Reliable Steam Generator Iron
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Reliable Steam Generator Iron Review

An iron station is a type of iron that comes with a water tank that generates steam because of water boiling technology. Once you press the steam button, the iron lets out a high amount of steam, which means you do not require additional spray bottle water. The Reliable Steam Generator Iron are thus, considered to be faster and simpler to utilize for ironing clothes.

Very few people would spend a few hundred dollars on an iron. But the Reliable 4000IS Iron Station is not merely an iron but a complete ironing system with a boiler tank to continuously generate pressurized steam. It is a professional grade quality appliance and yet compact enough to be suitable for home utilization.

Whether you are on the search for a professional grade steam station, a workhorse to deal with large quantities of clothes or something for your delicate pieces, this Reliable 4000IS Iron Station Review gives you the low down on this magical appliance.

Purchasing a new steam station can be a daunting task especially if you are doing it for the first time. You may find it difficult to come across the best iron station overall that best suits your ironing needs. However, with some background knowledge on what type of materials you will be ironing, you can purchase the iron station of your dreams.

Reliable 4000IS Iron Station OverviewReliable 4000IS Iron Station ReviewReliable 4000IS Iron Station Review

  • Pressurized steam
  • Comfortable cork handle
  • 4 safety systems
  • Pressure gauge
  • Quick release
  • Aluminum soleplate
  • Heat resistant iron pad
  • Accessories


Pressurized steam

The 4000IS Steam Generator excels at generating quality, dry, pressurized steam. Pressurized steam is the swiftest and most efficient way of ironing.

It enables the fibers of the fabric to be softened quicker, with the weight and heat of the iron laying the fibers down flat. This creates the crisp and smooth finish demanded by professionals.


Comfortable cork handle

This model in the Reliable Steam Iron range iron comes with a Reliable 7 feet hose7-feet steam hose and quick connects is fairly lightweight (3.9 pounds), with a comfortable (cork handle) and utilizes the same high standard parts (thermal fuse, thermostat) that has made it one of the most preferred selections of professionals.


4 safety systems

The Reliable Steam Generator Iron has 4 safety systems including a pressure switch, probe safety thermostat on the heating element, safety cap with safety valve, and a low water indicator. So you can say goodbye to burn out heating elements.

The thermostat reset system is the ultimate protection for your investment, automatically shutting-off the heating element when the water is running low.


Pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is standard on this appliance. It provides you with a constant, visual indicator of the internal boiler pressure. The device is the perfect machine for small-scale ironing jobs.

Reliable 4000IS pressure guage

It comes with a 2.5 liter water capacity, heats up in a few minutes and boasts a number of safety features to help keep the machine running at its best.


Quick release

The quick release fittings enable easy removal and reconnecting of the iron, or other steam accessory.


Aluminum soleplate

The Reliable 4000IS Iron Station utilizes an effortless to clean aluminum soleplate with holes at the tip for maximum steam penetration.


Heat resistant iron pad

This appliance is supplied with a heat resistant silicone-rubber iron pad to rest the iron and it can be safely left on the pad for extended periods of time.



Each 4000IS Reliable Steam Generator Iron comes complete with a water funnel, a water level measurement stick, 2-piece iron cord support and a silicone iron pad.

This product was created in Italy with strict attention to quality components and construction and is designed to please aesthetically and to go beyond expectations for performance.



  • Silicone iron rest
  • 10-15 minute heat up time
  • 4 hours of continuous steam
  • Quick release fittings
  • Large capacity water tank
  • Carrying handles


  • Manual is poorly written



Ironing is nobody’s favorite task, but if you’ve got enormous piles of laundry to get through, an iron station can make your life much easier. If you are really serious about crease removal, but don’t want to devote many tiring hours to it, this Reliable 4000IS Iron Station could be for you.

They are more expensive, bulky and can take longer to warm up, but because most of the work is performed by the steam and not your arm, they are near effortless to utilize – perfect for daunting laundry piles. The iron station is relatively faster than a regular steam press, mostly because they produce more steam.

You can use these tips when you are trying to think about the best iron station being sold right now. When these tips are utilized, you should be ready to get something that is powerful and fun to use at the same time. This Reliable Steam Generator Iron is definitely something you just have to go for.

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