Hamilton Beach HIR700 Commercial Durathon Steam Iron
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Hamilton Beach Commercial Durathon Steam Iron Review

Having to purchase a new iron probably doesn’t fill you with excitement, but having one that’s up to the job will hopefully make ironing as painless as possible – that’s where our review of the Hamilton Beach Commercial Durathon Steam Iron comes in.

The price of steam irons can differ considerably depending on whether you want to invest in a steam generator iron or not. A steam generator iron pumps out a continuous stream of steam so they are usually the better selection if you’re doing a large quantity of ironing and require something heavy duty.

However, they do tend to have a higher price tag, so if you’re on a budget a more standard steam iron may be a better selection. Features to consider include weight, size, and cord length or whether you’d prefer to have a swivel cord option to provide you with more freedom while you’re ironing.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Durathon Steam Iron Review
Hamilton Beach Commercial Durathon Steam Iron

Hamilton Beach HIR700 Commercial Durathon Steam Iron Review


  • 3 way shutoff
  • Durathon soleplate
  • Fine mist spray or steam
  • Self clean system
  • Continuous steam output


3 Way shutoff

Having an iron automatically turn off when not in utilization is a must for guest safety and property owners’ peace of mind.

The position-sensing automatic shutoff turns the steam iron off in 30 seconds if the iron rests on its face or side.

It shuts off in 15 minutes if the iron is resting upright on its heel and additionally a hot-dot indicator show when the iron is cool enough to be put away.


Durathon soleplate

This full size iron provides a Durathon soleplate which is scratch-resistant with excellent steam performance. Durathon steam irons are 10 times more durable than traditional nonstick, adding years of utilization to the iron.

Hamilton Beach HIR700 Commercial Durathon Steam Iron Soleplate

The temperature dial is simple to read and adjustable for different fabrics and the extra-long cord provides you with a convenient 8-foot reach.


Fine mist spray or steam

The fine-mist spray targets tough wrinkles with a push-button control.

Or, you can make us of the powerful steam blast that is more powerful than the leading competitor, with 22 grams per minute of continuous steam.

One blast delivers enough steam power to eliminate wrinkles on a wide variety of fabrics.


Self cleaning system

In-room appliances need to be built to last and this hospitality iron features the Durathon soleplate that glides smoothly over all types of fabrics and stands up to rigorous daily use for years of optimum performance.

This convenient self-clean system flushes out lint and minerals and spotlessly cleans the steam valve to help extend iron life.


Continuous steam output

High temperature along with more continuous steam power than the leading competitor ensures the Hamilton Beach HIR700 Commercial Durathon Steam Iron removes wrinkles quickly and easily.

A unique coating on the soleplate offers these Durathon Soleplate irons supreme scratch-resistance and keeps it gliding smoothly, lasting longer than other nonstick irons.



The Hamilton Beach Commercial Durathon Steam Iron give your garments the crisp and polished look and makes ironing faster than ever. You can effortlessly select the ideal steam output and adjust the temperature of how you need it for the type of fabric.

The placement, alignment, and size of steam holes give you the perfect amount of steam needed while maintaining even heat distribution.

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