CHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord, Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate & Over 400 Steam Holes, Professional-Grade, Gray (13109) Review
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CHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord Reviews


When getting ready for office in the morning or going out for an important event in the evening, you wouldn’t like to wear a wrinkly dress or shirt. We all want straightened clothes to wear. The best solution to wrinkled clothes is a steam iron. And this is why we introduce to you the CHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord (13109).


Steam irons have become quite popular these days. They are designed to remove wrinkles even from the most stubborn fabrics. There are a wide variety of steam irons available in the market. But the best option would be to choose a retractable cord iron. One of the best-selling products is CHI 13109 Steam Retractable Cord Iron. This particular model is loaded with all the features that you would want in your steam iron.

If you are planning to buy a new steam iron, you should go through the text below. We have reviewed this steam iron for you. After going through the details, you can decide whether you should buy it or not.

CHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord (13109) ReviewsCHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

CHI 13109 Steam Retractable Cord Iron Overview

CHI 13109 Retractable Cord Iron is the perfect blend of power and performance. It is designed to give you precise temperature and powerful steam for the best results. For anyone who is looking forward to buying a steam retractable cord iron within this price range can opt for this product.


Whether pressing your suit or straitening your smooth silk sari, you can use this steam iron to remove every bit of wrinkle from your clothes. This steam iron is equipped with all the features you need. This is why it is preferred so much by the buyers. People who have already used the product seems to be quite content with it and have also rated it 4 stars.


This steam iron is designed to give you high-performance at home. In other words, you can press your clothes like a pro right at home. It is equipped with a titanium-infused ceramic soleplate which is common to other popular CHI irons. It is also made durable to withstand scratches. If you want a long-lasting option then this could be your option. The iron also heats up quickly and gives you an extra-smooth glide.


It is equipped with a CHI Flat Iron Technology to deliver you the best. along with that it also comes with an 8-inch retractable cord which allows for convenient use. The steam iron is designed with more than 400 steam holes to deliver superior performance. Also, it has a unique adjustable steam control. With all these features, this steam iron happens to be one of the best on the market. Before you decide to invest your money, you should go through the details of its features once.



CHI 13109 Retractable Steam Cord Iron is loaded with tons of advanced features. It is built to last long and give you the best performance that you are looking for.


  • Retractable cord

The CHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord (13109) is equipped with a cord which makes it easier for you to store the iron after use. This will also make it easier for you to carry it along with you wherever you go. The length of the retractable cord is 8 feet which serves as a big advantage. With the 8 inches retractable cord you don’t have to always stick to the electrical socket while using the iron.


  • Titanium infused ceramic soleplate

Titanium infused ceramic soleplate is what makes this steam iron chi steam iron with infused ceramic soleplatemore durable and long-lasting. Titanium is known to provide more durability to the soleplate. Not just that but titanium is also strong enough to withstand wear and tear. This steam iron doesn’t need much maintenance.



  • Unique temperature control setting

The steam iron is equipped with a fabric-based temperature control dial which allows you to easily control the temperature while using it. All you need to do is just select the dial based on the type of fabric you are ironing. This means you don’t have to choose the temperature precisely.


  • 400 steam holes

This is one of the steam irons that is designed with 400 steam holes. Having more steam holes means it will spread the steam over a larger area. This will allow you to cover a large part of the fabric in a single glide. The number of steam holes in this model is far greater than any other model in the market. This is one of the main reasons why this model is so popular on the market. This also makes the iron more efficiently.


  • Excellent grip

If you are going to use the iron for longer hours, you need to make sure that it gives you a good and comfortable grip. In this case, this steam iron offers you with a textured grip. This allows you to use the iron and hold it for longer periods without any issues. The textured grip also prevents the iron from slipping from your hands.



  • 400 steam holes.
  • titanium infused ceramic soleplate
  • Durable.
  • Easy steam control settings
  • Great grip
  • Retractable cord.



  • Poor customer support
  • Steam generated is uneven


Final Verdict for CHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord Reviews

From the above discussion, we get to know that CHI Steam Iron with Retractable Cord (13109) is a powerful and durable product. It is designed to give you high performance. With its solid contrition and titanium infused ceramic soleplate, it is made one of the most durable options on the market. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this steam iron is superior in all the required departments.

If you are looking for an efficient model then you should consider opting for this model. This is a versatile steam iron that comes with a retractable cord and a good grip to make you feel comfortable while using it. It is designed to be used for longer hours. With high-quality construction, the iron is made strong enough to withstand all wear and tear. This is the best you can get within this budget.

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