panasonic ni-e660sr adjustable steam iron with retractable cord
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Panasonic NI-E660SR Adjustable Steam Iron Review

A steam iron is similar to a traditional iron, but the difference is the iron component and water tank are separate parts of the machine. The iron is connected to the water tank via a tube, and this enables the machine to generate much more steam compared to a traditional iron. This alone might help you cut your overall ironing time in half. One of those irons on the market is the Panasonic NI-E660SR Adjustable Steam Iron with Retractable Cord.

A quality steam iron should have a thermostat to maintain temperature as well as the ability to turn off steam and utilize it as a dry iron. Also look for a model that enables continuous steam. Without this feature, you’ll be hampered by the need to hold down the steam switch while also operating the appliance.

The Panasonic NI-E660SR Adjustable Steam Iron is a modification of the ordinary iron which has undergone many developments since people started utilizing these devices. The key feature of this stream iron is the fact that it uses steam to aid in the pressing of clothes and this really helps in terms of speed, effectiveness and results.

Most steam irons come with the option of increasing the amount of steam sprayed depending on the material clearly shown on the buttons. To increase the safety of steam irons, manufactures have managed to make them such that if they idle for long they will automatically turn themselves off.

Panasonic NI-E660SR Adjustable Steam Iron
Panasonic NI-E660SR Adjustable Steam Iron

Panasonic Steam Iron with Retractable Cord Overview


  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Large water window
  • Precision temperature dial
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Instant steam and mist
  • Clog-free steam
  • One-touch cord storage


Stainless steel soleplate

You can minimize tugging, snagging and sticking while maximizing ironing efficiency with an ultra-smooth, non-stick stainless-steel soleplate. Its specially curved design includes a U-shape steam-circulating system to distribute steam more evenly for faster, more convenient ironing on a variety of materials.


Adjustable steam settings

You can swiftly apply the perfect concentration of steam — or no steam at all — to all your ironing tasks with three steam levels. Set to high for heavier and everyday fabrics, low for more delicate fabrics and quick, easy touch-ups or choose dry for effortless ironing when no steam is required.


Large water window

You can also instantly see when the iron’s water is low with the iron’s large water window. A wide, easily accessible refill port helps prohibits spills when replenishing the water reservoir.


Precision temperature dial

Iron rapidly and evenly with 1200 Watts of power and a five-setting temperature control dial created to monitor and maintain the precise temperature you select. A bright indicator light illuminates when the ideal temperature is reached.


Automatic shut-off

For added household safety, the Panasonic Steam Iron with Retractable Cord is equipped with an intelligent sensor that automatically shuts the iron off when left inactive for 10 minutes in the upright position or after one minute if the iron is left unattended on its soleplate or tipped over on its side.


Instant steam and mist

The device instantly place an extra shot of moisture precisely when and where you require it with one-touch spray mist button, and create a powerful burst of steam to help remove stubborn wrinkles.


Clog-free steam

Automatically keep your iron’s steam vents clean, clear and working like new with a built-in anti-calcium cleaning system created to continually minimize natural sediment by minimizing build-up in the iron’s vaporizing chamber.


One-touch cord storage

When you’ve finished ironing, you’ll enjoy quick, neat and tangle-free storage with an automatic reel that retracts the power cord into the iron with the single push of a button.



  • Precision heat control
  • Soleplate glides over fabric
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Has a retractable cord
  • Water reservoir is fairly sizable
  • Extremely lightweight


  • May experience water leakage



A steam iron is likely different from any tool you’ve ever utilized before. It has the properties of a standard iron as well as those of a steamer; however there are many differences between those devices and a steam iron.

Utilizing an iron with water tank function enables you to complete tasks that involve much greater demands than those with a standard iron. Steam generator irons generate a more powerful output of steam, so they can be utilized in much more heavy-duty applications.

These irons have a separate boiler component that enables the greater steam production, so you never have to worry about placing too much demand on the appliance like you would with a typical iron. Anyone with professional pressing requirements has the potential to gain from using a steam iron.

The Panasonic NI-E660SR Adjustable Steam Iron review is meant to help guide you in your search of the best model for your needs. Hopefully you will be able to utilize this extra information to your advantage so you can avoid the mistakes other shoppers make. A top of the line steam iron will improve your laundry chores like never before, so get out there and bring yours home today.

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