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MARTISAN Compact Steam Iron Review

If you are in search of the best steam iron to free your garments from wrinkles, the Martisan Compact Steam Iron 1200W should be your first choice. The positive reviews for this iron keep pouring in on a daily basis, and it definitely does not appear this is going to come to a halt anytime soon.

Today we’re looking at all the features this steam iron has to offer, and taking a quick peek at the criteria that put it here. If you just want our estimate of what the best one is though, here you are.

Here you can see the various features evaluated based on construction and function. You also have to consider power, water tank capacity, and other additional features.

MARTISAN Compact Steam Iron Review
MARTISAN Compact Steam Iron

MARTISAN Compact 1200W Steam Iron Overview


  • Non-stick soleplate
  • 5ft swivel cord
  • Burst of steam
  • Self cleaning system
  • Variable temperature steam
  • Vertical steam
  • Not a used iron
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


Non-stick soleplate

Easily glides on fabrics and doesn’t stick, even when utilizing starch. This nonstick iron combines powerful wrinkle-removing steam performance with the convenience of a nonstick plate that resists starch buildup for easy care.

The non-stick Teflon soleplate smoothly glides over all fabrics and resists minor scratches for lasting durability.


8.5 ft swivel cord

Smoothly glides over all garments like nylon, silk, wool, cotton, linen etc and 8.5ft swivel cord guard rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to iron with tangle-free.


Burst of steam

The MARTISAN Compact Steam Iron, 1200W works well for tough wrinkles and heavy fabrics, by pressing the burst of steam button. It can also be applied when holding the appliance in the vertical position as vertical steam by pressing the burst of steam button.


Self cleaning system

Works well for tough wrinkles and heavy fabrics, by pressing the burst of steam button. It can also be applied when holding the iron in the vertical position as vertical steam by pressing the burst of steam button.


Variable temperature control

The 5 range temperature dial makes it easy and precise when you iron a variety of fabrics such as wool, silk, linen, cotton etc; always keeping your clothes in perfect status.


Vertical steam

You can add moisture to the clothing/garment that you are ironing at any time by pressing the spray button a few times.


Not a used iron

Whether it is a Martisan Retractable Cord Iron or a Martisan Cordless Steam Iron each Iron has passed the quality test to make sure they function correctly and provide consumers with 100% satisfaction.

So there will be a little bit of water left in the reservoir, will not affect the performance of the product.


Satisfaction guaranteed

Certificated by ETL, they provide a 30-day return policy and 2-year warranty. Besides, 7 x24 friendly customer services are available as well. Just open your order details and click the “contact seller”; they are always available whenever you need help.

This Martisan model is SG-5068 with the power of 1200W and a voltage of 120V.The tank capacity is 180ml / 6.4oz and the cord length is 2.6m / 8.5ft with dimensions being 6.3″ 4.2″ * 5.5″ L*W*H.



  • Heats up rapidly
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Produces lots of steam
  • Rapid steam burst


  • May be inconvenient to move the dial



It’s normal for new steam irons to have drops of water present in the water tank. These water drops are present due to the function testing of every iron by the manufacturer before going to the market.



When selecting a steam iron for your clothes, you should look for something durable, easy to use, and within your price range like this MARTISAN Compact Steam Iron, 1200W. Ideally, your appliance should be able to emit enough steam for your requirements – steam helps smooth out creases more swiftly and effectively.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you are now in a better position to pick the Best Martisan Steam Iron for you and other members of your household. Good luck!

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