Best Sunbeam Ceramic Iron 2020
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Best Sunbeam Aero Ceramic Digital Iron 2020

Over the past decade, steam irons have evolved at such a fast rate that today you get different types of steam irons on the market. These irons include features such as a burst of steam, self-cleaning functions, and auto-off for safety, vertical and horizontal steam, advanced soleplates such as stainless steel, ceramic and even stone. Such a steam iron is none other than the Sunbeam Aero Ceramic Digital Iron. This iron comes from the house of Sunbeam which is a leader in all types of home appliances.

This model makes you’re ironing tasks easier, faster and blast away wrinkles to make your ironing less than a chore. The Sunbeam Aero Ceramic Iron is designed with a dimpled soleplate and channeling technology to produce a 27% smoother glide compared to the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate.

With 5X better steam coverage, Sunbeam’s innovative iron’s channeling technology provides maximum steam coverage as it directs/ channels/ focuses the steam to maximize its power so wrinkles relax quicker and the steam smoothes fabrics faster.

Best Sunbeam Aero Ceramic Digital Iron Review
Best Sunbeam Aero Ceramic Digital Iron Reviews

Sunbeam Aero Ceramic Digital Iron Reviews


  • 5x More steam
  • Superior glide and a smooth wrinkle-free finish
  • Scratch-resistant soleplate
  • Vertical shot of steam
  • 3-Way motion smart auto-off
  • Drip-free system
  • Shot of steam
  • Anti-calcium


5X More Steam*

This new technology exclusive to Sunbeam optimizes the performance of the iron as steam is evenly distributed from the soleplate to the fabric. This helps with the loss of suction power when ironing. This also helps the operator to put in less energy and effort into ironing out stubborn wrinkles from any type of fabric.

Superior Glide and Smooth, Wrinkle-free Finish

The dimpling design of the Sunbeam Aero Ceramic Iron’s soleplate provides both a superior glide and fast effective wrinkle-free finish by reducing the friction between soleplate and fabric. With this reduced friction, fabrics like linen and cotton don’t get ripped when gliding the iron over it.

Scratch Resistant Ceramic Soleplate

The PTFE and PFOA free ceramic soleplate are scratch-resistant ceramic soleplateand generate less static, making it ideal for synthetics and delicate garments. Furthermore, it is easier to clean this type of surface than it is to clean a stainless steel surface. When the iron has cool down you can use soapie water with a cloth and wipe down the ceramic surface.

Vertical Shot of Steam

With the powerful vertical shot of steam, you can easily steam out wrinkles on hanging drapes saving you time, effort and floor space without the need of an ironing board. When using the vertical shot of steam it is important that the iron has reached maximum temperature so that you don’t have to deal with water drips.

3-Way Motion Smart Auto-off

When dealing with heat and electricity all the necessary safety precautions should be followed to minimize accidents. Therefore the company has implemented a 3-way motion smart auto-off system designed for this model. This feature is triggered when the iron is left unattended for 15 minutes on its heel and 30 seconds on the soleplate or side.

Drip-Free System

With a powerful 1600 Watt, you can expect a very quick warm-up time of the soleplate plus water in the tank produce steam at a very quick rate to reduce the chance of water dripping from the soleplate.

Shot of Steam

To help with the overall ironing process you can also use the horizontal shot of steam to fight stubborn wrinkles from wool, cotton or linen. This feature can be used for both dry and steam ironing using the temperature dial located between the handle and soleplate. The shot of steam provides an extra burst of continuous steam for deep penetration of stubborn wrinkles.

Anti Calcium

Inside the water is a specially designed permanent filter to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits inside the iron. This filter accumulates on average 1 teaspoon of mineral deposits each 3 months. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the iron while maintaining optimal performance.



  • Channeling technology provides five times better steam distribution for easier wrinkle removal.
  • Dimpling design that delivers 27% smoother glide on all types of fabrics.
  • Ceramic soleplate offers better durability and longevity with scratch-resistant features.
  • 1600 Watts of power to heat up quickly while the spray mist trigger offers a fine mist for heavy wrinkles.
  • Shot of Steam feature offers an extra burst of steam on both vertical and horizontal garments like drapes and linen.
  • 3-Way Motion Smart Auto-Off safety function.
  • Anti-Drip System prevents water leakage, Self-Clean System removes calcium and mineral deposits, Anti-Calcium System prevents mineral build-up.
  • 10 Feet power cord to move around freely along the ironing board.
  • Lifetime soleplate + 3-year iron-limited warranty



  • Made from cheap plastic.
  • It lacks a continuous steam feature like the Euro Steam Iron.
  • Not easy to see water levels due to the dark color.


Final Verdict

The Sunbeam Ceramic Soleplate Iron may lack a few features that most expensive irons come with like continuous steam and Eco-Intelligence that you can find in the Rowenta DW6080 but the overall ability to do various tasks like ironing, steaming, safety and reliability can be found in this cheap steam iron. It is always important to read the Sunbeam’s Ceramic Iron Manual to get the best performance out of your Sunbeam Ceramic Soleplate Iron.

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