Brentwood MPI-70 Classic Steam Iron Review
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Brentwood MPI-70 Classic Steam Iron Review

Some steam irons have surprisingly high price tags, but you don’t have to empty your wallet to get Brentwood MPI-70 Classic Steam Iron. You will definitely get confused when going to purchase one, but don’t worry.  After reading the entire portion of this article, you will be an expert regarding this problem, so let’s start.

The Brentwood MPI-70 Clothes Iron is a highly regarded steam iron that comes at an extremely affordable price, and while it may not have the sheer power of other models; it comes with several convenient features you’re sure to love.

Brentwood MPI-70 Classic Steam Iron

Brentwood MPI-70 Clothes Iron Overview


  • Effortless wrinkle removal
  • Polished soleplate
  • 7 Temperature settings
  • Dry and variable steam
  • See-through water compartment


Effortless wrinkle removal

You can utilize the powerful 1100 watt Brentwood MPI-70 Classic Steam Iron to swiftly and efficiently eliminate wrinkles giving your clothes a crisp, polished look.

This home appliance is a clear winner for its good design, ease of use and ability to remove almost all creases and wrinkles and it’s a worthwhile investment if you live in a hard water area.


Polished soleplate

A polished soleplate enables this nicely weighted iron to glide over all kinds of fabrics. This iron is fantastic at gliding when utilized with steam and it does so with little-to-no dripping.

Brentwood MPI-70 Classic Steam Iron Review

If you make use of it for a long time, it can get a bit too hot, but this is a small flaw for a compact iron with a simple design.

However, this Brentwood MPI-70 Clothes Iron is definitely no exception as it is durable and heavy-duty with a polished soleplate that runs smoothly over all types of fabrics.


7 Temperature settings

You can also iron all kinds of fabrics using the 7 temperature fabric selection guide and variable steam settings. Reviewers say this iron is the ideal weight, and many love the curved edges to the soleplate.

7 temperature settings

This prohibits it from catching on seams as you iron. Plus, the design of the iron and case is surprisingly cute—always an additional bonus.


Dry and variable steam

The power indicator light illuminates when the iron is activated and the classic chrome plated steam iron brings a timeless design and function to your home.

brentwood dry and steam iron

While it’s lightweight, some felt that the handle could be more comfortable to hold, but with this iron, you can effortlessly adjust the temperature and steam and the price is overall good for such quality.


See-through water compartment

This Brentwood MPI-70 Classic Steam Iron is a slick-looking, high-power steam iron with smart technology that makes pressing clothes effortless.

Just like the Black and Decker Classic you can easily refill the classic steam iron with water and conveniently see how much is left with the water level indicator. Don’t miss the chance to utilize this amazing option and hurry up as the stock will turn out soon.

Pros & Cons

  • Eliminates wrinkles faster and easier
  • Fabric selection guide
  • Variable steam settings
  • Water level indicator
  • Power indicator light
  • Have to fill water reservoir frequently



An iron is not something that you will purchase often. People typically purchase the best clothing iron for several years. After considering all these factors, you can go for a deal, otherwise, you can be cheated.

The Brentwood MPI-70 Classic Steam Iron is a self-contained, steam generating unit. There’s no messing about with damp laundry, or misting fabric with a spray bottle – and you can simply steam on demand.

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