Best Rowenta Irons for 2022

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Best Rowenta Irons – Introduction

Trying to look one’s best isn’t all about eating your salads, especially when the first thing a person ganders at will be your appearance. There are heaps of ways to improve one’s style, but one thing you need to look like is wrinkle-free.

To have that ironed-out and dependable look, you’ll need to have an equally reliable steam iron to do the job. One option known for its innovative and high-performance products is Rowenta.

Rowenta offers a wide range of well-rated irons that have become among the top-selling options on Amazon. The brand is well-established and is known for its history of excellence and innovation. Rowenta irons feature top-notch performance, sleek designs, user-friendliness, and cutting-edge applicability. This is why it’s considered a customer favourite and a reliable steam iron choice.

In this article, we review some of the best Rowenta iron products.

Best Rowenta Irons Comparison Chart

ModelProduct imageSteam rate (gram/min)Soleplate materialSoleplate holesWater tank size (ounces)Water typeWeight (pounds)Wattage (watts)Calc cleaningAuto shut-offOther safety featuresWarrantyCord typePrice
Rowenta Focus Excel DW5280 135Stainless steel40011Any0.6817251-year limited warrantyCorded$
View Price Here
Rowenta Pro Master Steam Iron DW8080 150Stainless steel40012.7Any3.517001-year limited warrantyCorded$
View Price Here
Rowenta Compact Steam Iron DA1560 NAStainless steel2002.4Any1.51000- Dual voltage
- Vertical steam
- Storage bag
1-year limited warrantyCorded$
View Price Here
Rowenta Access Steam Cordreel Iron DW2459 180Stainless steel3508.5Any3.781725- Retractable cord
- Anti-drip
1-year limited warrantyRetractable cord$
View Price Here
Rowenta Everlast Anticalc Steam Iron DW7180 60Stainless steel40011.8Any41750- Removable Calcium cartridge
- Anti-drip
- Maneuverable 8-feet cord
1-year limited warrantyCorded$
View Price Here
Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6080 180Stainless steel40010Any3.461700- Eco-mode (25% less energy)1-year limited warrantyCorded$
View Price Here
Rowenta Focus Iron DW5080 100Stainless steel40010Any3.417001-year limited warrantyCorded$
View Price Here
Rowenta Perfect Steam Pro Steam Station DG8624U1 80 - continuous
430 - burst
Stainless steel laser40037Any14.021800- Safety lock1-year limited warrantyCorded$
View Price Here

The 8 Best Rowenta Irons for 2022 Reviewed

Rowenta steam irons have numerous options that offer excellent quality and the best usability. However, finding the right one can be tricky, so we’re highlighting the things you need to know before you can go and give it a burl. 

Rowenta Focus Excel DW5280

Rowenta Focus Excel DW5280

The Rowenta Focus Excel DW5280 represents Rowenta’s dedication to quality and long-lasting performance that’s perfect for every home. Its Micro steam 400 HD soleplate has the best steam distribution on the market, providing quick and remarkable ironing results. It has an 11-ounce water tank with a viewing window for easy glance water-level checking. 

It works with tap water, with an anti-drip system that functions remarkably even at low heat. The integrated anti-scale system maintains steam performance, providing great ironing results even over time while assuring long-lasting, practical use. The Focus Excel also features a 3-way automatic safety shut-off for added safety. The Rowenta Focus Excel is also always given high marks from customer feedback, providing the ability of precision ironing with flawless results regardless of the fabric. 

  • 1725 Watts of power
  • Optimal steam distribution with Micro steam 400 HD Soleplate
  • Water-level viewing window
  • Anti-scale setting
  • May experience leaking

Rowenta Pro Master Steam Iron DW8080

Rowenta Pro Master Steam Iron DW8080

The Rowenta Pro Master Steam Iron provides professional quality results with its high overall performance. It features Rowenta’s patented Micro steam system with over 400 steam holes for excellent steam distribution that provides efficient effects. Many find this model to be one of the most effective irons in the market and is one of Rowenta’s best-selling models under $100.

In addition, the Pro Master is designed to make ironing easy, with its ergonomic handle, 7-foot cord allowing 360-degree manoeuvrability, on-demand burst-of-steam, capable of vertical steaming for hanging garments. If getting more worth for the value you’re paying for is your marker, then the Rowenta DW 8080 should be your practical choice. 

  • Heats up quickly
  • Works even without the steamer
  • Comes with a long cord for moveability
  • Vertical ironing
  • Does not catch on fabric
  • May experience leaking
  • Difficult to monitor the water level

Rowenta Compact Steam Iron DA1560

Rowenta Compact Steam Iron DA1560

The most compact travel iron, Rowenta Compact Steam iron, is the perfect travel companion. It has dual voltage, 120-volt, and 240-volt, for international use and has a compact design with a foldable handle, making it ideal for travel. Despite being a compact steam iron designed for travel, the Rowenta DA1560 still offers all the features of a reliable full-size iron. 

This is a favorite unit for crafters who need a more compact and lightweight iron that still provides precision and control. It may not be the cheapest unit for traveling irons, but the reliability it provides is unparalleled. It’s a steam iron that delivers efficiency and precision, that provides needed results wherever you need them.

  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Even steam output
  • Eye-catching design
  • Lacks an automatic shut-off feature
  • Water tank capacity of 2 ounces is too little

Rowenta Access Steam Cordreel Iron DW2459

Rowenta Access Steam Cordreel Iron DW2459

The perfect solution for all your garment care needs, the Access Steam Cordreel Iron DW2459 has powerful steam and convenient features that make ironing easy every day. It features a retractable cord reel for ease of use and storage, allowing the cord length to be adjusted as needed so it stays out of the way.  

The Access Steam Cordreel Iron has a three-setting thermostat knob for fabric-based selection, with variable steam options that deliver a premium press every time. Its ergonomic design also features a built-in thumb rest that makes this iron an absolute pleasure to use.

  • Super smooth soleplate
  • Retractable cord
  • It has a nice weight to it
  • Works great on canvas and linen
  • Steady stream output
  • Difficult to monitor water levels
  • Spray buttons can get stuck

Rowenta Everlast Anticalc Steam Iron DW7180

Rowenta Everlast Anticalc Steam Iron DW7180

If you need an iron that lasts, then the Everlast Anticalc Steam Iron is all you need. Introducing a patented technology from Rowenta, the Everlast Anticalc Steam Iron provides unrivalled protection from hard water limescale and insoluble mineral deposits. 

In addition, the iron is equipped with a removable scale collector that allows you to maintain a high level of steam performance easily. Customers are impressed with how easy it is to regulate the steam with the DW7180, which helps save time and increases efficiency. The weight of the iron is also great in helping press down onto the fabric to easily remove wrinkles. 

This system complements the self-clean feature that flushes small calcium particles through the soleplate’s tiny holes, maintaining the effectiveness of the Everlast time after time. 

  • Easy to remove scale with collector
  • Large water tank
  • Glides smoothly
  • Great steam output
  • Not cheap
  • Possible leaks
  • Uneven soleplate temperature

Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6080

Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6080

The first eco-intelligence iron in North America, the Eco-Intelligence iron is 25% more energy efficient than most standard irons while delivering the same high performance you can expect from a Rowenta. In addition, its unique 3De soleplate concentrates the steam output and reduces the loss of steam, reducing the energy consumed. The Rowenta DW6080 is different from the typical steam irons in the market because of its energy-saving feature. 

The optimization of this iron steam allows the same ironing results, with far less steam usage. The iron itself looks modern and sleek, with its green-colored design matched with graphics. It’s an impressive energy-saving iron that not only looks cool but can also get your clothes to be wrinkle-free. 

  • 100% Efficiency
  • Great controls and functionality
  • Comfortable soft-grip handle
  • Three manual steam settings (dry, boost and eco)
  • High-end pricing

Rowenta Focus Iron DW5080

Rowenta Focus Iron DW5080

The Rowenta Focus Steam Iron is a top-of-the-line iron that makes wrinkle removal easy. With its thorough steam distribution and time-saving efficiency, the task of ironing becomes more enjoyable and less of a chore. In addition, its sharp-pointed nose makes good ironing more precise, allowing no flaw left unpressed. 

The DW5080 is known for its superior glide and excellent steam output, which can quickly eradicate even the most extreme wrinkles, regardless of the garment. It’s also a perfect model for quilting and sewing projects that require flawless smooth fabric and precision ironing and can provide plenty of ease with its top-of-the-line performance. 

  • Ease of use
  • Precision tip
  • Big water tank
  • Extra-long cord
  • Sturdy build
  • Heavier than the average iron
  • Reports of leaking
  • Slightly more expensive

Rowenta Perfect Steam Pro Steam Station DG8624U1

Rowenta Perfect Steam Pro Steam Station DG8624U1

Designed for fast and perfect garment care results, the Perfect Steam Pro Steam Station can offer professional technology that can save up to 35% on your ironing time. In addition, it has perfect steam distribution and unmatched glide-ability, resulting in less fatigue even for longer ironing or crafting sessions. 

The Perfect Steam Pro has 7.4 bars of high-pressure steam power, delivering wrinkle-free results in significantly less time than a traditional iron. It also has a burst of steam at up to 430 gram/minute on command for tougher wrinkles. This steam station is a reliable tool for large families and for professional servicing, offering ironing time efficiency and high-steam pressure power. 

  • Heavy-duty build
  • Excellent and precise distribution of steam output
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to refill the removable water tank
  • Incorporated safety features
  • May experience leaking
  • Limited instructions

Steam Iron Buying Guide

With so many options out on the market, it’s essential to pick an iron that offers reliable features that you can take full advantage of. Rowenta provides true blue products that make it easy for you to choose which one to buy. Here are essential factors you need to consider.

Steam Production

The amount of steam that steam irons may vary, so we reckon it’s better to consider the product’s steam setting. The more steam an iron produces, the less work it requires to eliminate those wrinkles. Some options include vertical steam, variable steam knobs, steam burst for hard-to-remove wrinkles, and automatic steam that adjusts to the temperature of a soleplate.


Rowenta offers professional results at a modest price, which may be a little higher than the average store-bought iron, but for good reason. Rowenta irons are well-made and reliable while prioritising comfortable use.


One of the most critical features of an iron is its soleplate. Stainless steel, which is the most common and efficient, is what Rowenta irons use. It’s also helpful to check how many steam holes are on the soleplate, which controls how evenly the steam gets distributed.

Water Tank Size and Water Type

When shopping for a new iron, always look at the water capacity of its tank. Water capacities usually vary between 8 to 12 ounces. The bigger the tank, the less often you’ll need to refill it.

Rowenta irons have translucent and removable water tanks, making it easy to monitor water levels to refill when needed.


Picking out how heavy an iron is depends on personal preference. A lighter iron may be easier to maneuver but might need extra down pressure, which can be tiresome. Heavier irons might also lead to arm and shoulder soreness from all the picking up and putting down. Choose one between 3 and 4 pounds, the ideal weight for a steam iron.

Heat Settings

Ironing a range of different fabrics requires different temperature settings that you can control to protect the fabric. Rowenta irons provide visible and easy-to-change temperature settings that are quick and efficient. It also offers its integrated steam and heat dial. This assures that steam is automatically disabled when used at lower heat settings to prevent accidental drips.

Wattage / Energy Savings

Modern appliances need to have energy-saving features that highlight efficiency and provide savings. Rowenta irons are designed with energy savings in mind. Rowenta products offer up to 25% more energy efficiency than other irons while delivering better quality and performance.

Calc Cleaning System

Hard water, which is water high in minerals, causes build-ups around the heating elements of your iron. Scaling is one of the main reasons why some irons leak and could eventually break down entirely. Rowenta uses an anti-scale system in their design to easily be cleaned and stay more durable for use.

Auto Shut-Off

Safety is an essential standard for modern irons. Most Rowenta irons have an automatic shut-off feature if it’s left unattended. When left in a horizontal position, the iron shuts off after 30 seconds. This feature initiates after 8 minutes when the iron is sitting upright in a vertical position. By simply ironing again, the auto shut-off feature is deactivated.

Other Safety Features

Aside from the auto-shutoff feature, Rowenta irons are made to be durable and long-lasting. It commonly holds a 10-ounce tank filled with accessible tap water, an anti-calcium system, and a self-cleaning function.


There is a one-year, limited warranty on Rowenta products. The company also provides plenty of customer care and support to repair faulty irons instead of replacing them. In addition, they provide responsive feedback through their website’s support page.

Cord vs Cordless

For ultimate mobility and convenience, some irons are cordless. They rest on a base while charging, so you can use them without cord restrictions.

Final thoughts on the top 8 Rowenta Steam Irons for 2022

Choosing a steam iron is so much more than getting the job done. Picking the right one can mean having a reliable tool that can elevate your personal style for many years to come. Investing in a good Rowenta iron can indeed be worth it, opting for dependable quality from one of the industry’s finest. With this laydown of all the features, along with the pros and cons, you can surely pick the most suitable Rowenta steam iron that’s perfect for you. 

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