Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron
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Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron Review

Ironing doesn’t always top the list of favorite tasks. While it won’t suddenly make you love ironing, utilizing a high-quality iron can make the job a little less tedious and perhaps even a little bit swifter. We’ve reviewed the Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron which is one of the best steam irons on the market to assist you in making your ironing task a breeze.

Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron
Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron

Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watts Steam Iron Overview


  • Microsteam 400 HD soleplate
  • Water tank window
  • Integrated anti-scale system
  • High-precision metal tip
  • 3-way automatic safety shut-off


Microsteam 400 HD soleplate

The new Microsteam 400 HD soleplate provides the best steam distribution on the market for swift and excellent ironing results. You get powerful results with the 1725 watts.

Microsteam 400 HD soleplate

Not everyone will find it convenient to utilize although it has high steam volume for the toughest of wrinkles.

Its steam pressure can also be varied to enable flexibility while working on different kinds of fabric.

The Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover can also be purchased with the steam iron for excellent results.


Water tank window

The Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watts Steam Iron has an 11 Oz. water tank with a water-level viewing window for checking levels at a glance.

large water tank

It works with tap water (no need for distilled), has an anti-drip system for no drips, even at low heat.

Its back end is smooth and rounded for purposes of having a seamless forth and back ironing experience. The steam output can be effortlessly adjusted to match the soleplate temperatures for the most ideal results.


Integrated anti-scale system

The integrated anti-scale system prohibits scale from aggregating into the iron, while the anti-scale setting maintains steam performance and ironing results over time. The excellent and rapid steam distribution of this iron makes ironing a very easy task.

Its anti-drip technique gets rid of the possibility of water dripping even when the iron is subjected to low heat. It also features anti-calcium properties that enable it to use any kind of water.

Being that the iron is anti-calcium, it is capable of utilizing any type of water without the possibility corrosion.


High-precision metal tip

The corded steam iron has a high-precision metal tip for easy access to difficult areas like narrow edges, seams, collars, and around buttons.

precision tip

Since its high-precision tip allows it to maneuver across hard-to-reach places the ergonomic handle minimizes on the possibility of you becoming fatigued in the process of ironing.

The holes are perfectly distributed for efficient water penetration and this result in the best iron ever.


3-way automatic safety shut-off

Like the Rowenta Focus Xcel DW5260 the Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watts Steam Iron also features a 3-way automatic safety shut-off for safety. The iron automatically shuts off if kept on the soleplate for 30 seconds. If kept vertically it shuts off in 8 minutes and if tipped, it shuts down in 30 seconds.

Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watts Steam Iron

This minimizes cases of accidents by a great percentage and its steam system is also automated while the thermostat knob is well-labeled and is simple to read.



  • 1725 Watts of power
  • Water-level viewing window
  • Anti-scale setting
  • Variable steam


  • May experience leaking


Conclusion for Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron Review

Investing in a good Rowenta iron can definitely be worth it. Quality irons, like those that Rowenta creates, produce quality results. All Rowenta irons provide excellent ironing results, but the one we found to be the best on the market is certainly the Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watts Steam Iron.

Consider your budget as well as the performance you require in your steam iron, and you’ll be poised to purchase your new iron.

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