Panasonic Cordless Steam Dry Iron Review
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Panasonic Cordless Steam Dry Iron Review

Purchasing an iron is not the most exciting thing in the world unless you are an owner of a dry cleaning business. However, you will find that it is something that every average person should have in their home, even if they only use it a few times a year. This is when people should know more about why they have to consider the Panasonic Cordless Steam Dry Iron instead of the other ones that are on the market.

By reading the Best Panasonic ni-l70srw Cordless Steam Dry iron Review, you will save much money and time on picking the ideal type for your needs.

This Panasonic Cordless Iron 1500w Steam Dry Iron comes with a flat soleplate (the bottom part). It is also equipped with a heat-generating electrical coil/element. When it comes to smoothing out the wrinkles, this steam iron performs the best.

Finding a new iron can be a difficult thing to do because there are so many selections on the market now. By knowing about why you should consider this iron, it will be easy for you to see this Panasonic Cordless Steam Dry Iron is one of the best irons on the market for everyday use.

Panasonic Cordless Steam Dry Iron Review

Panasonic Cordless Steam Dry Iron Review

Panasonic ni-l70srw Cordless Steam Dry Iron Overview


  • Cordless dry/steam
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Vertical steam feature
  • Variable steam settings
  • Detachable water tank
  • Anti-drip system
  • Carrying case


Cordless dry/steam

You can enjoy the ease and freedom of cordless steam and dry ironing with this sleek 1500 Watt iron. It is a completely cordless iron, which means you’re getting the job done quicker without worrying about the cord.

The soleplate has experienced some new improvements as well. There are round indentations that trap pockets of air, which enable the soleplate to move even smoother than before and it still has a bit of a curve to help with that as well.


Stainless steel soleplate

This device is smartly curved, and the super-smooth stainless-steel soleplate heats quickly to effortlessly remove creases and wrinkles.


Vertical steam feature

With the push of a button, a powerful vertical steam feature directs a full burst of steam to reduce and remove winkles in hanging garments, curtains and drapes.

You can direct the burst of steam in a vertical direction to help steam curtains or clothes that are hanging. It’s a great feature that saves a bit of time.


Variable steam settings

Electronic temperature controls on the iron’s handle make it quick convenient to select and adjust temperatures for a wide variety of fabrics, plus variable steam for smooth removal of wrinkles and creases in clothing and more.


Detachable water tank

You can conveniently fill the iron’s water tank at the sink without bringing the whole iron with you. The durable, lightweight water tank quickly detaches for no-spill refills. The water tank is detachable with only the push of a button which makes it easier to fill up with water while you are ironing.

No need in carrying a hot iron over to the sink and trying to fill it with water since that can be a bit dangerous. Now, you can easily detach the tank, go fill it up, and then re-attach it with ease.


Anti-drip system

Some of the same preventative measures were put in place from the previous model. There is the anti-calcium feature that prohibits build up in the steam vents and the anti-drip system to stop water from ruining your fabrics.


Carrying case

With its cordless convenience, versatile heat and steam and a double-pointed soleplate that presses fabric from any direction, the panasonic cordless iron 1500w steam/dry iron is perfect for piecing, appliqués, crafts and sewing. Plus, the carrying case makes it effortless to take the iron to classes or retreats.

If you want a unit with a carrying case that supplies both dry and steam ironing, this is the unit for you. It has an ergonomic design & gets rid of wrinkles like no other cordless iron on the market. Do not question the power of this device because it is cordless and compact because it is more powerful than most corded units.



  • Heat resistant case
  • Versatile heat
  • Turns off after 10 minutes
  • Variable temperature settings
  • Easy portability
  • Lightweight water tank


  • May spit water



This Panasonic Contoured 1500W Steam Dry Iron is effortless to use. Simply plug the charging base into the nearest power source and leave the iron on top of it. Once your device reaches the wanted temperature that can be pre-adjusted, you can remove it from the base and start utilizing it. Every time you pause to relocate your item, return the iron to the base.

Furthermore, it looks more stylish with the curved stainless steel soleplate. It is fitted with the most straightforward setting; you just have to customize it then heat and iron your clothes. The best about this iron is, it provides you a great vertical stream option as well. Overall, it’s another best steam iron for clothes that we have found for you.


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