Rowenta Compact Steam Station Review
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Rowenta Compact Steam Station Review

Everyone would like to get the most practical iron on the market and call it a day. Who doesn’t want to spend money and just get the best option available? You always want to do this, but your budget is certainly going to get in the way. With the best steam irons, you can get the perfect one without going too deep into your pocket, and that is where the Rowenta Compact Steam Station comes in.

Iron is a day to day gear for some. It is required in our everyday life and that’s why lots of people are making and doing business with a best clothes steam iron. You will see lots of options out there, but among those picking the right one is tough and time-consuming.

We actually made your life simpler by analyzing the market ourselves. Rowenta is here with an ironing station that will definitely simplify your life. All the controls are available on the station so you can access them without any hassles. From controlling the pressure of the steam to selecting the eco mode, you can do anything with this iron station.

Rowenta Compact Steam Station Review

Rowenta Compact Steam Station

Rowenta Compact Steam Station DG7530 Overview


  • Powerful steam spray
  • Eco mode
  • Removable water tank
  • Heats up swiftly
  • Extra large water tank
  • Convenient design
  • Compact design
  • 6-foot cord


Powerful Steam Spray

This iron has a steam spray that is three times more powerful than a regular iron. You can control the pressure of the steam utilizing the controls available on the iron station. The water boils rapidly, and the water tank is much bigger, so you get more steam.

The device has scratch-resistant stainless steel for smooth, easy gliding across different garments; 400 micro-steam holes ensure thorough steam distribution and a precision tip for hard-to-reach areas.


Eco Mode

Utilizing the Eco Mode in both the Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Steam Iron  and the Rowenta dg7530 will assist you in saving some energy, which will reflect by helping you in saving some bucks on your energy bills.

Rowenta Energy Saver

The eco mode is also available on the iron station, and you can power it with just one click.


Removable Water Tank

There is also no need to struggle with the water tank to refill it when you can simply remove the water tank of this iron. You can easily detach the tank to clean it and to refill it for the next use. Moreover, you can refill the tank fully by checking the overflow marking featured on it.


Heats up swiftly

This appliance heats up in just 2 minutes and produces 120g of high-pressurized, wrinkle-removing steam for professional results. The energy-saving Eco mode uses 20% less heating energy compared to medium steam output level.


Extra large water tank

The 40-Oz. capacity means more time spent steaming and less time spent refilling and you also get 90 minutes of continuous steam on a single tank.

Rowenta Extra Large Water Tank

Convenient design

The Rowenta Compact Steam Station has an electronic control panel with an indicator that shows when the tank needs a refill or when cleaning is required and has a locking system and built-in cord storage for easy portability.

It has a stay-cool fabric hose and the 3-way auto-off feature shuts iron off after 8 minutes of inactivity on heel and 30 seconds on soleplate or when tipped over on its side.


Compact design

Offering high performance in a compact design, this lightweight portable steam station, comes in handy for pressing everything from upholstery and drapes to cocktail dresses and suits.

The unit heats up in just two minutes (utilize the eco setting to use 20percent less heating energy), and with the touch of a button produces  120G of pressurized, wrinkle-removing steam for up to 90 minutes on one tank.


6-foot cord

If there’s a downside, it’s that the steam station is quite bulky so you probably wouldn’t want it sitting on your ironing board. But the steam iron comes with a 6-foot cord, meaning the base can sit on the floor under the board (the base comes with a 12-foot electrical cord). Unlike the Rowenta DG8520 this steam station  has a locking system for the iron, enabling easy transport.



  • Adjustable dial
  • Even steam distribution
  • Steam holes cover entire soleplate
  • Transparent water tank
  • Self-cleaning system


  • May be pricey for some



Ironing isn’t a pleasant job although we have to do it quite frequently. That’s why it is always better to purchase the best clothes iron that is effortless to operate and completely safe to utilize. For that you can easily pick the Rowenta Compact Steam Station.

Moreover, you should utilize an iron with great care. Both the electricity and heat can lead you to any kind of accident so awareness is a must.

This iron is ideal for professional quilters because of the steam pressure selection functionality and eco mode. You can rest the iron on the iron station when not in use, and it will prevent the soleplate from getting damaged.

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