T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Review
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T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Iron Review

Steam irons are your best helper when it comes to keeping your clothes crisp and elegant for that confident look when you step out of the house. The shots of steam from the iron assist in smoothing the creases on your clothes. What’s more, most steam irons like the T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Iron now come with safety features like the automatic shut-off system to prohibit fire hazards during ironing.

Many of us need an excellent steam iron, where some of us choose to iron clothes in batches, or perform a marathon session of ironing over the weekend. Whichever be the method we opt for, we require an iron nevertheless. It is crucial that we have the right iron, so that ironing becomes an easier task. At the same time, this particular device will help us save a lot of time as well.

There are so many steam irons available on the market, so what should you be looking for when you read steam iron reviews? Well, we are here to help you with this article which walks about the T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Iron. However, before we dive straight into that, you should first consider what features you require on your steam iron.

T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Iron Review
T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Iron

T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Iron Overview


  • Non-stick PTFE soleplate
  • Powerful burst of steam
  • Continuous steam
  • Anti-drip
  • Calc recollecting valve
  • Vertical steam
  • Comfort handle
  • 3-way shut-off


Non-stick PTFE soleplate

The PRIMA iron glides effortlessly on all types of fabrics providing excellent non-stick and scratch resistant properties. This steam iron’s non-stick soleplate enables for effortless gliding irrespective of the type of fabric you are ironing.

T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Soleplate

Powerful burst of steam

This appliance delivers a powerful burst of steam (60-gram/min) helping to remove stubborn wrinkles. Another useful feature is the auto steam which releases steam automatically rather than you having to push a button.

You will love this feature when ironing denim since that material generally requires higher steam amounts than others.


Continuous steam

The T-fal steam iron range generates continuous steam (up to 25-gram per minute). The continuous steam and soleplate temperature are both adjustable to the fabric type.



A great sized water tank is another consideration. Those with smaller water capacities will have to be refilled often, so if you’re planning on doing some bulk steaming sessions you’ll want one with a big tank like the T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Iron.

Which prevents spitting and leaking when the iron is on a low temperature for delicate fabrics.


Calc recollecting valve

Calc-recollecting valve supplies better long-lasting performances. In many places, tap water consists of dissolved elements such as calcium which make the water hard.

If you do not want to be descaling your iron ever so often, you can also buy an iron that comes with a limescale filter. It will enhance the lifespan of your iron and also its efficiency.


Vertical steam

You can either utilize the iron on a flat surface for traditional ironing or hold it upright for vertically steaming out wrinkles from hanging drapes and delicate garments.


Comfort handle

The lightweight 1400-watt iron endears itself to users with its soft grip handle making ironing effortless. In addition, the anti-slip and stable heel prohibits tipping over for added safety. The handle of this steam iron has been ergonomically designed to deliver an improved grip.


3-way shut-off

The iron will shut off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity if left on its soleplate or tipped over on its side; if left vertically on its heel rest, it will shut off after eight minutes.

3-Way Auto off



  • Powerful steam output
  • Anti-drip system
  • Anti-calc system
  • Comfort handle
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Scratch resistant
  • Non-stick soleplate


  • Water level may be difficult to read



Steam iron is often a crucial requirement in any household. Selecting the best is thus a noble thing to do. To find one of the best models, you can go through the well researched review above and see the features you may require.

So, there you have it—our review on the T-fal FV3756 Prima Steam Iron. It is always a great idea to go through and list down your criteria and requirements when it comes to any purchase (not just steam irons) before diving into the stores or websites. That way you will be able to minimize the chances of an impulse purchase that you may come to regret later.

There are a number of steam related features in steam irons that enable you to control the amount of steam and shoot a burst of steam on fabrics. Professional and commercial users require higher steam output. An important factor is definitely the steam output. Other factors include steam shot, vertical steam and a steam gauge. Be sure to get amazing features that will guide you to the best decision.

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