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Hamilton Beach Commercial Lightweight Steam Iron Review

The Hamilton Beach Commercial Lightweight Steam Iron has a lightweight design, and features such as auto on-off, anti-slip, anti-scratches, anti-drip and powerful mist sprinkling. These are some critical features that one should know before purchasing the steam iron.

A steam iron is an essential and basic home appliance. It will help you to keep clothes in perfect condition, assemble the shapes to their perfections, and never cause any discomfort or mismanagement.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to a lightweight iron. Firstly, they tend to be fairly cheap. That doesn’t mean they don’t work as intended, it just means that they are no-frills iron with a basic soleplate and temperature dial.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Lightweight Steam Iron Review

Hamilton Beach Commercial Lightweight Steam Iron

Hamilton Beach Lighweight Steam Iron Review


  • Auto shut-off
  • Powerful steam blast
  • Vertical steam option
  • Thermostat
  • Durable nonstick soleplate
  • 12 ft swivel cord
  • Lightweight design
  • Auto-clean function


Auto shut-off

Safety is of utmost importance to anyone with children or pets. Having a steam iron automatically turn off when not in use is a must for peace of mind.

The position-sensing auto shutdown turns the iron off in 30 seconds if the iron rests on its face or side. It also powers down in 15 minutes if the iron is resting upright on its heel.


Powerful steam blast

Fine-mist spray lightly mists garments to release tough wrinkles or creases. Or, you can use the powerful steam blast. Just one blast offers enough steam power to eliminate wrinkles on a wide variety of fabrics.


Vertical steam

This lightweight iron supplies dependable value with excellent performance. With the vertical steam option, you can remove wrinkles from hanging clothes without getting out the ironing board. The extra-long swivel cord provides you with a convenient 12-foot reach.



Use consists of plugging it in, selecting a temperature and waiting a minute to iron. Operating the thermostat requires that you hold the Iron by its handle and then carefully rotating the dial around to say, “Wool”. If you want to, wipe the sole plate before utilization.


Durable nonstick soleplate

You can remove wrinkles fast with the powerful steam and potent blast options on the Hamilton Beach Commercial Lightweight Steam Iron. This hospitality iron effortlessly takes creases out of stubborn materials, leaving shirts impeccably crisp and dresses, pants and skirts pressed to perfection.

The nonstick soleplate is durable and glides swiftly across any fabric. Two steam options allow you to choose the right option for your garment.


12 ft swivel cord

The extra-long swivel 12 foot cord makes maneuvering simple. The light weight iron is consistently dependable.


Lightweight design

Hamilton Beach is a big brand in home appliances and serving its commercial products in around 100 countries, including the United States, Mexico, and Canada. They design their devices on commercial grade or for hotel rooms and guest houses. So this model of lightweight steam iron also belongs to that same category.


Auto-clean function

Carrying 1200 watt power and adjustable steam blast feature, it will not leave any wrinkle on your garments. The soleplate is nonstick and highly durable, made up to stainless steel.

It glides smoothly, and you are not going to feel any hindrance while make use of it. Additionally, it features an auto-clean function which will remove any deposited salts itself.



  • 3-way position-sensing automatic shutoff
  • Steam blast
  • Fine-mist spray
  • Durable, nonstick soleplate
  • Adjustable steam
  • Self-cleaning system


  • May experience leaking



If you have some issues with your wrist and require a lightweight steam iron then Hamilton Beach Commercial Lightweight Steam Iron is your ultimate partner. But keep in mind that it has 1200 watts that might not deliver powerful performance as other high wattage models.

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