Black and Decker Light and Go Cordless Iron Review
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Black and Decker Light and Go Cordless Iron Review

There is no better way to stay presentable than in perfectly ironed, wrinkle free clothes. It boosts your image and confidence to get you through the day much easier. That is why you need to utilize one of best clothes steam irons like the Black and Decker Light and Go Cordless Iron for your home or while travelling and you will be able to notice a big difference.

Steam iron is utilized to remove wrinkles and creases of the clothes. There are many different types of steam irons, such as handheld steam iron, water tank steam iron, and simple best steam iron. A steam iron is preferable than dry iron or any other electric iron.

Because it has many features like a steam key that convert dry iron into steam iron and vice versa. The LED light indicates if the iron is ready to use or not.  A rotating knob is utilized to adjust the heat setting and water tank. Most of steam iron models have a feature that enables you to use it for vertical steaming as well, so you do not have to purchase two separate appliances.

The Black and Decker ICL500 Cordless Iron heats up in seconds producing powerful steam that can get rid of stubborn wrinkles making them ideal for utilization even when you are in a rush. Depending on your different requirements, we analyzed this device with innovative features here below to help you choose one that will suit you perfectly.Black and Decker Light and Go Cordless Iron Black and Decker Light and Go Cordless Iron

Black+Decker ICL500 Light ‘N Go Cordless Iron Overview


  • Cordless design
  • Illuminated charging base
  • Ceramic non-stick soleplate
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Vertical steam
  • Self-cleaning
  • Steam spray mist


Cordless design

You can now iron the easy way with no cord, and you don’t have to worry about tangling or getting caught up on the ironing board which means you will have full freedom of movement.


Illuminated charging base

You can enjoy up to 25 seconds of cordless ironing, with fast 10-second recharges. This cordless iron is created to recharge in the time it takes you to adjust garments on the ironing board. Plus, the light ring makes it effortless to see the charging status.

Black and Decker Light and Go Cordless Iron charging base

We really love the illuminated charging station which lets you know when the iron is charging by displaying a red light and it goes green when the iron is ready to use. It will also turn red when the unit requires a recharge.


Ceramic non-stick soleplate

The durable, nonstick soleplate efficiently maintains heat and smooth out wrinkles on a variety of ironable fabrics. It has a ceramic coated soleplate with nonstick properties and an adequate amount of holes in the soleplate to help distribute steam while ironing.  It has low, high and vertical steaming capabilities as well as no steam if you prefer to dry iron.


Automatic shut-off

For added peace of mind, the iron automatically shuts off when left motionless for about eight minutes.


Vertical steam

You can also quickly blast away tough wrinkles with a burst of dense steam. It’s simple to apply the right amount of moisture for quick wrinkle removal. You can utilize the iron as a steamer for quick touch-ups right on the hanger or for steaming curtains and drapes.



Use the iron’s automatic cleaning function to prevent scale buildup. For a more budget purchase, you wouldn’t expect to find a self-cleaning system to help get rid of mineral deposits, but it does, and it has a large water tank which means you top up less often.


Steam spray mist

The Black and Decker ICL500 Light ‘N Go Cordless Iron is extremely lightweight while removing wrinkles with the cordless movement, and it also includes a ring for the iron to recharge. The steam spray mist also lets you remove creases efficiently and effectively.



  • Versatile, tangle-free ironing
  • Fast heat and convenience
  • 1500 Watts for fast, powerful heat
  • Large water tank
  • Reliable spray mist and steam
  • Self-cleaning function


  • Complaints of iron not staying hot for long



Purchasing a good cordless iron is essential, but how you iron will ultimately have more of an impact on the finished product than which model you utilize. Apart from knowing your iron, you’ll want to inquire about the fabrics you’re ironing. Most irons like the Black and Decker Light and  Go Cordless Iron has a steam setting, so it’s pretty effortless to use when you need an extra burst of steam.

That’s the lesson learned as we checked out the traditional irons on the market today. By “traditional” we simply mean irons that plug into the wall. Some battery-powered irons are available, but they are too heavy, short on power and lack the features that plug-in irons have.

It’s the little things that count when selecting a steam iron. If you thought all you required was a hot piece of metal with steam holes and a handle, you would be wrong. Overall performance is fairly similar among models, so details can often make or break your ironing experience.

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