yabano steam iron Review
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Yabano Steam Iron Review

When you leave your house, you want to make sure that you look tidy and clean. From picking the ideal outfit to making sure you’re well-groomed, it’s always essential that you make a great impression everywhere you go, whether it’s to a job interview, out on a first date, or to a family gathering. Achieving a clean and neat look can be accomplished with a steam iron, well one cheap steam iron in particular. A Yabano steam iron.

A steam iron is a small appliance that is utilized to remove the wrinkles from your clothes. Many models are similar to dry irons, except they can be filled with water and put on a steam setting. Steam is excellent because it really makes it effortless to get out deep wrinkles, even in clothes that have been folded or stored for a long period of time.

After you’ve picked out the right outfit for the occasion, you have to ensure it’s ready to wear. This means that it will have to be pressed, which requires the use of a steam iron and the Yabano Steam Iron may be perfect for the job.

Yabano Professional Iron for Clothes
Yabano Professional Iron for Clothes

Yabano Professional Iron for Clothes Overview


  • Advanced Steam Technology
  • High-power & effective
  • Optimum safety features
  • Variable temp and steam control
  • Double durability
  • Self cleaning system


Advanced Steam Technology

The high intensity steam burst with a lot of steam release points relax by different size and direction, reach up 550g/min steam capacity, twice as much as conventional iron, smooth creases almost instantly for the best results.

The 350ml/12oz visible water tank make this professional iron for clothes works longer and it also comes with a measuring cup.


High-power & effective

The Yabano ceramic Scratch resistant non-stick soleplate clothes iron with 3 seconds rapid even heat technology, don’t require waiting, since it is a fast and effective wrinkle remover.

The powerful DC motor reaches more high power at peak performance, and 1200 watts of power for continuous utilization.


Optimum safety features

It is smartly designed with a 3-way shut off system to keep you safe at all times. Its safety feature automatically stops heating the steam iron when left inactive for 15 minutes on the heel or 30 seconds on the soleplate or sides. And the steam iron has an anti-drip feature and anti-calc feature to prevent mineral build-up.


Variable temp and steam control

You can control thermostat dial to effortlessly select the ideal steam output temperature based on fabric type. It has a variable steam control, 7 gear adjustment, making the clothes iron easy to efficiently get rid of wrinkles from all types of fabric.

Yabano steam iron features

The spraying function gets rid of even the toughest creases to leave your garments wrinkle-free.


Double durability

The steam iron has a 8.5ft swivel cord guard rotating 360 degrees, making the steam iron more easy to iron without the cord getting tangled, and the thicken protective layer can effectively prohibit electrical leakage caused by damage.

You will also receive a hassle-free 24-month customer service, so you don’t need to worry about anything.


Self cleaning system

The Yabano Steam Iron has a self-cleaning button to help you get rid of any limescale and calcium deposits that does form.



There are multiple benefits of a steam iron. Due to this reason, many people are switching to the device without over thinking. These irons offer an extremely polished look to clothes. Apart from that, the clothes can be ironed more swiftly and efficiently with steam irons.

This is because steam is high-speed at doing the job and you will also love to know that the Yabano Steam Iron can also be used for vertical pressing so order yours today.

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