CHI Steam Collapsible Hanging Garment Steamer
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CHI Steam Collapsible Hanging Garment Steamer Review

Garment steamers, also known as clothes steamers, are appliances that, by utilizing hot steam, efficiently remove wrinkles from clothing and fabric swifter than traditional irons. The CHI Steam Collapsible Hanging Garment Steamer is manufcatured to steam out wrinkles from clothes by hanging it inside the unit.

This type of steamer is different from the full size garment steamers that can also get rid of odors; sterilize furniture, tables, and other surfaces.

So, if you’re searching for a budget-friendly steamer that offers longer steaming times, the CHI Steam Collapsible Hanging Garment Steamer is an excellent choice.

CHI Steam Collapsible Hanging Garment Steamer

CHI Garment Steamer for Clothes Overview


  • Powerful steam
  • One button operation
  • Easy to access water cup
  • Built-in hook


Powerful steam

The CHI Easy Steam is definitely a de-wrinkling game changer. It smoothes your garments with powerful steam, and the best part is, you barely have to lift a finger.

That’s because this innovative steamer gets rid of the work of a traditional handheld garment steamer– no more standing over your fabrics, searching for that perfect angle or wondering if you missed a spot.

This garment steamer will sanitize and refresh your clothes as it steams offering you an unrivaled experience on a wide variety of fabrics.


One button operation

Designed for power and comfort, this CHI Steam Collapsible Hanging Garment Steamer has several features that will make it handy to just about everyone.

one button operation with power light

The magic all happens in the breathable, fabric garment bag so you can simply hang it from a convenient spot such as the back of a door, a shower rod or the closet.

Put the finishing touches on your hair, make your morning coffee or finish folding the laundry, all while your garments is evenly steaming.

It diminishes the work of a traditional hand-held, and most garments steam in less than two minutes, but do not add water directly to reservoir holder.


Easy to access water cup

You can utilize the included hook to hang your Easy Steam anywhere in your house – such as the back of a door, a shower rod or closet.

CHI Steam Collapsible Hanging Garment Steamer for Clothes & Fabric

Then fill-up the effortless to access water cup, located in the base of the bag. Next, place one item on the built-in hook and zip up the bag to begin steaming.

The lightweight garment steamer has a user-friendly design with a built-in hanger and adjustable clips so that you can effortlessly hang your clothes for ironing. You can simply move the portable steamer around your home to use wherever you require it.


Built-in hook

With one tap of the button, the steaming officially begins and most garments can be steamed in less than two minutes. The garment bag collapses with a hook and loop strap for simple closet storage.

built in hook

Keeping the steamer in top condition is as simple as leaving the bag unzipped to air dry and before storing, empty the reservoir completely and enable it to fully dry.

All of these great features come together to create a unit that’s safe, powerful and reliable enough for all of your garment steaming without a iron board.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy-to-fill water reservoir
  • Hangs easily on any hook
  • Collapses for compact storage
  • Limited 2 year warranty
  • May not work well with thicker fabrics



If you are looking for some efficient way to keep your garments in excellent and ready-to-go condition and want something that can save you both time and energy, then the CHI Steam Collapsible Hanging Garment Steamer is a perfect item that matches your requirements.

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