Black and Decker One Step Steam Iron Review

Black and Decker One Step Steam Iron IR16X Review

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Black and Decker’s appliances make completing projects easier, safer and faster than ever before. One of those household appliances is the Black and Decker One Step Steam Iron IR16X. From suits to shirts and pants from curtains to drapes, ironing is simple with the BLACK and DECKER One Step Steam Iron. The all-new design features the EvenSteam Stainless Soleplate, which dispenses steam more evenly from the precision tip to heel for fast effective ironing. The nonstick soleplate steams and irons out stubborn creases from delicate garments from hard to reach spaces like collars, cuffs and between buttons.

With Smart Steam Controls, the One Step Steam Iron automatically control and optimize steam levels based on the temperature settings you select for various types of garments. Other features include: easy-fill water tank, 3-way automatic shutoff, Auto Clean system, a burst of steam, and vertical steam. An entire suite of beneficial features makes BLACK+DECKER the trusted name in clothes irons.

Black and Decker One Step Steam Iron IR16X ReviewCheap Steam Iron Review

Features of the Black and Decker One Step Steam Iron IR16X

  • EvenSteam Stainless Soleplate
  • Smart Steam Control
  • Spray Mist and Steam Burst Buttons
  • Easy-fill Water Tank
  • Precision Point Soleplate
  • 3-Way Auto Shutoff


EvenSteam Stainless Soleplate

Steam plays an important part in the ironing process, especially when working with clothing like denim where creases are harder to iron out. With the help of the even steam soleplate, the ironing timeframe is dramatically reduced while achieving a better ironing experience.

The soleplate is manufactured from stainless steel which provides the ironer with a smoother glide over fabrics.

Smart Steam Control

The Smart steam control dial is positioned on the front top just below the spray buttons on the handle. This feature with it’s easy to read instructions atomically regulates and optimize different steam levels according to the desired temperature setting you select for each type of garment.

Spray Mist and Steam Burst Buttons

The spray mist and burst of steam buttons offers total moisture control and is positioned on top of the handle for easy access. With a gentle push of the button you can initiate these functions according to your needs.

Easy-fill Water Tank

The large capacity, 320 ml water tank is designed for easy filling. This tank provides you with enough capacity when full to decrease the refilling process and increased time ironing. The more frequent you use the spray mist and steam burst functions the more you will use water and therefore the more you will have to refill the water tank.

Precision Point Soleplate

The Black and Decker IR16X One Step Steam Iron comes with a precision tip to navigate those hard to reach places like between buttons and tight spaces like collars and cuffs. The tip is also provided with more than enough steam holes to help steam out creases in those hard to reach places.

3-Way Auto Shutoff

Safety is an important aspect, especially with warm appliances. The IR16X features a 3-way auto-off function for added peace of mind. Most modern irons like the Black and Decker Classic and the top of the line Rowenta Steam Irons come with this feature. This safety feature sets off when the iron is left unattended for 30 seconds on its side or soleplate and 8 minutes when left on the heel rest.

High Steam Rate

A powerful burst of steam through the steam holes on the bottom of the soleplate helps with fast and effective wrinkle removal. This burst of steam is a great feature whenever you need to iron out wrinkles from hanging clothes and drapes. Vertical steaming is possible with the Black and Decker One Step Steam Iron.

Auto Clean System

For longevity of the One Step Steam Iron, an auto cleaning system is built into the iron to flush out mineral deposits which can reduce the lifespan of the unit.


  • Even steam distribution stainless soleplate – even steam distribution from front to back of the soleplate helps to combat stubborn wrinkles.
  • Smart steam control – this easy to reach function helps to regulate the temperature settings you select for various garments.
  • Spray Mist and steam burst buttons – the side-by-side buttons offer total moisture control. One delivers a powerful burst of steam while the other offers a gentle spray mist.
  • Easy-fill water tank – the water tank is designed for easy filling and features a large capacity for hours of ironing without a water refill.
  • Precision point soleplate – the pointed tip of the soleplate makes it easy to dig into those hard to reach spaces.



  • This iron doesn’t get as hot as most higher-end models therefor it is not as useful for quilters
  • The Turquoise color makes it harder to check water levels in the tank


Final Verdict

The Black and Decker One Step Steam Iron IR16X is a fairly decent steam iron for home use. You can definitely steam out stubborn wrinkles but at higher temperature settings. It is definitely not as effective as the Rowenta steam station but the small amount you pay for the One Step Steam Iron is worth the investment.

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