Kealive Steam Iron Review
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Kealive Steam Iron Review

Work attire looking a little dull? Don’t just grab that pair of jeans from that ever-growing pile of clothes on the floor and go. Wake up a bit earlier each day and utilize the Kealive Steam Iron to make your clothes look as though you just brought them home from the store — even if they’ve been chilling in a dusty corner of your room for months. Transform your wardrobe from not to hot with a few short passes with this top-rated iron, and your outfits will be looking crisp and fantastic in no time.

Ironing your clothes is a basic necessity. Some prefer laundry whereas others love to do their job without seeking any assistance. If you are an individual of the second category, a quality steam iron is the best solution for you. It will keep your clothes perfectly ironed and you can get quick access to it whenever required. However, the functions are endless. So which one does what?

Because of having various brands and models of steam irons, like cordless, corded, retractable cord irons and travel irons you need to know the best and suitable irons for your home. Also, if you are searching for the garments and quicker steam irons, you need to get the ranked irons on the market. Otherwise, you may purchase the bad quality iron for home or garments and waste money.

Kealive Steam Iron ReviewKealive Steam Iron Review

Kealive Steam Iron with Retractable Cord Overview


  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Excellent steam distribution
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Vertical steam
  • Anti-slip design
  • Removable water tank


Stainless steel soleplate

This Kealive steam iron for clothes reaches max temperature in less than 30 seconds, much faster than other 1 minute irons. Plus, it only takes 3 seconds for steam to regenerate and the anti-wrinkle spray gets rid of wrinkles faster and the stainless steel soleplate smooth’s clothes effortlessly.

Kealive Iron Features

Excellent steam distribution

Scientific research and testing have proven that less is better when it comes to an iron’s steam holes. The placement, alignment, and size of steam holes give you the maximum amount of steam needed while maintaining even heat distribution throughout the soleplate.

This retractable cord iron provides excellent steam distribution and the fabric dial setting and spray mist provide added control for ironing with precision.


Anti-drip feature

The iron is designed to prevent dripping by closely regulating water temperatures so you can iron with the advantage of no leaks, no mess and no worry with anti-drip.


Vertical steam

The Kealive Steam Iron with retractable cord is not just for ironing, now you can use the iron as a steamer for quick touch-ups right on the hanger or for steaming curtains and drapes.

The ergonomic soft-touch grip provides the perfect balance and comfort for upright utilization.


Anti-slip design

The appliance has a perfectly shiny stainless steel soleplate as it slides wonderfully well on all fabrics, including the most resistant. You will therefore require less effort during your ironing. It also has multiple nozzles that perfectly distribute steam on all smoothed areas.

Its anti-slip design safeguards it from possible falls. Its design enables vertical ironing and allows manual adjustment of steam and temperature.


Removable water tank

This powerful steam iron heats up quite quickly and you have the possibility to adjust its temperature. This ensures effortless smoothing of almost all materials. Its removable water tank is extremely practical since you can fill it without wetting the iron.

Large capacity water tank and controllable temperature button

The configuration of its sole enables it to deliver steam in a harmonious way. It penetrates the heart of linen to eliminate the entirety of the folds. Its self-cleaning system recovers all limestone debris and makes this equipment very durable.



  • Large water tank capacity
  • Powerful vertical steam
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Anti-scaling system
  • Features retractable cord


  • Complaints of cord getting stuck



Ironing is a task that not many people enjoy. However, selecting a good iron can at least add some efficiency in the equation and ensure that the job is finished quickly.

There is no such thing as a have-it-all iron because there are various irons out there for different features. Home users often require something different from commercial and professional users. Thus, when you make your selection, keep your personal requirements in mind.

This Kealive Steam Iron will truly meet your expectations. It corresponds perfectly to its technical characteristics and you will be able to use it for vertical steaming, which will give you complete satisfaction.

The iron also incorporates a self-cleaning function. This steam iron is a modern and powerful equipment. Its anti-limescale system keeps it spotless at all times. Given its qualities, its price-quality ratio seems very interesting so don’t hesitate to buy it for home use.

Also trust the top brands for a reliable steam iron that won’t disappoint you. This particular brand has spent years perfecting the steam ironing technology so you can’t go wrong with this one.

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