Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 garment steamer Review
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Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 Garment Steamer Review

Garment steamers are effortless to utilize and have a quick setup procedure. They are also lightweight which makes them simple to maneuver and you can easily de-wrinkle your garments even when they are on the hanger. This is why the Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 Garment Steamer is the company’s newly found masterpiece.

If you own a lot of delicate fabrics, or if you just need to freshen up the occasional piece of clothing or linen, a steamer will be an excellent addition to your laundry armory, and it may even be a replacement for an iron. Over time, a steamer can also save you money usually spent at the dry cleaner.

If you select to hand-wash your delicate items at home, a steamer can smooth out wrinkles and help everything look professionally cleaned and pressed. Steamers typically heat up in a couple of minutes, and the top ones melt away wrinkles with very little effort. They work best—and fastest—on thinner fabrics like silk and polyester, which you probably don’t want to iron out of fear of scorching them.

With its continuous steam on demand and 17g per minute steam flow, the compact yet powerful xcel DR7000 steamer swiftly removes even the most stubborn of wrinkles, making it effortless to complete the task and promptly be on your way.

Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 garment steamer Review

Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 garment steamer Review

Features of the DR7000 Garment Steamer

  • Functional design.
  • Efficiency functioning.
  • Large water capacity.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Value pack.


Functional Design

This lightweight garment steamer has a user-friendly design with a built-in hanger and adjustable clips so that you can effortless hang your clothes for ironing. You can simply move the portable steamer around your home to utilize wherever you require it.


Efficient Functioning

The efficient and effective mechanism of steam iron will get it heat-up in just seconds so that it is ready to use in no time. The vigorous steam emitter with 1100 Watts power gives 17g/min of steam output.


Large Water Capacity

The large transparent water tank has a 150-ounce capacity that will offer you up to 1 hour of continuous steaming. The removable water tank can be refilled without any difficulty, even with tap water.


Adjustable Size

The fairly large steamer stand can be adjusted in size as per your requirement. Expand it in full size for steaming and minimize in compact mode for convenient storage.


Value Pack

This package is a complete bundle that features not only the cloth steamer but other accessories that you may require for your garment care. It consists of one fabric brush to brush away wrinkles, one lint pad to remove lint, hair and other objects from the clothes and a steam bonnet to prohibit dripping water from staining your clothes.


Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact

Wrinkles fall away rapidly with this Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact rowenta value packDR7000 1100 watt steamer. Practically foolproof, the xcel garment steamer offers a gentle yet effective approach to wrinkle removal, maintaining the integrity of fabric while making sure of impressive results-perfect for anything from delicate silk to Cottons and linens.



A fabric brush for heavier fabrics, a steam bonnet for delicates, and a door hook for effortless steaming anywhere and anytime.



  • Extremely lightweight.
  • It comes with an 1100 watt of power.
  • The steam generated with this water lasts for 17g/ minutes.
  • Works great with all kinds of fabrics.
  • The head of the steamer is large, which ensures faster removal of wrinkles and creases from the fabrics.
  • The water reservoir is transparent and can hold up to 150 ounces of water.
  • It comes with three accessories namely, one crease attachment for pants, one lint pad, and one fabric brush.


  • The handle tends to get hot and so does the power cord.
  • The hose of the steamer is short and it has been found to sputter water on the clothes.


Steam: Rowenta provides unique steam distribution across the entire soleplate for better steam penetration and more efficient ironing.

Heat: Rowenta soleplates have a thick central core of aluminum that enables quick and even heat distribution across the entire soleplate, with no hot spots.

Glide: Rowenta soleplates are designed from the highest quality stainless steel to allow for a maximum glide across all fabrics and decrease efforts.

Water: Rowenta irons are designed to utilize regular untreated tap water without spitting or leaking.



With all that being said, you can’t fully rely on a steamer to create sharp pleats or creases, or to flatten seams. Some generally comes with special tools for that purpose, but they are usually time-consuming and fiddly.

Garment steamers like the Rowenta DR8080 X-Cel can be handy if you want to avoid storing a big ironing board in a small apartment, but that’s only realistic if your laundry isn’t that wrinkled. If you need to utilize a steamer only occasionally, for an outfit or for a trip, the small Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 Hand-held garment steamer is certainly effective, affordable, and lightweight.


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