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Sunbeam Greensense Iron Review

Need a hand deciding which Sunbeam Greensense Iron to purchase? We explain what you need to look for to find the right iron for your requirements and budget.

Because the water tank is fairly large, you’ll need to make sure you have a sturdy ironing board that can hold it safely. Steam irons also come in two types – non-pressurized and pressurized – depending on how powerful you need your iron to be.

Ironing can be made effortless with a quality iron. Whether you’re considering a conventional steam iron, clothes steamer, or top-of-the-range steam generator iron, our review contains important factors to consider.

The Sunbeam Greensense Classic Steam Iron works like a traditional iron, but they consist of steam holes on the soleplate. Hot steam relaxes fibres in clothing, which is why they tend to be more effective at removing stubborn wrinkles and creases than their dry iron counterpart.

Sunbeam Greensense Iron Review

Sunbeam Greensense Classic Steam Iron

Sunbeam Greensense Classic Steam Iron Overview


  • Mid-size swivel cord
  • Anti-drip system
  • Shot of steam
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Safe-storage strip
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Spray mist feature
  • Auto shut-off
  • Steam selector
  • Large easy-view water reservoir


Mid-size swivel cord

Make your rooms green with eco-friendly amenities. This Sunbeam GreenSense mid-size swivel cord steam iron emits powerful steam action and a sleek chrome accent. It has a swivel power cord with a turning circle of 180 degrees to prevent tangling.


Anti-drip system

You will experience no leaks, no mess, and no worries with the three-way automatic shut-off and anti-drip system.


Shot of steam

The Shot of Steam button allows you to blast steam precisely where it’s needed. Measured in grams per minute, this feature lets you trigger a burst of steam directly onto stubborn wrinkles.


Self-cleaning function

This steam iron is designed with GreenSense to deliver water savings of up to 45% versus a standard iron. It is also self-cleaning and designed to utilize tap water. The handy self-cleaning function gently dislodges any mineral buildup in the steam vents, making sure of optimum functioning at all times.

This helps you eliminate any limescale that does form. But we’ve found that some systems take lots of time and effort – such as soaking the filter in lemon juice for four hours.


Safe-storage strip

The Safe-Storage Strip indicates when it’s safe to store the iron and this item includes a two-year warranty.


Nonstick soleplate

One of the most crucial parts of an iron is the soleplate, which determines how smooth and easy it is to iron clothes, and the longevity of the iron itself. Stainless steel is commonly utilized as it’s rust resistant, while a nonstick soleplate glides better over clothing.

From clothing to curtains, you’ll have everything looking crisp and fresh with the Sunbeam Greensense Classic Iron. A special non-stick soleplate makes sure that the iron glides over the surface of your fabrics to give them a perfect finish.


Spray mist feature

sunbeam greensense classic iron spray mist features

Even heavy textiles are a breeze thanks to the spray mist feature, which uses a focused steam jet to level even the toughest of wrinkles.


Auto shut-off

A convenient auto-off system automatically powers down the clothes iron after 30 minutes of continuous utilization, and drip-free technology keeps cloth from suffering spotting issues.

This turns off your iron if it’s not used for a while, which comes in handy if you’re ever worried about whether you’ve forgotten to switch it off.


Steam selector

The appliance also features an easy-to-operate steam control and steam selector level and slide selector for fabric/temperature control.


Large easy-view water reservoir

The size and how the water tank is built are very essential. Your best bet is a water tank with a bigger-sized opening. This makes it easier to refill the reservoir with water while drastically minimizing spillage.

The device consists of a transparent water tank and this is definitely an added bonus here. Seeing the water-level is a plus since it gives you a good idea how soon you’d have to refill it.



  • Easy-to-operate
  • Self-cleaning
  • Shot of steam
  • Temperature controls
  • Designed to use tap water


  • Frequently needs a refill



This Sunbeam Greensense Iron Review should assist in understanding what the home iron is supposed to do, what you should be looking for in a home iron, and the types that are out there for you to choose from. Look at this information as the foundation for what you are going to need when the purchase is made.

If you are focused on the most important steam iron features and ignore some of the unnecessary design features, you’d likely buy a steam iron that easily smoothens out creases or wrinkles with a soleplate that distributes the heat evenly and efficiently.

In most cases, the more features that are added to the iron, the higher the price tag. However, a higher price doesn’t always equate to ‘best’ when it comes to devices like these.

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