Rowenta Pro Perfect Steam Station Review
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Rowenta Pro Perfect Steam Station Review

Steam iron stations offer the perfect solution to any problem. Steam irons like Rowenta Pro Perfect Steam Station comes with a separate base unit that store water convert it to steam and transfer the steam via a hose to the iron. Steam generator irons generate more steam output and with much more pressure than conventional steam irons, making them better suited to handle large laundry piles and tougher wrinkles.

The Rowenta DG8624U1 Pro Perfect Steam Station is definitely one of the best steam stations on the market right now, and we are providing you with a full review on why you should purchase it.

Rowenta Pro Perfect Steam Station
Rowenta Pro Perfect Steam Station

Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Pro Station Overview


  • Powerful wrinkle removal
  • Stainless steel laser soleplate
  • Built-in calcium collector
  • Large removable water tank
  • Unmatched precision

Powerful wrinkle removal

The burst of steam and 7. 4 bars of high-pressure steam shorten the time it takes for ironing and crafting projects. For tougher wrinkles, it features a 430 gram/minute burst of steam on command.

This steam iron is the ideal solution when you require a great amount of steam it’s definitely a hybrid between a powerful garment steamer and a traditional iron.

That means you can hang a garment up and blast wrinkles out with steam (like a fabric steamer) or utilize your normal ironing board and iron normally (but with five times the power).


Stainless steel laser soleplate

It has over 400HD active steam holes for unmatched steam distribution and if you see ironing as a boring chore, that is about to end with the Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Pro Station.

durable stainless steel soleplate

It provides professional-looking results at home and removes all kinds of stubborn and hard-to-reach wrinkles. You will absolutely love this device because of the fast heating time & efficient ironing outcome.


Built-in calcium collector

It also features patented calcium collecting technology to provide long lasting steam performance. The water tank is also visible and removable enabling easy refills and also includes an anti-scaling function that prevents mineral buildup.

The manufacturer recommends making use of plain tap water for the Rowenta, but if you live in an area where you know the water to be particularly high in calcium, you can dilute the water with distilled water.


Large removable water tank

The Rowenta Pro Perfect Steam Station has a 37oz water tank, an easy and safe locking system, and steam cord storage for maximum convenience.

Rowenta removable water tank

The hand unit is light enough to be utilized for long periods, and the steam station provides huge quantities of steam, so you could probably steam all the curtains in the Palace of Versailles in one go.

We love the large water capacity, and the removable tank is an excellent added convenience.


Unmatched precision

The device has meticulous steam control, providing the perfect amount of steam for delicate DIY projects to a heavy jacket and consists of European quality craftsmanship and durability. If you are a professional, select this unit with a precise temperature reading.

However, if you want to purchase a product for household use, get something with simple settings. Yes, different temperature settings are preferable but they are not really necessary. Remember that this feature goes in hand with the power scale.



Steam irons are certainly must have appliances to have in your home. They are crucial in maintaining your clothes while prohibiting burning them like old days. As we have seen, there is a steam iron designed for everyone’s requirements.

Therefore, don’t wear wrinkled clothes in fear of damaging your fabrics as the Rowenta Pro Perfect Steam Station is your perfect ironing companion.

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