Reliable 3000IS Professional Ironing System
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Reliable 3000IS Ironing System Review

It’s not always simple to choose a steam ironing system. After all, most of the models on the market look very similar and have features that are essentially the same. However, not all of them do, and some will have features that are more essential to you than others. In this review, of the Reliable 3000IS Ironing System we look at some of the factors that you should be keeping in mind when you pick a reliable 3000is pro iron station.

Whilst they seem to give the same end result they actually work in very different ways for instance a clothes iron utilizes its weight along with heat and steam to press the clothes you are ironing whereas a clothes or ironing system uses very high temperature steam which is much better for your clothes as it completely stops any risk of scorching you clothes and the steam simply relaxes the fibers so is much more suitable for use even on delicate garments.

This Professional Ironing System is the perfect entry level ironing system for those looking for a professional quality product. Making use of higher grade components including an all stainless steel outer shell, this ironing system is the ideal choice for those looking for a robust and simple ironing station package.


Reliable 3000is Pro Ironing System Overview

reliable senza dual performance pro ironing System


  • Fast heat up time
  • Oversized water tank
  • Boiler unit
  • Thermostat reset button
  • Pressurized steam
  • Solid construction
  • Made in Italy


Fast heat up time

Measuring 9 x 12 ½ x 6 ½ inches and weighing nearly 15 pounds, the 3000IS heats up and is ready to begin steaming in as little as 8 minutes, though it is recommended that you allow for as much as 15 minutes.

Again as this is a professional product aimed towards commercial utilization this ironing system does take a while longer to warm up than the home models, the booklet says to leave for fifteen minutes to get hot though generally you are able to start steaming in less than ten minutes.


Oversized water tank

The oversized water tank enables an astounding 2 hours of continuous steaming time, and the device features both a low water indicating light as well as an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating. The 3000IS is truly a professional steam iron with a water capacity of 3/8 of a gallon.


Boiler unit

The iron itself also features a temperature control and steam switch, and the boiler unit has two on-off switches – one for the boiler itself and an additional one for the iron.


Thermostat reset button

You can now say goodbye to burn out heating elements. The thermostat reset system is the ultimate protection for your investment, automatically shutting-off the heating element when the tank requires a refill.

The lifetime product warranty policy applies to all Reliable Corporation pressurized steam boiler tanks.


Pressurized steam

Dry, pressurized steam is the fastest and most efficient way of ironing, enabling the fibers to be softened quicker to get that perfect press. This creates the crisp and clean finish needed by discerning users.

The appliance will provide the home user the tools to do all of your ironing, day in and day out.


Solid construction

The iron features heavy-duty 12-gauge wiring along with a stainlessReliable 3000IS Pro Ironing System steel tank. The unit reaches the ideal heat in 10 to 15 minutes, and it provides up to 2 hours of steady steam. The unit is built durably with solid construction, yet it is still comfortable and extremely lightweight at 3.9 pounds.

The Reliable steam generator iron makes use of 4 safety systems including a probe thermostat, pressure switch, safety cap and low water indicator.


Made in Italy

The Reliable 3000IS 3/8-Gallon Professional Ironing System has been made in Italy with high grade components than others in its class and even though it has been created with professionals in mind they still enable you to utilize your existing ironing board instead of having to splash out on unnecessary equipment.



  • Reset thermostat
  • 4 safety systems
  • 1500W electrical (iron and boiler)
  • Low water light indicator
  • Water level indicator stick
  • 10-15 minute heat up time
  • Up to 2 hours of continuous ironing


  • The only drawback to the unit that is highly noted is the significant heat-up and cool down time.



An ironing system is likely different from any tool you’ve ever used before. It has the properties of a standard iron as well as those of a steam iron. This Reliable 3000IS Pro Iron System is meant to help guide you in your search of the best model for your needs.

Hopefully you will be able to utilize this extra information to your advantage so you can avoid the mistakes other shoppers make. A new ironing system will improve your laundry chores like never before, so get out there and be sure to make your purchase today

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