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Best Flat Iron for Hair with Steam Review

Hair straighteners have been around for a long time, but as the fashion in long, sleek hair has become more popular, the use of pro flat irons has definitely increased. It is crucial to own a Best Flat Iron for Hair with Steam and to have straight, smooth, sleek, and awesome looking tresses at your convenience.

So, are you considering a titanium flat iron? Excellent choice. Now you just need to choose which one, and as always, we have the perfect selection just for you. As there are so many choices on the market, we know this can be fairly overwhelming. That’s why we have scoured the market and came across the Ovonni Nano Titanium Hair Straightener which is essentially the best flat iron for hair with steam.

The two main types of flat irons people opt for are ceramic and titanium, and both are suitable for all hair types — it just comes down to personal preference.

However titanium plates are more durable, but also heat up faster, which means you need to be more cautious about your temperature settings and how long you’re apply the plates to your hair.

Overview of the Ovonni Nano Titanium Hair Straightener with LCD

Best Flat Iron for Hair with Steam Review
Best Flat Iron for Hair with Steam



  • 360 Degrees Swivel Power Cord
  • Safety Lock Design
  • Nano Titanium Plates
  • Instant Heat Up
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Floating Plates


360 Degrees Swivel Power Cord

The dual voltage Titanium straightener power cord is 2.5m with 360° tangle-free swivel, and it’s long enough and convenient for either home or salon use. The hanging cord design is created for hanging on the wall.


Safety Lock Design                                                                 

When making use of flat irons that offer high levels of heat, there should be safety features in place. Well this appliance features a convenient safety lock and it is easier for storage and travel carry. Simply hold the handle of the device, push the button and the hair straightening iron will be locked, saving more space for you.

Ovonni Nano Titanium Hair Straightener Smart Wide Plate Flat Iron with LCD Screen

The Nano Ceramic flat iron has an auto shut-off function for safety use and saving energy. It also consists of a dual voltage 100-240V for worldwide use and international travel.


Nano Titanium Plates

The salon grade wide plates prevent your hair from heat damage so you can keep your hair shiny and silk smooth. The 3D floating technology brings zero pulling & smooth glide.

The Ovonni Smart Titanium hair straightener also heats up much more rapidly and evenly than Ceramic & Tourmaline plates. The Ovonni can conduct heat as well as maintain controlled heat settings.


Instant Heat Up

Professional MCH technology makes the Nano Titanium silver flat Ovonni heating platesiron instantly heat up in 18 seconds and recover in 3 seconds, so you can straighten your hair swiftly and perfectly and it will last all day.

The adjustable temperature 120°F-450°F is suitable for all hair types, and it will leave your hair looking polished and healthy after you find the proper heat for your hair.


Touch Control Panel

The smart control panel will automatically lock in 3 seconds and you can slide down to unlock. The LCD screen display the temperature changes and the screen color will change from blue to white when flat iron is heating up.


Floating Plates

The floating plates also enable smooth straightening without snagging which can help avoid split ends and damage. The 1 inch plates mean you have a lot of control when styling to create poker straight hair, beachy waves, or styled flips.



  • heat up rapidly in 18 seconds
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • auto shut off after 60 minutes
  • Dual voltage 100-240V
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Fashion Touch Buttons


  • On/off button and temperature control may be in a bad spot for some



Curly, thin or thick hair is very beautiful, but then again, sometimes you may want to turn them to gorgeous, straighten tresses with a silky, smooth texture.

With the right preparation and appropriate tools and methods, you can also change your hair into bone straight, flowy locks. We have discussed in great length about how you can straighten your with the best flat iron for better hair and make them last for hours.

It’s always essential to remember that there are many advantages and disadvantages of hair straightening. Ultimately heat damage is a very real possibility even if you’re utilizing one of the best flat irons with countless safety features.

When it comes to the Best flat irons these models comes in a wide range of adjustable temperatures and works great with all hair types, we definitely recommend the Ovonni Nano Titanium Hair Strengtener with LCD. This flat iron can be utilized to create a perfectly straight look or to mimic a voluminous blow-out with its ability to flip the hair.

With the best flat irons for hair with steam being more than a necessity these days, I hope that this post have covered the breadth and the width of this particular flat iron on the market today. To ease your decision, if you have thick coarse and stubborn hair and have enough budget you should certainly purchase the Ovonni Smart Titanium flat iron.

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