Rowenta Cord Reel Iron DW2090 Review

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The Rowenta Cord Reel Iron DW2090 combines a thumb rest, comfort handle and retractable cord for an incredible ironing experience. With multiple steam setting features, comfort grip and smooth glide over fabrics the Rowenta brand delivers on its promise as the iron brand with more functionality and comfort.

With dozens of brands on the market, it can become quite daunting to pick the perfect steam iron that not only will fulfill your needs but it also should be reasonable prized and durable to stand the test of time. The Rowents Cord Reel DW2090 will fulfill all your needs without breaking the bank.


Features of the Rowenta Cord Reel Iron Dw2090

Rowenta Cord Reel Iron DW2090 Review
Rowenta Cord Reel Iron DW2090 Review

  • 1500 Watts of power
  • 3 Way-auto off
  • Anti-drip system
  • Automatic cord reel
  • Precision tip
  • 300 Holes soleplate
  • Vertical steam
  • Large capacity water tank


1500 Watts of power

Compared to the DW5080 which produces a maximum of 1700 watts of power, the Rowenta DW2090 only produces an amount of 1500 watts of power. While we believe, power is not the only feature on a steam iron to consider it can help you ease the task of ironing when it comes to burst of steam and how quickly the iron heats up.

With 1500 watts of power, we can assume that this amount is fairly enough to get you ironing within 3 minutes and will produce enough steam to help with stubborn creases.


3 Way-auto off function

This feature will be found in most models of the Rowenta brand. The 3 way-auto function is designed for safety in the event you’ve forgotten to switch the appliance off. The DW2090 will atomically switch off within 8 minutes when left unattended in a vertical position and 30 seconds when tipped over.

This safety feature gives you peace of mind, especially when ironing with children in the nearby area. When left unattended in a vertical position bear in mind that accidents can happen within 8 minutes with children in the area. Even when tipped over your clothes can get scorched within 30 seconds, so it is best to remember to unplug the unit and store it away when not in use.


Anti-drip system

Rowenta steam irons include an anti-drip system. This feature works when the temperature of the iron is not enough to produce steam. The water is therefore automatically cut off to prevent water leakage from the soleplate. This feature can also be found in the Perfect Steam Station as well as the DW9280 Steam Force which is both the top of the line Rowenta models.


Automatic cord reel

The Rowenta cord reel iron gives you as the user the flexibility to easily store away the iron when not in use. The cord automatically retracts inside the housing space provided for the cord.  The retractable cord extends when ironing giving you the freedom to move around the ironing board. This is another nifty feature for the Rowenta Cord Reel DW2090.


Precision tip

This is a notable feature of all Rowenta models. The precision tip helps to maneuver between hard to reach places like collars, cuffs, and buttons. You will also notice this tip comes with many steam holes to provide the user with an easier ironing experience. The burst of steam that gets pushed out of the tip easily flattens stubborn creases, saving you on effort and time.


300 Holes soleplate

Unlike most of the models that Rowenta manufacture like the DW5080 and the DG8520 Perfect Steam Station with 400 holes soleplate the Rowenta Cord Reel DW2090 comes with only 300 holes in the soleplate. The 300 holes soleplate is manufactured from stainless steel which gives the user a flawless ironing experience and an incredibly smooth glide over garments. Which means less refilling and more ironing?


Vertical steam

We all want appliances that can make life easier in more than one way. This iron provides you with this that. The vertical steam feature is excellent quality to steam clothes, drapes or curtains in a vertical position without spilling water. This is because of the burst of steam that you get when triggering this option.


Large capacity water tank

We’ve talked about the 300 holes soleplate that should exactly line up with the water tank capacity. This tank provides a maximum of 8.45 oz of water when full. This size capacity should be sufficient to maintain enough water without taking regular trips for a water refill. You should also keep in mind when using the burst of steam every few minutes you, therefore, you will be taking more frequent trips to the tap.



  • Self-cleaning system
  • Large enough water tank
  • 300 Hole stainless steel soleplate
  • 3 Way-auto off function
  • Inexpensive
  • Retractable cord



  • Made in China
  • Soleplate can wear quickly off


Our Verdict

The Rowenta cord reel iron DW2090 provides enough steam; it can reach tight spots easily, can be used vertically on hanging curtains and clothes and features a 3 way-auto off system for safety. Like most appliances not everything is made equal, therefore you should expect some minor issues in the long run from this steam iron. With that said we think the Rowenta DW2090 is an excellent inexpensive steam iron for home use.

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