Black and Decker Quickpress Iron Review
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Black and Decker Quickpress Steam Iron Review

Even though the days when people spent hours ironing their clothes and bed linens are gone, everyone requires a high-quality iron in their home for wrinkle-free fabrics. If you have to wear carefully pressed clothes to work or simply like your bed linen to be free from creases, but don’t have the time to leave everything at the dry cleaners, a cheap but quality iron like the Black and Decker Quickpress Steam Iron is just the type of appliance you require.


In our search for the best Black & Decker iron on the market, we looked at some of the most essential features that anyone should consider when shopping for a new appliance of this kind.

We looked at power, controls, water tank capacity, the quality of the soleplate, as well as weight and warranty. Moreover, we searched for a model that offers good value for money like the Black & Decker F976 Quickpress Steam Iron.

Black and Decker Quickpress Steam Iron Review

Black & Decker F976 Quickpress Iron

Black & Decker F976 Quickpress Steam Iron Overview


  • Smart steam technology
  • 3-way automatic shutoff
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • 360 degree pivoting cord
  • Translucent water tank


Smart steam technology

Smart steam technology adjusts steam automatically while ironing on the board or vertical steaming, with steam surge and spray mist to power through tough wrinkles.

You can iron on the board or vertically, steam blasts out wrinkles anywhere.

It has 1200 watts of power but the logo design of this item may vary depending on when the product was manufactured.


3-way automatic shutoff

It has a 3-way automatic shutoff that turns the iron off automatically.

The three-way auto shut-off function is therefore extra peace of mind, and it means that if you leave the iron unattended for 30 seconds on its plate or side or 80 minutes on heel rest, it will shut down automatically.


Stainless steel soleplate

The stainless steel soleplate offers added durability and an easy glide with anti drip technology to help prevent spots on the iron.

Black and Decker stainless steel soleplate

This is a highly versatile appliance and the stainless-steel soleplate is durable while being extra efficient gliding smoothly overall kinds of fabrics.

360 Degree pivoting cord

The 360° pivot cord lets you iron comfortably and conveniently at any angle. The water is heated to the perfect temperature to prohibit dripping.

The swivel cord is also something that got lots of appreciation from consumers because it makes the appliance very easy to handle by not getting in the way when you’re ironing.

Translucent water tank

The clear-view water tank lets you keep an eye on the iron’s water levels, showing when you’ll require a refill for steaming and misting. It shows you the perfect heat setting for any fabric type.

Most of the users who tested this appliance mentioned that the water tank is effortless to fill and that you can optimize the levels of steam based on your chosen temperature to suit different types of fabrics.


Purchasing any product for your home can be a challenge because you always want the best that you can get at the price range you set for the product. So, ensure you go through the complete review of the Black & Decker F976 Quickpress Iron one more time if you still have any confusion regarding the choice of the best steam iron for you. 

Furthermore, do not rush with the decision because remember that it is an investment that you are making in your house or work place when you are purchasing a steam iron. So, you would always want to make sure that the money you are putting in will deliver a longer benefit.

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