eureka steam iron with retractable cord review
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EUREKA Steam Iron with Retractable Cord Review

Steam irons have been around since 1926 and are still a popular household device. Why is that the case, you ask? Because these appliances are extremely handy to have around the house. They can offer a professional level of fabric care that can’t be provided by any other type of iron. And nowadays, the best steam irons like one in particular: the EUREKA Steam Iron with Retractable Cord is not only effortless to handle and produce a good amount of steam, but they are also safer than the irons of the past.

Everyday household chores can be a pain, especially when you don’t make use of quality tools for the job. To make the thankless task of ironing a lot easier, many people turn to the EUREKA Champion Steam Iron with Retractable Cord to make the process simpler.

EUREKA Champion with Retractable Cord Review

EUREKA Champion with Retractable Cord

Eureka Champion Steam Iron with Retractable Cord Overview


  • Patented nano ceramic soleplate
  • Even heat distribution
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Steam surge technology
  • Vertical steam
  • 3-way auto shut-off


Patented nano ceramic soleplate

This unique sole-plate does not only deliver ideal steam distribution, but offers also superior glide across all fabrics.


Even heat distribution

The nano ceramic shield features even heat distribution with no static cling. Of course, any steam iron is only as good as the amount of steam it can generate and to make those big creases disappear, you are going to need a little help here.


Anti-drip feature

The EUREKA ER15001 Champion 1500-Watt Micro Steam iron prevents spitting and leaking when it is on a low temperature for delicate fabrics.

It also boasts of an anti-drip function, meaning it decreases the risk of water leaking onto your clothes but some people found it will still leak if it is left still for too long.


Self-cleaning feature

The Self Cleaning Feature enables you to clean impurities from the steam chamber and vents with little-to-no effort.

Because a lot of people live in waters with hard water, this can generate a scale that blocks vents and only gets worse over time.

So this brand provides a self-cleaning feature to make sure this problem doesn’t affect you.


Steam surge technology

The iron blasts more steam and also gets rid of more wrinkles and the Eureka champion 1500 watt power iron is all about its name-Champion. The champion of all irons.

eureka steam burst

The Eureka line of efficient, powerful 1500 watt irons will have you speeding through all your ironing tasks.

With a variety of system options, you can get the heavy-duty iron you require and get through that pile of clothing faster and better. Steam surge technology enables you to strategically blast steam upright or in bursts while ironing to smooth out the strongest kinks.


Vertical steam

This steam iron is a practical and convenient vertical iron with high power and efficiency. It is also perfect to iron and deodorize your clothes with maximum ease and speed with powerful steam jet while still being light, compact and user-friendly.


3-way auto shut-off

The auto shutoff iron turns off in about a minute when motionless and on its side or when the soleplate is down (touching the ironing board).

When the iron is upright and in its usual resting position, but motionless the auto shutoff turns off the iron within 8 to 15 minutes.



  • Even steam distribution
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Self cleaning system
  • Vertical steam
  • Spray mist feature


  • Complaints of water reservoir being too small



Steam irons help to enhance the process and save you time by rapidly loosening creases using highly pressurised steam.

However, because the manufacturers of these devices are continually improving their product designs and adding new functions, it can make deciding upon the perfect steam iron feel like a chore in itself.

That’s why we recommend the EUREKA Steam Iron with Retractable Cord because when you know what to look for, you tend to get more out of a steam iron, including a longer life span.

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