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MARTISAN Cordless Steam Iron Review

We all know what an iron is – an appliance that is handheld and has a triangular shaped soleplate which is heated and pressed against your clothes to get rid of wrinkles and creases. Irons are generally utilized along with an ironing board but we know sometimes when you just have a quick passover to do you simply run it over on your bed. Depending on where your bed is positioned it is there for better to in cordless steam iron like the Martisan Cordless Steam Iron.

Does shopping for the best cordles steam iron get stressful for you? Are doubts rolling over your head and confusing you? We know how it is; we have been through the entire journey of Martisan nonstick steam irons to put forward one of the best irons named the Martisan Cordless steam iron with 1500w available on the market these days.

MARTISAN Cordless Steam Iron Review
MARTISAN Cordless Steam Iron Review

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Martisan Cordless Iron with 1500W Overview


  • Fast charging power base
  • Easy storage
  • Soleplate with anti-drip
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Fast heat up time
  • Sturdy design


Fast charging power base

For more suitability, you can consider purchasing this cordless iron. The iron comes with a separate heat plate, which can be kept at one position. While ironing, you need to first connect this heat plate to the electricity plug and place the iron on it, to charge.

The cordless iron will retain heat for a few minutes at a time. The super hot 1500W steam iron heats up in 30 seconds, and delivers strong and consistent steam for quick removal of wrinkles and creases.

The quick power base recharges the iron in seconds. The light indicates when the iron is ready to use and reminds you when you need to recharge.


Easy storage

Unlike the Martisan Steam Iron with Retractable Cord this model’s retractable cord is integrated in the power charging base and you can easily lock the iron to the charging base for easy transportation and immediate storage.


Soleplate with anti-drip

It has a durable and scratch resistant ceramic soleplate build-in with an anti-drip function under different steaming situation, but do not press the burst of steam more with low power, otherwise water will leak out.


Self-cleaning system

The self-cleaning function removes deposits to maintain performance and increase the iron’s lifespan. And the anti-calc function is a special resin filter inside the water tank and softens the water and prevents calcium buildup in the soleplate.


Fast heat up time

The device delivers a fast warm-up in 30 seconds for a quick start and has a strong and consistent steam output to remove creases and wrinkle faster. Since it heats up swiftly it provides nearly immediate steam and glides over clothes like a dream.


Sturdy design

This cordless iron is sturdy and well built. It heats up fast. It works really well! It’s self cleaning too. I highly recommend this iron. Irons are made up of hard plastic and metal so when buying an iron, the most important thing to consider is the size of the handle.

Cordless and quick charging base

A handle that is too big for small hands, can be uncomfortable when you’re spending half an hour to an hour ironing garments. So choose a design like the MARTISAN Steam Iron that will be comfortable for you.



  • Good steam flow
  • Iron heats up quickly
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Anti-calc function
  • Features a resin filter
  • Five-range temperature adjustment


  • Constantly have to put it back on the base to heat up



Steaming clothes is much better than traditional hot ironing for many reasons. First, when done correctly, steaming offers a polished and crisp finish on most materials. It also delivers swifter results with little effort and can refresh clothing and lift stains, unlike traditional hot ironing, which does the opposite.

To prohibit burning and damaging clothing, however, the quality of the steam iron you utilize should be top-notch. We recommend you try the MARTISAN Cordless Steam Iron with 1500W since it glides smoothly on clothes and spreads heat evenly to offer quality results safely.

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