T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron Review
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T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron Review

Steam irons are usually the best irons since they are very safe and deliver quality services. There are a number of high-quality steam irons on the market today and only a handful will guarantee excellent services. In order to find the ultimate steam iron, we bring you the T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron FV9604J0 that you need to give a try.

Ironing is one of the least favorite household chores which unfortunately none of us can really escape. It is a monotonous task that eats up a lot of our energy and that’s why we tend to delay it till the time we cannot ignore it anymore. However, a steam iron makes your task a lot less stressful as steam, heat, and weight of the Iron together to straighten up the wrinkles in the clothes. The steam iron works excellent for ironing tough fabrics or fabrics like cotton that gets wrinkled easily.

T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron
T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron

T-fal Ultimate Steam Power Iron Overview


  • Strong steam power
  • 76 steam holes
  • Large water tank
  • Palladium coating
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Soft grip handle
  • Tapering tip


Strong steam power

To begin with, we would like to mention that there are two separate buttons located on the handle of this powerful steam generator iron (for the steam and for the spray). The buttons are effortless to get to and wide enough to accommodate your thumb conveniently.

T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron vertical steam

When the continuous steam feature is activated, the iron generates up to 105 g of steam per minute which is perfect for light-to-medium creases.


76 steam holes

The T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron FV9604J0 distributes steam for a maximum of 105 g per minute from 76 steam holes, injecting powerful steam that has never been seen before. It quickly penetrates deep into the fiber and smoothly relieves the cause of stubborn wrinkles.


Large water tank

Since the water tank has a large capacity of 350 ml, frequent water absorption is totally unnecessary. This device prevents water leakage from steam holes even at a very low temperature.

For extra convenience, the T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron FV9604J0 is designed with an extra-large water inlet that makes refilling much easier and prevents spills, while the anti-drip system prohibits water leaks during use.

Though, we would like to warn you that the bottom may still leak if you utilize the iron incorrectly. It’s recommended to keep the steam lever at the moderate setting (somewhere in the middle) and wait until the iron pre-heats before utilizing it. Also, you should be careful not to over-fill the water tank.


Palladium coating

On the surface to which original palladium coating was applied when heat is added, oxidation catalytic reaction then occurs. Organic compounds such as attached fiber scraps change to carbon dioxide and steam dirt quickly vanishes, so there is no need for troublesome iron maintenance.


Automatic shut-off

In case of emergency, the steam iron will be turned off automatically, so you can relax. The appliance has a diamond-shaped molded surface that prevents slip as temperature rises. The 360 degrees device moves smoothly in any direction with a sense of “sliding” on the fabric and a firm press can be done.


Self-cleaning system

The clean function keeps water inside the iron clean and also prevents water spills. It also absorbs floating water in the tank and prevents chalking it prohibits coagulation of chalk components and clogging of steam holes.


Soft grip handle

In the modern world, design plays an essential role no matter what appliance we purchase. We often tend to select not only functional but also attractive and convenient-to-use appliances, and this iron can meet all these requirements.

All T-fal steam irons is engineered with a soft grip handle enables you to hold the iron during the whole ironing process without the feeling of fatigue in your wrist.


Tapering tip

It heats up swiftly and produces a large amount of steam, so you need not spent a long time ironing clothes. The extra force and length of steam output work great for tough creases or thick fabric.

T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron

The pointed tip of the soleplate is an exceptional help for straightening the narrow folds of the trousers, shirts etc.



  • Produces a great amount of steam
  • Automatic stop safety function
  • Smooth finish with tapering tip
  • Powerful steam distribution
  • Ironing time is cut in half


  • Might be a bit heavy for some



All these things considered, it is easy to see where we’re going with this. If you need a reliable T-fal steam iron for at home use that would be effortless and convenient to use, look no further. The T-fal Auto Clean Steam Iron FV9604J0 might be the best offer the market has to offer you at this price range.

We have also included the positive and negative points to ensure you take a conscious call while placing your order. T-fal Steam irons are much better in comparison to normal irons on the market. It makes the task simple and less time consuming. We have highlighted all the key points that you should remember while opting for the best steam iron for clothes.

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