Sunbeam Simple Press Steam Iron Review
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Sunbeam Simple Press Steam Iron Review

When shopping for clothing irons, there are is a range of features to look for that can make the ironing experience much easier. Some are pretty common in most models.

Like automatic shut-off for safety purposes and cleaning functions to get rid of calcium buildup. So if you’re searching for one with these features, we consider purchasing the Sunbeam Simple Press Steam Iron.

Sunbeam Simple Press Steam Iron
Sunbeam Simple Press Steam Iron

Sunbeam Simple Press 1100 Watt Compact Iron Overview


  • Thermostat knob
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Anti-drip system
  • Durable, stylish and powerful
  • Adjustable steam functions


Thermostat knob

While this professional-grade iron is perfect for serious quilters the Sunbeam 1100 watt iron is for those who iron on a daily basis and boasts some pretty impressive features.

Its tip allows for precision maneuvering, whether along seams, collars, or between buttons.

Tap water is sufficient, rather than distilled, and the thermostat knob has clear settings for a variety of fabrics example, linen, silk, nylon, cotton and wool.


Automatic shut-off

The iron completely shuts off after several minutes of inactivity. It shuts off after 30 seconds if left unattended in its horizontal position.

auto shut off features

This is the iron that professional seamstresses recommend because it’s able to get out all those imperfections and wrinkles and creases that leave garments looking less than perfect.

The comfortable ergonomic grip also makes it effortless to utilize this iron for long periods of time. If you’re prepping for a big project, you won’t have to worry about your hands getting fatigued or potentially hurting your arm.


Anti-drip system

The Anti-Drip system simply means you need no longer worry about water dripping from the soleplate at lower temperatures, or when the iron isn’t being actively utilized.

If you’re tired of having to wait for your iron to heat up, then you’ll love the iron as it heats up extremely fast.

This Sunbeam model boasts 1100 watts of power, which enables the soleplate to heat up in seconds and it also allows for deep heat penetration to make quick work of wrinkles.


Durable, stylish and powerful

The Sunbeam Simple Press Steam Iron is highly affordable, sleek and one of the best rated micro steam irons on the market today.

Durable, stylish and powerful Sunbeam Simple Press Steam Iron

Designed from the bottom up for quality, this model offers spectacular features with excellent craftsmanship, ensuring a durable, long-lasting product that you’ll utilize for years.

Sleek, stylish and powerful, these steam irons can help everyone from the seamstress that needs fabric to be wrinkle-free to the professional that requires their suit to be pristine at their next big meeting.


Adjustable steam functions

On the handle of the iron, there is a convenient, easy-to-access button that enables spray, blast and adjustable steam functions. The control panel swivels to provide you with effortless access to the water tank. You can iron swift and quickly to generate a crisp fold in your garments.

One thing that this iron is missing is advanced heat settings like the Sunbeam Aero Digital Iron, and this makes it a bit less practical for delicate fabrics, such as nylon or chiffon.

In truth, these fabrics shouldn’t be ironed in the first place, so the steam iron will certainly damage these fabrics due to it not being cool enough for the job.

Pros & Cons

  • Spray mist feature
  • Timed auto-off
  • Self cleaning system
  • Compact non-stick soleplate
  • Shuts off while still ironing



If you’ve done any ironing in your life, we’re sure you’ve had some irons that leak, others burn, and then there are those that quit working after a few months.

If you are going to spend your hard-earned money we don’t want that to happen to you which is why you should check out the Sunbeam Simple Press Steam Iron.

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