Honey-Can-Do Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board Review
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Honey-Can-Do Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board Review

The Honey-Can-Do Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board could be one of the best ironing board for college dorm rooms because let’s face it, no college student actually wants an iron, let alone an ironing board.

But on the occasion when you have a date or interview and don’t want to look like you picked garments from the middle of your laundry pile, we get that you’ll do the grown-up thing and make an exception.

Honey-Can-Do Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board
Honey-Can-Do Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board

Best Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board Overview


  • Compact, portable ironing board
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Cotton cloth cover
  • Folding ironing board


Compact, portable ironing board

You remember the last time you actually owned a Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board like this. The year was 1997 and you were sitting on the floor of your college dorm room surrounded by candles and drinking instant coffee out of a giant blue mug.

Now it’s 2020 and while the mugs are now smaller, this ironing board has stayed exactly the same size. It has a retractable steam iron rest which we love because it frees up the board space for ironing alone.

And of course, if you’re working on a table or countertop, you could place your iron there too.


Folds flat for easy storage

It’s still as compact and effortless to store, but instead of ironing your flannels, you’re pressing your kids’ clothes on the kitchen countertop while they ask you what’s for lunch.

No, you’re not building a mystery—you’re finding a convenient way to iron garments swiftly.

Honey-Can-Do Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board

To guarantee you can iron with the greatest comfort; the board allows you to have the best results utilizing the material it is made of which is wood and cloth, giving you a vast area for ironing your clothes at all times.

The Utopia Home Steam Iron is also a great purchase with this ironing board.


Cotton cloth cover

It features a white and blue striped cotton cover and the board comes fully assembled, ready to handle the heat.

Usually, a wooden board would be a disadvantage, but, in this case, it adds some required weight and stability to the board.

A wooden board will absorb moisture if utilized too often, but if you’re using this board once a week or less, it should certainly last you years.


Folding ironing board

This compact tabletop ironing board meets all of your requirements and at an incredible value. The legs fold flat for simple storage under a bed, in a closet or any number of places.

It’s effortlessly transportable to take on the road when traveling and this unit comes complete with pad and cover.

Intended to permit a progressively broad work surface when ironing, the Honey-Can-Do ironing board means to make ironing an increasingly charming task and can be used with most standard irons.

Pros & Cons

  • White powder-coat finish
  • Comes with a pad and cover
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Easily transportable
  • Wood may flake off when removing tape from board



It is not that perfect for large ironing needs because the smaller work surface would mean a lot of repositioning of clothes and this would make the task painfully drawn out.

If you iron a small load of washing every week or two or maybe one or two items here and there, then yes, the Honey-Can-Do Wooden Tabletop Ironing Board is all you need.

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