BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron, F67E

Best Cheap Steam Iron – BLACK+DECKER Classic Review

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The Black & Decker F67E Classic Steam Iron is a Cheap Steam Iron that you can find in the market but it comes with all the glitch and glamour but still has that classic look like the one that your grandma used to manually heat on the coal stove. The old school design would not satisfy each consumer but more importantly, it works for the small price that you pay compared to steam irons which deliver almost the exact benefits as this inexpensive one. In this review of the Black & Decker Classic Steam Iron F67E, we will find out if it can hold up to other models on the market which cost an arm and a leg.

With a wide range of convenient features, the F67E from Black & Decker brings simplicity and style back to the future of ironing. This F67E model incorporates a fabric select dial, a three-way auto-shutoff for added safety, an anti-drip system to prevent leaking, and a pivoting cord for superior maneuverability.

Cheap Steam Iron Review
Cheap Steam Iron Review

Features of the Black+Decker Classic Steam Iron

  • Automatic shutoff
  • Pivoting cord
  • Fabric selector dial
  • Variable steam options
  • Aluminium soleplate
  • Smooth ironing
  • Steam spraying functionality
  • Grooves for ironing buttons

Automatic Shutoff

This is a safety feature that is been incorporated in most 20-century steam irons. This is an added security feature to prevent unnecessary incidents. Despite the fact that this model looks like something brought back from the past it features the latest technology is safety precautions.

This cheap steam iron automatically shuts off within 30 seconds when left unattended on its soleplate or on its side and 8 minutes when left in a vertical position. There is also an indicator light warning you when the iron is plugged into a wall socket.

Smooth Ironing

This non-stick soleplate allows for worry-free ironing. When ironing with the Black & Decker Classic Iron you won’t get caught on less-smooth fabrics.

Variable Steam Options

Using too much steam usually indicates more trips to the water tap for a refill. An added advantage of this Classic Steam Iron is the ability for the user to select a variety of steam options. Selecting a stronger steam option will increase the overall ironing experience of ironing out stubborn creases.

When no steam is needed, just set the unit to dry ironing to save on water and ironing time. With various steam options, you can choose the right amount to use for a specific task.

Pivoting Cord

Maneuverability is the essence in ironing and with the help of the pivoting cord, you gain 360-degree access to move around the ironing board with ease. The 8-foot length pivoting cord also increases the free movement along the iron board.

Steam spraying functionality

The ability to spray steam is a remarkable feature to have as it makes ironing wrinkles from clothing much easier. The Black & Decker F67E has 25 large steam vent holes on the bottom of the soleplate to burst steam from. You can also use the no steam function on this cheap steam iron.

Grooves for ironing functions

In addition to all the above features, this model comes with there is one more quality that simplifies the ironing process. This is the grooves in the front portion of the soleplate. This might sound like a simple feature but the overall experience especially ironing between buttons and hard to reach spaces makes it easier and less time consuming to flatten out creases.


Should you invest in the Black & Decker Classic Steam Iron F67E


  • The inexpensive price tag of the Classic Steam Iron and the notable handy features that it comes with makes this model an excellent value for money.
  • The old school design incorporates the modern functionalities beautifully.
  • A cheap steam iron but durable build
  • 8 Feet pivoting long cord improves maneuverability for a 360-degree access around the ironing board.
  • 3-Way auto off function for added security.



  • This model weighs 3.2 pounds without water.
  • The absence of the spray mist option means that the only way to get rid of the water from the iron is in the form of hot steam.


Our verdict

Going by the number of customer reviews, the bottom line is most people think that the Black & Decker F67E Classic iron works well enough with sufficient steam output and heat generation, including those who have bought more expensive models like the Rowenta Steam Irons. There are, of course, a few customers who think otherwise. But given the price tag, it is certainly a small risk worth taking to invest in this classic model, especially when you have had bad experiences with those $100 irons.

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