Minetom Upright Garment Steamer for Clothes
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Minetom Upright Garment Steamer for Clothes Review

The requirement for a good steamer is unparallel in such arrangements. This will definitely eliminate any signs of wrinkle and also much more effortless when compared to ironing. A hot steamer with good steam distribution can work wonders on rumpled garments. One steamer in particular that we would like to menton is the Minetom Upright Garment Steamer for Clothes .

Many new steamers are easier to use and release enough steam to smooth dry cotton and linen. Steam and heat are important for diminishing wrinkles. And while any of the steamers tested will remove wrinkles, eventually, steamers that produce little steam take longer to get the job done that’s why we’re introducing the Minetom Upright Garment Steamer for Clothes.

Minetom Upright Garment Steamer for Clothes
Minetom Upright Garment Steamer for Clothes

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  • Fast and powerful
  • Thermostat and Thermal Link
  • Elegant in design
  • Accessories for fabric steamer
  • Large removable water tank


Fast and powerful

This steamer generates continuous and stable superheated steam and swiftly steams away wrinkles and freshens and sanitizes fabrics.

easy roll wheels

This device gives you an effective and efficient steaming experience. It is certainly, an elegant design that works well on curtains, sofa and even your priceless wedding dresses.


Thermostat and Thermal Link

This Minetom Upright Garment Steamer for Clothes owns several national and international patents.

70 min continuous steam

The Minetom Full Size Garment Steamer is designed with a Thermostat and Thermal Link, so it will automatically turn off the power when the boiler water level is too low or the thermostat is damaged or has failed.


Elegant in design

Safe and extremely well-adapted for the current generations, this is a professional steamer with all the latest innovation to enjoy for years to come.

It is designed utilizing a 3-level adjustable aluminum pole and the pole is of high-quality and safe from rusting or corrosion damage.

It is elegant in design, especially suited for household cleaning of garments, wedding dresses, curtains, and sofas and can also be utilized for hotel and restaurant cleaning.


Accessories for fabric steamer

They provide you with the ideal accessories for the fabric steamer.

features of the Minetom Heavy duty clothes steamer

It features a high-class 3 level adjustable and anti-corrosion aluminum pole, ironing brush, pants clip, hook for ironing brush, adjustable hanger, support pole and glove.


Large removable water tank

The full size garment steamer has 2. 7 Liters (91 Ounces) water tank and it can produce steam for 70 minutes in high setting. When water run out, it can enter automatically standby mode to make sure of safety.

large 2.7 liter water capacity tank

It is common to steam the garments properly so that it can shine and always look excellent to the eyes. With this heavy-duty garment steamer, you will get access to something much better than most regular selections in the market.

Pros & Cons

  • Continuous and stable steam
  • Freshens and sanitizes fabrics
  • Will automatically turn off
  • 2. 7 Liters (91 Ounces) water tank
  • 3 Level adjustable and anti-corrosion aluminum pole
  • May not produce much steam



When all you demand is a durable steam iron with comfortability and efficiency in work, it is probably going to make you addicted to it. The Minetom Upright Garment Steamer for Clothes offers lot more features than many others in the market in same line of price and quality.

This is one of the top picks among many others steamers due to its great design. This is also designed by keeping long term and heavy duty in mind that gives it the capability to be heated for long interval of time without powering off automatically.

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