Sunbeam Steam master Steam Iron 2020 review
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Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron 2020 Review

Clothes are something that requires a good amount of care. If you want to keep a set of clothes maintained for a longer period, then you need to take very good care of them. The process starts by washing a particular cloth to ironing it. It needs to be maintained at every single step. Especially the ironing part. Any kind of cloth, if it is ironed well, looks very presentable and nice on the body of the person who wears it. That is the reason why a good quality iron is very much needed to keep your clothes in good shape and condition. One of the irons which are very well suited for the maintenance of clothes is the Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron | 1400 Watt Large Anti-Drip Nonstick Stainless Steel Iron with Steam Control and Retractable Cord.

Coming from the house of Sunbeam, the Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron | 1400 Watt Large Anti-Drip Nonstick Stainless Steel Iron with Steam Control and Retractable Cord is a very useful device to have. Sunbeam is a very trusted name in the field and it promises to provide its customers and their family members, warmth. The brand, Sunbeam is a popular and dependable name. If quality, as well as value, is what you are looking for then this is the brand that you should go for and it won’t disappoint you a single time. Sunbeam promises to be into your everyday moments in life.

The wrinkle blasting power of this iron will solve many of your clothes problems. It makes wrinkles disappear quickly with its fourteen hundred watts of pressing power along with the variable steam control.

Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron ReviewSunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron Review

Features of Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron

This iron by Sunbeam has got some amazing features. Here, we will tell you about these features along with details

  • The shot of the steam feature

With the additional shot of the steam button, you can activate the additional steam power. Some particular wrinkles are very tough to remove. For such tough wrinkles, there is the dual spray must feature which helps in dampening the fabric with an additional amount of water mist. Once you press this button, the powerful force of steam will in an instant smooth away the deep wrinkles of a fabric.


  • Vertical shot of the steam feature

There is always a big problem if freshening up of hanging garments. This is a very easy solution to freshening up of hanging garments, drapery or upholstery, the vertical shot of steam feature throws a shot of steam in an upward position. This makes work very continent around the house or in place of a garment steamer. The need to set up an ironing board vanishes especially when all you need is a quick touch up.


  • Variable steam feature

There are many situations while ironing a particular cloth that where you get an extra amount of steam where a less amount of steam is needed or you get a little amount of steam where a large amount of steam is needed. Just to serve this purpose there is a variable steam lever in this iron by using which you can very easily set the amount of steam that you desire.

Sunbeam Steam master Steam Iron 2020 review
This lets the iron emit the perfect amount of steam that is required for a particular kind of wrinkle. This usually happens because the amount of steam that is needed iron garments effectively differs from fabric to fabric. In addition to this, you get one more amazing feature in this iron. You get the Dry or steam mode selector. This enables ironing without steam for a certain kind of materials for example wool.


  • No leaks and no mess

You get no leaks as well as no mess which makes the process of ironing a very easier and pleasant experience. In addition to this for your peace of mind, you get three-way motion smart technology, which helps in shutting off the iron when it is left unattended or when it is kept in the wrong position.

The prime fear that people have with irons is that it might create a fire or burn something if left unattended or kept in an unsuitable position. The iron will shut off after thirty seconds of not doing any activity, while kept in a horizontal position when accidentally tipped over its side. When kept in a vertical position it shuts off after fifteen minutes of inactivity.


  • The eight-foot Retractable cord

With irons having long cords there is always a problem of rolling the cord back in place after use but with this iron, there is no such problem. In this iron, the cord is stored very easily and managed very easily. Once you press the retract button the cord gets retracted conveniently into its storage compartment without any extra efforts.


  • Stainless Steel soleplate which glides very easily

The soleplate of this iron is designed very smoothly. Made completely of stainless steel, the soleplate comes with macro-sized steam holes which help in the delivery of wrinkle removing steam. The tip of this iron is pointed especially for ironing pleats, around the buttons as well as for a more detailed pressing.



  • It has a warranty of three years
  • It has a large stainless steel nonstick soleplate
  • It has a large water tank.
  • It has an anti-drip system that prevents water leakage at any particular temperature setting.
  • It has a shot of steam feature for an extra burst of steam for hanging clothes.
  • It has a three-way smart auto-off for safety as well as your peace of mind.
  • It has a self-clean system that keeps it free of mineral deposits.



  • The soleplate is not completely nonstick.
  • Sometimes stains clothes with rust dust.


Final verdict

This is a great product from the house of Sunbeam. It has got a lot of amazing features that make this iron highly versatile and useful. It is very easy and convenient to use and also has some amazing safety features.  If you’re looking for an iron that is versatile, safe as well as convenient to use then ignoring the minor setbacks you can go for Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron with 1400 watt of power from the house of Sunbeam.

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