Top 6: Best AICOK Clothes Steamer Reviews 2020

There are hundreds of clothes steamers on the market today so choosing one can become a tedious task especially when you don’t know what to look for, but we’ve done all the heavy lifting and come up with the Best AICOK Clothes Steamer Reviews for you to choose from.

Garment steamers and steam irons are both manufactured to get the wrinkles out of your clothes, but there are a few notable differences that you need to know.

Traditional Electric Irons: These steam irons are the most popular on the market and are mainly used for ironing out wrinkles from garments. You’ll typically need a large enough space to set up an ironing board to do your work, something that steamers don’t need. With garment steamers, you can’t always replicate the crisp, fresh-pressed look that irons are capable of. If you are into pleats and hard-line we recommend investing in a good quality steam iron.

Electric Steamers: Some ironers dismiss the idea of using garment steamers on clothes especially suits. They believe that the steam produced can damage fabrics in the long run. This can be compared to blowing smoke through curled hair drying it out over a certain period of time. With that said, household steamers still remain popular alternatives to irons for many reasons.

Steamers don’t need ironing boards and large spaces to operate. Garment steamers can be useful in small apartments, college dorms, and washing rooms. They are also much more efficient and faster to use on jobs like large linen drapes or tablecloths. Steamers will save you time, hanging garments up and steaming it is much easier and faster than having to drag the fabrics over an ironing board.

Steamers can go over delicate garments such as silk and satin without causing damage to the fabric. Since the hot plate doesn’t actually come in contact with the garments it also helps protect the shape of the garment. They will save you trips, time and money especially when you’ve made use of dry cleaners.


Handheld vs. standing steamers

Standing clothes steamers are larger and will take up more space than a handheld steamer. These types of floor standing steamers are more geared towards high-volume steaming. If you have a lot of things you need to be ironed at once, we recommend a standing garment steamer. These types of steamers are also great for larger families where lots of clothes need to be ironed or professional dry cleaners.

Handheld steamers can be excellent travel buddies when you need to iron out creases on the go. They can fit in handbags and suitcases and be brought along for the ride, so your clothes can get refreshed each time you need it ironed. Not only that, they’re convenient for in-home wrinkle erasing. They’re also a good idea to consider for touch-ups since you don’t have to pull out the ironing board. Compared to standing garment steamers, handheld travel steamers is much cheaper and more convenient to handle.


AICOK Clothes Steamer Reviews

  1. AICOK Clothes Steamer 1500W

Best AICOK Clothes Steamer Reviews

Best AICOK Clothes Steamer Reviews


Introducing the AICOK Clothes Steamer with 1500W of steam power to blast away stubborn creases like a hot knife through butter. This fast wrinkle killing machine will get you steaming in just 45 seconds and generate a maximum temperature of 200 Fahrenheit. Powerful, continuous steam penetrates deep into clothes while sanitizing and remove unwanted smells.

This Gold Standard AICOK Clothes Steamer with 1500W of steam power is manufactured from cast iron materials to withstand extreme heat. With a 68 OZ extra-large transparent water tank that provides you with 60 minutes of continuous steaming, there is no need to replenish the water frequently.

While the steam pipe is wrapped in heavy knit with an anti-hot design the steamer it is made of durable rods and ABS durable fireproof materials to prolong the lifespan of this unit. Safety is also a major factor, especially when working with hot steam and therefore AICOK has designed this steamer with an automatic shut-off when it gets too hot or whenever there is not enough water in the tank.



  • 1500W of steam power
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Manufactured from cast iron materials
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Built-in hanger with garment clips and a hanger hook
  • Full 2-year warranty



  • This machine is light and can move around easily
  • Steam burst is not effective enough


  1. AICOK Steam Iron 1200W Vertical and Horizontal Steamer

Best AICOK Handheld Clothes Steamer

Best AICOK Handheld Clothes Steamer


If you like traveling and need a handheld clothes steamer that can pack a punch then the AICOK Handheld Vertical and Horizontal Steamer will provide you with the necessary steam on your trip to flatten those stubborn wrinkles. This handheld wrinkle removes rocket is designed with Pulse Boost Technology while the unique dual plate design will heat up twice to prevent drip. This is a necessary precaution invented by the manufacturer.   The steamer is heated up twice which will result in a higher temperature steam output as well as even heat distribution from the soleplate.

This vertical and horizontal steamer from AICOK will work on all types of fabrics like silk, fiber, nylon, and wool and can even be used to sanitize toys, sofas, and hanging linen.

With 1200W 15S Preheat this 1200W Garment Steamer can produce half a meter powerful steam, removing wrinkle quickly like a rocket. Reduce the preheat time down to 15s, while other garment steamers need about 30 – 60seconds. The large capacity water tank produces up to 14 minutes of continuous steam.



  • Suitable and safe for all fabric types
  • Large capacity removable water tank
  • Iron vertically and horizontally
  • Lightweight and compact design for traveling purposes
  • 14 Minutes of continuous steam
  • Leak-free design



  • Can be time-consuming to get creases out of clothing


  1. AICOK Steamer for Clothes 950W

Best AICOK Handheld Travel Garment Steamer

Best AICOK Handheld Travel Garment Steamer Reviews


At number 3 on our list of Best AICOK Clothes Steamer Reviews, we have the 950W Handheld Garment Steamer for Travel. This compact steamer for clothes is powerful enough to take with you on the road but still delivers more than enough steam output to burst way the toughest wrinkles around your home. You can use the AICOK steamer with 950W on all sorts of fabric, bed sheets, and curtains. With the deep penetrating steam, you will be able to keep your garments fresher for longer, unlike traditional steam irons.

This AICOK Garment Steamer for Clothes will heat up within 40 seconds, and a total of 15 to 20 minutes of continuous steam to use on your wrinkled clothes. Saving your time!

To keep you safe from any kind of accident the AICOK Steamer for Clothes is designed with an automatic shut down feature. This system activates when the steamer gets too hot or there is not enough water in the water tank to keep the unit from overheating. The AICOK Portable Steamer is certified by UL and ETL, with North American safety standards.

This appliance will make a good gift for any family member, a friend who likes to travel or a student that lives in a dorm.



  • Portable and travel size garment steamer
  • Effective on all types of fabrics
  • 950W Power and preheats within 30 seconds.
  • Automatic shut-down system
  • 15 Minutes of continuous steam



  • N/A


  1. AICOK Steamer for Clothes 1000W Handheld Steamer

Best AICOK Travel Steamer 2020

Best AICOK Travel Steamer 2020


Whether you’re heading out for a business meeting or going to enjoy late-night dinner or a show in Montana, you want your clothes to look crisp and fresh. Don’t forget to pack your newly purchased AICOK Handheld Steamer for Clothes with 1000W of power. This light and portable steamer lets you quickly get the wrinkles out of your clothes so you can look neat and tidy for your job interview or first date out in town.

The AICOK Steamer can reach its maximum temperature in less than 15 seconds which is much faster than an ordinary steam iron.

The AICOK Garment Steamer uses a dual steam of up to 25 g / min to remove stubborn wrinkles and crease from garments and home textiles in a matter of minutes.  This device is manufactured with patented technology that quickly generates a powerful shot of steam to penetrate deep into the inner layers of clothing, removes wrinkles thoroughly and while getting rid of unwanted smells.

A flexible handle lets you get rid of hand fatigue when steaming for hours while the steamer gets the job done within record time. You can use the steamer in both a horizontal and vertical position. AICOK steamer adopts an ergonomic shape, elegant, smooth and streamlined appearance. It has a comfortable and lightweight feel. No matter how long you use it, you will not feel back pain.

Its compact body fits any suitcase or bag. The AICOK Steamer is the ideal travel companion.



  • Reach maximum temperature within 15 seconds
  • The AICOK Steamer comes with 2 settings. One for soft fabric and one for harder fabrics.
  • Safe and comfortable design.
  • Ergonomic handle and sleek design.
  • Full 2-year warranty



  • The water tank is a bit small.


  1. AICOK Elite Steamer for Clothes

Best AICOK Elite Clothes Steamer

Best AICOK Clothes Steamer


Aicok Elite Garment Steamer for Clothes is the perfect appliance for you to give your clothes a professional and fresh crease-free look. It takes only 45 seconds to produce maximum heat and produces high-temperature steam output for removal of creases.  The Elite Garment Steamer is manufactured from high-quality materials and equipped with the most advanced technology and ultimate accessories.

It has the ability to steam out wrinkles from sweaters, coats, suits, curtains, bedding’s and other types of fabric while having the functions of ironing and removing wrinkles and dust from sofas.

The larger the water tank capacity of a clothes steamer, the longer it will run for before it needs to be refilled. The AICOK Clothes Steamer 1500W heats up super fast within 45 seconds, while the removable 1.6L water tank makes 70 minutes of continuous steam possible.

This machine comes with a durable woven hose, fabric brush, steam head clip, and a deluxe foldable clothes hanger. The Matte black finish produces a high-class out-look, elegant and shining housing that will fit any interior. Easily adjust the height of the anti-corrosion aluminum rod for easy storage or extend for longer clothing.



  • High pressured steam levels
  • Heats up within 45 seconds
  • Large capacity water tank
  • 4 Level high adjustable rod
  • High-quality accessories
  • Easy to move around



  • N/A


  1. AICOK Steamer for Clothes with Garment Hanger

Best AICOK Steamer for Clothes

Best AICOK Steamer for Clothes


Last, on our list of Best AICOK Clothes Steamer Reviews is the Professional Full-Size Heavy Duty Garment Steamer from AICOK. This steamer heats up 30 seconds faster than most garment steamers. This unit provides 60 minutes of high pressured steam to blast away wrinkles and creases. This high pressured steamer works flawlessly on bedsheets, clothing, suits, linen, and sofas.

Cleaning and maintaining this household steamer is easy. You just need to remove the plug on the side of the unit rinse it off with clean water and you are set for the next load. This will ensure that there is no unnecessary build-up of limescale.

This AICOK Clothes Steamer with Hanger is designed with a black matte finish, sleek and robust housing with wheels for easy maneuverability.  The professional garment steamer is also made of durable rods and ABS durable fireproof materials that ensure the quality and longevity of the vertical heavy-duty steamer.

This unit comes fully equipped with high-quality accessories. These accessories include a woven hose, deluxe clothes hangar, and fabric brush to make steaming a breeze.



  • 60 Minutes of high pressured steaming
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 30 Seconds faster than other steamers
  • Large transparent water tank
  • Auto-off shut down function
  • Sleek design with matte black finish



  • Works only vertically


Final Verdict

Investing in the best garment steamer is without any doubt the best decision that you can ever make. So make sure that you buy the one that will fulfill your every need in clothes steaming. Whether you’re like to travel or don’t want to get to a meeting with wrinkled clothes this post of the Best AICOK Clothes Steamer Reviews also covers some of the Best Handheld Travel Steam Irons. Always compare the features, pro’s and con’s prices and read the reviews to assure that you choose a garment steamer that fits the bill.