Best Heat Resistant Ironing Pad Review
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Houseables: Best Heat Resistant Ironing Pad Review

You can spare yourself the hassle of having to retrieve and set up your old fashioned ironing board every time you have to press a wrinkled garment and start utilizing the Houseables Ironing Blanket which is probably the Best Heat Resistant Ironing Pad on the market.

The magnetic ironing mat immediately transforms non-wood flat surfaces into a convenient ironing board. Utilizing this mat eliminates the requirement of a clunky ironing board, saving you time, space, and money.

Best Heat Resistant Ironing Pad Review
Best Heat Resistant Ironing Pad Review

Houseables Ironing Blanket Overview


  • Quilted polyester-cotton fabric
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Perfect for smaller spaces and travel
  • Durable design


Quilted polyester-cotton fabric

The Houseables Ironing Blanket instantly transforms any flat surface into a convenient ironing board. Its padding is designed from a high quality quilted polyester-cotton fabric that can withstand high heats between 250°F – 300°F.

Quilted polyester-cotton fabric

Each corner of the mat consists of a heavy-duty magnet that attaches itself to any metallic body surface for a secure hold while you iron.

The BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron, IR40V and this ironing mat goes very well together as the enhanced soleplate is designed to glide smoothly across all fabric types for ease of use.


Lightweight and portable design

The mat measures 32 ½” x 19” so it will fit securely on top of most standard sized washer or dryers. It’s extremely lightweight but the flexible design enables the mat to be rolled up, folded flat, or hung up between uses for space-saving storage.

It can also be used as a convenient padding protector for your washer or dryer tops, keeping the surface safe from dust, scratching, and other minor surface damage.

Moreover, it features strong magnets which enable it to hold without moving when busy with the ironing process.


Perfect for smaller spaces and travel

Just as the name suggests, the mat is big enough to accommodate any garments which have to be ironed.

This Heat Resistant Ironing Pad serves as a clever alternative to traditional ironing boards, being especially valuable to those who reside in studio apartment, dormitories, RVs, or other smaller living spaces that may not be able to maintain bulky ironing boards.

Ironing has never been more convenient, your garments have never looked neater, and you have never looked sharper and you can stop putting off until tomorrow what you can steam today.


Durable design

Whether all you require is a quick touch up on a garment after it’s been pulled from the dryer or you are managing a load of heavier garments, this ironing mat can handle any sized ironing job.

lightweight and portable design

Its portability makes it an ideal traveling accessory, anywhere you may roam. You can also utilize this on any hard surfaces.

We strongly advise that you avoid utilizing this directly on wood or plastic. With the ability to fold without affecting its performance, this Houseables Ironing Blanket is excellent for use in a variety of metallic appliances and tables.

Pros & Cons

  • Convenient padding protector
  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • Contains a heavy-duty magnet
  • Space-saving design
  • May not stand up to excessive heat



Although regular mats like the Gypsy Quilter Wool Pressing Mat are perfect for a range of platforms, they are not suited for metallic surfaces as they tend to slip out. However, now you can have a peace of mind by purchasing the Houseables Heat Resistant Ironing Pad.

It is dedicated to making sure that your ironing is smooth and convenient anywhere. With an ideal magnetic mat, it is possible to iron your garments with ease everywhere.

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