest assured that you’ll experience ironing like never before. With a maximum weight of 3.2 lbs, you should be able to carry this model around the home without physically straining yourself. The Hamilton Beach 19900 is backed by a full 1-year warranty, which will have you ironing out a lot of clothes in your dressers in just one year!



  • Digital controls and 1700 watts of power
  • 3-way auto-shutoff for peace of mind
  • An anti-drip feature that eliminates leakage


  • Heavier than some competition


3. Rowenta DW7180 Everlast – Most Durable

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The Rowenta DW7180 Everlast doubles as a steam iron while being a patented limescale collector. It captures up to 1 teaspoon of scale while you iron. This prevents dirt build-up within the collector. This removable collector is really easy to empty and clean.

However, let’s get back to the task at hand. The unit has a powerful distribution of bursts of steam which easily flattens all the wrinkles with one sweep on your clothes or fabric – no matter how headstrong they are.

This DW7180 features a 400-hole soleplate that equally distributes the steam output so you should never worry about hotspots. You also have the option to choose from 3 different steam settings, depending on the fabric you are working with and 1750 watts of bursting steam power.

The Rowenta DW7180 Everlast also features a 12 oz. water tank, which is a bit on the smaller size than its competitors. Furthermore, you can expect an auto off-switch for safety, plus an 8-foot-long cord so you can be as flexible as possible while moving around the ironing board.

Since it deals with the issue of “hard water”, with mineral deposits being captured all over appliances and fixtures, the Rowenta protects it against limescale. The anti-calc iron collects all those limescale particles right into its patented calc collector and provides you with excellent performance, every time.



  • Features an auto-shut-off system
  • Collecting limescale in order to keep the iron clean to prolong its lifespan


  • The waiting period to produce steam takes time
  • Possibility of  leakage


4. Maytag M200 – Most Lightweight Steam Iron

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The Maytag M200 is another top competitor and it’s no wonder that it is number 4 on our list of best steam irons for clothes review. It can reach its maximum temperature under one minute, which is it has a competitive edge over other steam irons on the market. With its swift increase in maximum temperature, it is also rapid in producing steam output – taking an astonishing 3 seconds. The steam produced by the Maytag M200 removes wrinkles much faster and easier than most steam irons out there. With the help of the anti-wrinkle spray, which vaporizes wrinkles at a quick speed of lightening, plus a pearl ceramic soleplate, which smooth out wrinkles your task will be effortless?

The Maytag M200 can be used as an iron and steamer and this is due to the production of vertical steam that it lets out– steaming out those stubborn wrinkles on linen that are hanging on the wall.

With its ergonomic soft-touch grip you can achieve a great balance between comfort for upright use and regular ironing. The Maytag also features a digital thermostat, self-cleaning system, and extra equipment.

The digital thermostat shows the exact temperature so that it can be automatically controlled no matter with which fabric you’re working with. To iron specialty fabrics, like linen, silk, cotton, wool and synthetic, no extra work is needed.

The removable water tank lets you refill the tank over and over again, even while the iron is at its maximum temperature.

A major benefit for ironers is its self-cleaning function with an anti-calc and anti-scale system. No matter how often you use Maytag M200, it will remain clean after each use. Your investment will include the power of 1500W, 8.1-oz removable water tank, a 360-degree swivel 8-ft long cord, plus to top it all of a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.



  • Digital thermostat display to show the exact temperature
  • 8.1-oz Removable water tank
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Sleek design and lightweight


  • Might be too complicated to use especially for the average ironer


5. BLACK+DECKER D2530 Digital Advantage – Most Professional Steam Iron

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Moving along our list of Best Steam Irons in 2020 we have the BLACK+DECKER D2530 Digital Advantage clothes steam iron that gives time after time professional results in the comfort of your own home. With a reputation that is of the charge, this high-quality brand is well-reserved by Black and Decker showcasing the most sophisticated and smartest unit they have created.

With its impressive high steam rate, this steam iron can blast away wrinkles as effectively as possible. Created with a unique feature this model can be digitally set to shoot out the perfect amount of steam whichever fabric you work with.

The BLACK+DECKER D2530 Digital Advantage also features a digital temperature control, which is a clear-view LCD screen that can help you eliminate the guesswork. The screen also includes a pre-heating feature that will indicate “ready” when it has reached the desired maximum temperature.

Yet another advantage is the durable soleplate which is considered one of the most heavy-duty soleplates on the market. This makes it possible for the steam iron to glide smoothly over any type of fabric while not using too much pressure on the iron.

The autonomous steam and temperature control functions will help you choose to customize and set each ironing job separately, all depends on the fabric type. Like most of the steam irons for home use, the BLACK+DECKER D2530 Digital Advantage also features an automatic shut-off function, which can leave your mind at ease – especially if you have young children around when ironing and forget to switch the iron of. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the iron will automatically shut off when lying on its side or soleplate and will totally shut off after 8 minutes on the heel rest.

The compact, powerful steam can be allocated vertically to the clothes up above or at linen and upholstery.



  • Automatically switch off after a certain amount of time
  • Features an LCD screen that clearly displays temperature
  • High and dense steam channeling for all types of fabric – designed for even the professional.


  • Too advanced for casual ironers
  • Weights a bit heavy


6. CHI 13102 – Most Hi-Tech Iron

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The CHI 13102 is the perfect addition to your artillery of cleaning and ironing arsenal. It has a futuristic look and hi-tech design. Just like with what the brand is known for – haircare tools, the 13102 model from CHI provides you with professional performance in the comfort of your home.

The top of the line steam iron is designed with a titanium-infused ceramic soleplate, just like those materials that you will find in the CHI flat irons. It is the most durable soleplates you’ll find on the market. With over 400 steam holes in the bottom of the soleplate, these holes work continuously to provide you with effortless ironing. The beautiful matte chrome accents and the sleek futuristic design are what truly set this unit apart from other irons in the market. It will also fit in seamlessly fit with any décor in your home.

Apart from the design the CHI 13102 heats up rapidly and features an electronic display to help simplify the ironing process. With its illuminated digital temperature control, you can easily modify the settings according to which fabric you working with. You will also receive a fabric guide that can help you pick your fabric type to set the correct temperature and eliminate any guesswork.

Furthermore, you can easily adjust the steam output while using the comfortable ergonomic handle. We like about the CHI is the swivel door which is attached to the tank for easy water fill up.

An 8-foot long cord accompanies this model, which is also retractable for neat storage and can easily be stored away in tight spaces.



  • Has an impressive 1700 watts power performance
  • Keeps up to 10 oz. of water in the water tank
  • Backed up with a 2-year warranty
  • Titanium infused ceramic soleplate


  • Missing a steamer guide
  • Water tank a bit small


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Our Verdict

If you are still unsure to which steam iron will fit your need in making your ironing task a breeze, here are our top 3 Steam Irons that can help you narrow down your choices.

The Rowenta DG8520 is our favorite and best all-around steam iron that is manufactured for both novice and expert ironer. With the help of 1800 watts of power and all of its incredible features, like the eco Setting, anti-scale and anti-calc function, safety lock, plus 120 g/min steam output, you will agree that it isn’t one of the best steam irons for home use on the market.

The Hamilton Beach 19900 is the best value for money which comes in second place with its 1700 watts of ultimate power, its digital display, makes it easy for the user to calibrate the temperature settings. It also features a self-cleaning function, an anti-drip system, and a 3-way auto-shutoff. This model won’t break the bank.

The CHI 13102 is the most high-tech steam iron and will fit any décor seamlessly. Its durable soleplate will last year after years while the 8-feet long cord will give you the freedom to move around the ironing board.