Conair Extreme Steam Turbo Review
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Conair Extreme Steam Turbo Review

If you despise wrinkles, you should definitely consider investing in a good clothes steamer like the Conair Extreme Steam Turbo. These types of garment steamers is simpler to utilize than irons, gentle on fabrics, and can get wrinkles out of nearly any type of clothing.

But, with so many on the market, it can get fairly difficult to select the right one for you. After evaluating all the top choices we found the best clothes steamer. Thousands of customers steamed wrinkled clothes, filled water tanks, and tried out these features on the Conair Extreme Steam Turbo GS38 to see if it fits their personal needs.

Conair is the #1 brand of cloth steamers on the market for a reason: The Company’s lineup ranges from extremely inexpensive travel steamers to the flagship GS88 Upright Professional Garment Steamer. We appreciate the unique built-in pants creaser and the option for continuous or burst steam.

While it doesn’t feel as substantial as some of its competitors, it does provide the most portability of any steamer we’ve seen. You can easily store the GS38 using its hanger stand, and storage compartments for accessories.

Conair Extreme Steam Turbo Review
Conair Extreme Steam Turbo Review



  • Aluminum Plates
  • Transparent Reservoir
  • Heats up in Seconds
  • For Use on Clothes and Fabric Surfaces
  • 2 Settings Standard/Turbo
  • Eliminates bed bugs


Aluminum Plates

The Conair Extreme Steam Turbo has an aluminum plate that enables it to be used instead of an iron. Other accessories that come with this product include a built-in creaser for creating super sharp creases and a silicone band that pulls the fabric taut and makes it effortless to steam it.


Transparent Reservoir

It has a see-through water reservoir that lets you know how much water is left in the unit and its lighted switch and Turbo light make it simple to see when the steamer is on and when it has reached its highest temperature.  And since it also comes with a bristle brush, it can be utilized to loosen up fibers so that the steam can reach deeper.


Heats up in Seconds

This is another significant feature that you definitely should look into it. It has a 1,110-Watt Dual Heating System that can rise to steam temperature in under 2-minutes and can provide up to 15-minutes of steam. To get your job done with the garment steamer, it has a fast heating feature to save your precious time.


For Use on Clothes and Fabric Surfaces

Its high-heat feature is not only hot but it’s extremely hot. Which just means that it can not only relax wrinkles and smooth garments out but can be utilized to kill household pests such as dust mites. This super high steam also penetrates fabrics rapidly, so it can release the wrinkles a whole lot quicker than conventional steam models.


2 Settings standard/turbo

Some of the best models of garment steamers enable you to change the settings of steam flow according to your needs. This feature is mainly needed to produce steam for any types of fabric. Users can choose just how hot they want this steam to be because it has different heat settings. It has a low setting that can be utilized for delicate fabrics and it has a high-heat setting that can be utilized for tough wrinkles.


Eliminates bed bugs

The trick here is to turn this Clothes Steamer on at full power and then steam each part of the mattress for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. So to explain this better, hold the steamer in very close proximity of the mattress and then spray it with steam. Keep doing this for 10 to 15 seconds and move on to the next section. You need the steamer to reach a 160F temperature to effectively work in eliminating the bed bugs.



  • Eliminates wrinkles fast
  • Easy to handle
  • Heats up in seconds
  • Continuous shot of steam
  • Highly Portable


  • May be slightly heavy for some users



As there are many models of garment steamers available, you will get various ranges of weight and sizes of the steamer. Based on your requirements, you should check whether it is suitable for you to utilize. Most people prefer to go for the one which is lightweight and effortless to carry wherever you go, sometimes taking them along with your luggage for travelling out.

Portability is another essential thing to consider in garment steamer. You steamer should certainly fit in any place; you want to keep it. But some people consider the larger model of the steamer to handle bulk garments. For them, it is suitable to opt for a larger size.

The greatest range of temperature generated by a steamer is another crucial factor to check while purchasing the steamer. There are several steamer models available in the market manufactured with different temperature levels. When you consider the extreme level of temperature, it will assist you in caring for your fabrics in a significant way. In our opinion, this Conair GS38 Extreme Steam Turbo is a better option when compared to irons. 

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